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The only known picture of Olly
Title Ølly, master of alchemy, physics, navigation, seismography, rhetoric, heraldry, versification, law, and astronomy.
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Ice Kingdom
Health Deceased
Level 50
Status Deceased
Location Buried near what is now the PSA headquarters, in an unmarked grave.

Ø, or Ølly, (pronnounced OH-Lee) was a member of G's Family. He was an alchemist.


Ølly was born in the early days of Olde Antarctica. He expressed a love for science, a love that was rapidly spreading in the technologicly advancing world. Ølly was well-known during the days of Olde Antarctica for his "Turning Snow to Gold Theory". Despite his many tries, he never could. He died of allergies to one of his chemicals a few years later.


Ølly wasn't just an alchemist, he taught physics, navigation, seismography, rhetoric, heraldry, versification, astrology, law, and astronomy.


  • According to Google, alchemy is the "pseudoscientific, direct medieval ancestor to chemistry".

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