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Asteroid 1995 Itoi, often just referred to by its moniker, Itoi, is a S-type asteroid specially and retroactively crafted by the Bureau of Fiction to send a message to the SkyBound chicks and start their quest to eventually go to the past and stop Baldurshroom from destroying the Bureau of Fiction.

It was mostly made of stone and is about the size of two city blocks. It crashed in the mountainous areas northeast of Mattress Village, but the crater is still named "Mattress Crater". Accompanied with it was a Sidekick that gave the real message. Said Sidekick was eventually incapacitated by Porkchop's mother, who had a shotgun and thought she was defending herself.


In the 1970s, the Bureau of Fiction was about to collide with its destiny, meeting face to face with Baldurshroom. Knowing the anarchic choas that would happen if they were destroyed (assuming the universe survived), chosen members of the 1970s BOF time travelled to the 2000s BOF to help stop Baldurshroom.

First, they would have to choose the Chosen Ones. So, the BOF had a big wheel set up with the names of most every Fourth Wall Breaker registered. They ordered Vannah Fortuna to spin it five times to select who would take on Baldur. The results were Ned, Patricia, Jake, Larry, and Porkchop. One spin landed on "Doofensmirtz's Pants", so they had to spin again.

Deciding this, the BOF then needed a way to contact them. What better way, they decided, than an epic storyline? The BOF had to decide between various good and not so good ideas, before deciding to use outer space as a vessal.

They chose a Near-earth-asteroid that had been discovered in the 1990s, 1995 Itoi. Working quickly, they adjusted its orbit and placed one of their employees on it in a heat and impact-resistant spacesuit, with a supply of food, and some water. (Poor employee.)

The asteroid was sent on its way, and it crashed to the northwest of Mattress Village, leaving a decent sized crater. After a series of events, Ned and Porkchop ventured out to see it (the others weren't there yet). They were contacted and swiftly sent on their way... except for Porkchop, who didn't think he was Chosen. Porkchop instead begun to hang out with the wrong crowd, and he eventually conspired to use Baldurshroom for his evil advantage.


1995 Itoi is a stony near-earth asteroid that, before impact, was five hundred feet long.

Impact data[edit]

    Distance from Impact: 4.03 km ( = 2.50 miles ) 
    Projectile diameter: 152.00 meters ( = 500.00 feet ) 
    Projectile Density: 3000 kg/m3 
    Impact Velocity: 15.00 km per second ( = 9.32 miles per second ) 
    Impact Angle: 25 degrees 
    Target Density: 2750 kg/m3 
    Target Type: Crystalline Rock 


    Energy before atmospheric entry: 6.25 x 1017 Joules = 1.49 x 102 MegaTons TNT
    The average interval between impacts of this size somewhere on Earth during the last 4 billion years is 1.9 x 104years


Major Global Changes:
    The Earth is not strongly disturbed by the impact and loses negligible mass.
    The impact does not make a noticeable change in the tilt of Earth's axis (< 5 hundreths of a degree).
    The impact does not shift the Earth's orbit noticeably.


Atmospheric Entry:
    The projectile begins to breakup at an altitude of 52000 meters = 171000 ft
    The projectile reaches the ground in a broken condition. The mass of projectile strikes the surface at velocity 4.47 km/s = 2.77 miles/s
    The impact energy is 5.54 x 1016 Joules = 1.32 x 101MegaTons.
    The broken projectile fragments strike the ground in an ellipse of dimension 2.25 km by 0.952 km


Crater Dimensions:

    Crater shape is normal in spite of atmospheric crushing; fragments are not significantly dispersed.

    Transient Crater Diameter: 1.11 km ( = 0.686 miles )
    Transient Crater Depth: 391 meters ( = 1280 feet )

    Final Crater Diameter: 1.38 km ( = 0.858 miles )
    Final Crater Depth: 294 meters ( = 965 feet ) 
    The crater formed is a simple crater 

    The floor of the crater is underlain by a lens of broken rock debris (breccia) with a maximum thickness of 136 meters ( = 447 feet ).
    At this impact velocity ( < 12 km/s), little shock melting of the target occurs.


Thermal Radiation:

    At this impact velocity ( < 15 km/s), little vaporization occurs; no fireball is created, therefore, there is no thermal radiation damage.


Seismic Effects:

    The major seismic shaking will arrive approximately 805 milliseconds after impact.
    Richter Scale Magnitude: 5.3
    Mercalli Scale Intensity at a distance of 4.025 km:

          VI. Felt by all, many frightened. Some heavy furniture moved; a few instances of fallen plaster. Damage slight.

          VII. Damage negligible in buildings of good design and construction; slight to moderate in well-built ordinary structures; considerable damage in poorly built or badly designed structures; some chimneys broken. 



"[Ejecta are] debris [removed from the ground] during the impact [and thrown into the air] around the impact crater."

    Most ejecta is blocked by Earth's atmosphere


Air Blast:

"An air blast is a shock wave, both in sound and intensisty, that is sent out when the asteroid impacts."

    The air blast will arrive approximately 12.2 seconds after impact.
    Peak Overpressure: 224000 Pa = 2.24 bars = 31.8 psi
    Max wind velocity: 309 m/s = 691 mph
    Sound Intensity: 107 dB (May cause ear pain)
    Damage Description:

          Multistory wall-bearing buildings will collapse.

          Wood frame buildings will almost completely collapse.

          Highway truss bridges will collapse.

          Glass windows will shatter.

          Up to 90 percent of trees blown down; remainder stripped of branches and leaves.


  • All asteroids have numbers and a name. "1995" is the year that Earthbound was created. "Itoi" is the surname of Earthbound's creator.

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