1st Castillan Airborne Squadron

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1st Castillan Airborne Squadron
Puffle Division Airborne.png
The Squadron's Insignia
Name 1st Castillan Airborne Squadron
Type Air Force Squadron of the Castillian Armed Forces.
Location Castillan Empire
Head King Carlos Goberna, Piper J. Cub
Job Defend their Homeland from Invaders and to fight any enemies.
Members Professional Castillan Puffle pilots
Headquarters Castillan Air Force Headquarters, Metido, Castilla

La 1ª Escuadra Aerotransportada Castellana, known as the 1st Castillan Airborne Squadron, and nicknamed as "Los Dardos Pequeños", is a branch of the Castillan Air Force that is exclusively for Puffle pilots and paratroopers.


The 1st Castillan Airborne Squadron, was created in early 2012 by King Carlos Goberna and Piper J. Cub to designate a special branch of the Castillan Air Force for puffle pilots, something that other neighboring countries do not have except for Puffle'and, their competitor. Piper was able to convince King Carlos to start the division, and the group started with about 10 puffle pilots and 10 new, custom built aircraft. The Squadron was then organized into several Brigades and many months of training followed before they started their first campaign. By the time Operation Blackout began, the Squadron had 50 Puffle personnel that come from all the colonies including the mainland.

Operation Blackout[edit]

In late 2012, the Squadron was commissioned to mainland Antarctica to battle advancing Snoss and Zhouese forces. They are responsible for liberating Ciudad Vieja near the end of the Operation.

Great Snowzerland War VI[edit]

In mid 2013, Snowzerland invaded and captured Castilla's Malvinas Islands. They led the major assault in attempt to recapture the islands and were barely successful thanks to the sucesses in the ground campaigns of the Army.


The 1st Airborne Squadron is known for its special custom built fighter jet known as the Peleador Puffle 1A-2, or Puffle Fighter 1A-2. A Puffle Fighter 1A-2 is specially built for Puffle use only, and it is known for its relatively small size compared to regular sized jets used by Penguins. They are quite maneuverable and faster than most penguin fighter jets.

Currently, there are 20 Peleador Puffle 1A-2's in Service, approximately 4 Mega Cub bombers in service, and 5 transport helicopters in service.



  • In total, Castilla's Air Force has Ninety-three Squadrons. The 1st is the only Squadron that is not Region Specific and can be joined by any Puffle from any colony or territory.
  • There has been considerations to start a second Puffle squadron.

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