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One video game-loving penguin.
Born Leonard Ethan Pengwing
December 2, 1991 (1991-12-02) (age 27)
Margate City, Margate
Residence Margate City, Margate
Gender Male
Nationality Tropicalis Flag.png Tropicalian
Other names Leo, 1337y
Ethnicity Emperor Penguin
(Aptenodytes forsteri)
Education Tropicalian National School
Alma mater Cantershire University, Bakunyumoria
Occupation WaddleTuber
Years active 2011-present
Notable works Unknown
Home town Margate City
Height 4.2 ft
Weight 46kg
Known for Spending most of his time online or playing video games, owning and collecting game consoles
Title 1337ypeng

1337ypeng, also known by his real name, Leonard Pengwing or also just as Leo is a Tropicalian Emperor Penguin and one of Wikipenguino45's friends. Like Wikipenguino45, he enjoys stories, art and games but unlike him, isn't as keen as to get himself into trouble from adventuring and prefers to spend his time making videos on WaddleTube and playing Blockcraft. 1337ypeng is also an EPF Agent, and serves the Margatian branch of the EPF. 1337y enjoys electronical music, 8-bit remixes and loves video games.


1337ypeng hatched in Margate City in early December, 1991 while his parents where visiting their due to the large amount of tourism that had been growing then. 1337y and his family moved back to their country of origin, Tropicalis where 1337y would start school in Tropicapolis. In the early years of primary school, l337y went to Tropicalian National School, where he became friends with the president's son, Wikipenguino45. Wikipenguino and 1337y became good friends for most of their educational life leading up to their final years of secondary school. After 1337y graduated, he still kept in touch with his friends and family, but moved to Bakunyumoria where he would go to university. After completing university, 1337y went to live in South Pole City for around a year, where he learnt how to read and write 1337 perfectly as well as communicate fluently with str00dels. After a year of living in the USA, 1337y moved to Margate to where he currently lives today.






1337y was born with aqua-blue feathers, which many are still unaware of before he changed his feather colour to black. 1337y's hard hat comes from the very first time that he visited Club Penguin in late 2005 where he bought it from the clothes store. 1337y also wears a yellow hockey jersey, which may have also been bought from Club Penguin or possibly acquired from a sports event.




1337y is in no way a good fighter, and can be very easily defeated by an opponent who knew very simple moves.




Theme Songs[edit]

Theme Songs
Normal Happy Fight



  • His Blockcraft username is also 1337ypeng.
  • His favourite colour is yellow.
  • 1337y suppports yellow team, but despite that, respects other's choices for which teams they support.
  • 1337y has a phobia of jellyfish, which started after one unexpectedly gave him a small electric shock when he was a chick.


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