12yz12ab II

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12yz12ab II
12yz12ab II.png
He's the son of the greatest!
Title 12yz12ab's son
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction Ruler of 12yz Island Territory
Health Great
Level 200
Status Alive and well
Location In his lab
Birth date December 21, 2012 (2012-12-21) (age 6)


Early Life[edit]

12yz12ab II is the eldest son of 12yz12ab and Storm. He was born on December 21st, 2012, which some penguins saw as the apocalypse. This wasn't much of an apocalypse, though. 12yz12ab II was just an ordinary penguin, or so it seemed. As a child, he loved to build things, like his father. However, when most of the things he built turned out to be training machines for fighting, he has shown that he has a little of both parents in him.


As of 2014, he is only 2, but he is eventually going to become a great fighter, fighting for what is good, even though he still questions what good really IS.


  • He is the 48th in a line of Blankslates where the 50th is destined to be the reincarnation of Tabula Rasa.

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