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12yz12ab X
12yz12ab X image.jpeg
Look upon him in all of his glory!
Title The master of pure evil
Gender Male
Race X-creature
Faction Faction
Health Great!
Level OVER 9000!
Status Alive
Location In his lab


It all started 12yz12ab started coughing while 12yz12ab was working on the Wrist Watch Transformer 3000.

That prototype was a failure. It exploded. At the same time, 12yz12ab coughed out a black goo.

When the smoke cleared away,12yz12ab asked to 12yz12ab X,

"Who are you?"

12yz12ab X replied,"I am 12yz12ab X, your X-Antibody. Your doom will happen when I join Darktan's army."

12yz12ab said,"What? An X-Antibody? Oh crud, must have been the infected fish I ate...."

12yz12ab X said,"Infected fish, you say? How about I make that pain a bit worse?" 12yz12ab X raised his flipper and, with his telekinesis, slammed 12yz12ab against a wall, and walked out calmly.


12yz12ab X theme (O fortuna)


During the Nightmare Epic, 12yz12ab X was taken by KwikXilver and controlled by Nightmare, and was eventually freed.


  • He has telekinesis.
  • Unlike 12yz12ab, who bases everything on science, 12yz12ab X prefers the comfort of dark energy.
  • He used to have a crush on Mectrixctic.
  • His username on Pengblox is evilmaster1. He was banned for life after destroying Yzabtech's "really cool igloo".

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