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Beware the §...
Type A goo-like substance.
Effects Used to defeat spirits

The § is a gooey substance somehow used to defeat spirits instantly. It was hidden in the PSA headquarters because of overuse by non-agent penguins, but later disappeared in a popcorn explosion.


The § was created by an unknown scientist in 1989. The experiments were so rough that the final one made the scientist die. Luckily, the scientist's lab was discovered by the PSA (which is now referred to as the EPF) and was released to the public by Gary the Gadget Guy, a member of the agency, in 2009. Due to overuse by the non-agent penguins, Gary and the other agents decided to keep the § in the headquarters so only the agents could use it. However, a couple years later, in 2011, Herbert P. Bear took over the headquarters with some kind of popcorn explosion, and the § was never found again.


The § is a green and slimey goo-like element. It is big in size, its measure being 1 foot and 10 inches. It also has tiny black spikes sticking out of it, making it slightly dangerous to touch.


  • It is rumored that when GhostieGhost was still alive, he was the one that invented the §.
  • It is also rumored that if someone comes in contact with the §, their x-antibody will be released.
  • The name "§" was based on , because both names are just a symbol.
  • The § will have a major role in Club Niugnep.
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