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$ϾɾəəȠ image.png
$ϾɾəəȠ's Player Card
Title $ϾɾəəȠ
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Evil
Health 100%
Level 000
Status Evil
Location Unknown

$ϾɾəəȠ (Screen) is an evil penguin who has caused many fights in the past. He is part of the Str00del Force. Many penguins have tried to capture him but no one has succeeded. His perogative is to steal Metalmanager's Crown to make himself Prince of the Romans. He will then take over and be king. He has tried his plan many times but it always gets foiled by Metalmanager.


When he was younger, he wasn't a criminal, but he was part of the Vikings and wanted to find out what the Romans were planning so he fought the Romans as much as he could.


  • He is a member of the army "The Vikings", but he is trying to become King of the Romans.
  • He is smart but at times can be very stupid.
  • His favorite drink is orange juice.
  • His name is pronounced "Screen"

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