2011 Club Penguin raids

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2011 Club Penguin raids
Part of Mission Transaction
The original map of the island.
Date April 21 – April 23, 2011
(2 days)
Location Club Penguin
Result The criminals succeeded.
Casus belli Part of Mission Transaction to attack the agencies and cause disruption.
Mission Tran$action members Main offenders:
Herbert P. Bear
The Robbers
Gangsta Rookie
EPF Agency
Local citizens
20+ professional criminals Weapons, e.g. guns, knifes, chainsaws 160 EPF Agents
42 citizens
High-tech gear/equipment
No deaths, but few injured with bullets & other weaponry. Hydra of The Robbers shot. Many shot, but no deaths.
Despite no 'end-of-lives', the island was trashed.

The 2011 Club Penguin raids were a series of public disturbances and raids taken place in Club Penguin, an island located near the north-west of the USA. The island has never experienced such criminal damage besides the devious events that link to Herbert P. Bear (who participated in the raids). The raiding started on April 21, 2011 following supposed planning conducted by the criminals, many weeks before the raiding began. It was said that the raiding had purposely collided with the island's Earth Day party which took place from April 20 to April 28 (with the raids starting a day after the start of the party). The mayhem continued for three days before the criminals dispersed due to their mission succeeding. Elite Penguin Force agents and residents cleaned up during the aftermath - making sure the party wasn't disturbed any more. Casualties did occur to both sides during the raids.

More than 20 of the criminals part of Mission Transaction worked together to bring chaos to the island. The targets of the raids were the Elite Penguin Force and owners of shops. The raids continued for three days. The attackers claimed they only planned one raid for just half of the island that was expected to last a full day but because of having more advantages than the Elite Penguin Force the raid turned into raids. Vandalism, looting, violet actions, shooting and a bit of arson took place as the criminals targeted almost all of the areas in Club Penguin expect for the Cove due to it being out of range. Approximately 117 out of 160 EPF Agents were injured with minor attacks or being affected by bullets. Only 3 of the raiders were captured and punished.


Historical content[edit]

Club Penguin is an enormous, major port city in the Sub-Antarctic Islands. It is the trade and commerce hub of the entire United States of Antarctica and holds as much sway over the economy as South Pole City. It is small but has many penguins due to its high server count. The island was at first named "Penguin Island", with no one except the natives who lived there for a very long time. Many sailors stayed on the island, but had left sooner or later. The island started getting slightly more popular after Penguin Productions opened up there in 1988. The island was finally colonized when the United States of Antarctica had just started to form in 2000.

The island have never faced such attacks from anyone. The only major attacks that have taken place in Club Penguin have been the usual mischief by Herbert P. Bear and a few penguins that disrupt social events. Club Penguin has always been a calm, nice, peaceful place to live who hold various parties. The agency Elite Penguin Force almost always manage to handle the plans of Herbert eventually but never manage to capture him and his crab Klutzy (despite over 100 active agents on the case). The main criminal case in the EPF's and PSA's files have been the Herbert incidents. Wars and conflicts have taken place outside Club Penguin in the USA - such as the 2011 Maps Island border conflict which has been ongoing since February 2011 and the Great Darktonian Pie War.

Raiding plans[edit]

The raids were part of Mission Transaction, which was a series of conducted criminal activities such as breaking into prisons, hacking into agencies and supposed smuggling (though the agencies haven't received any evidence for any smuggling activities). The Terrain Spy Union were the first to find out about the break-ins to prisons Owcatraz and The Facility. The Elite Penguin Force were not contacted and only found out about this when the bunch of criminals were spotted coming onto the island. Small-Fins McKlowsky was behind the main plans of raiding Club Penguin. During Mission Transaction all the participating criminals were split into groups who were assigned different tasks for the mission.

Criminal involvement[edit]

There has been much criminal involvement in the raids. Lots of criminals started a riot as the island suffered a party of heavy bombardment from the orders of General Terkin. A lot of buildings have been damaged and most criminals who have escaped from jail have broken into the Money Plaza and stole a quadrillion worth of snow dollars. Everything was getting even worse as time passed by. One of the heavily bombarded places is the Dance Club, which was imploded with an underground H-bomb disguised as a microphone. The microphone destroyed nearly 4 square km. of the Town, and things were going badly until near the end of April.

Causes of raids[edit]

Main incidents[edit]

21 August[edit]

Beach, Dock & Forest
Ski Village & Hill
Igloos & wildlife areas

22 August[edit]

Mine Shack
Underground areas
Snow Forts

23 August[edit]

Mountains & Dojo

Key effects[edit]

Citizen reactions[edit]

Studies say that about 10,000,000 penguins were afraid of all the raid and rioting. Half of the populace perished, and a quarter were injured, leaving some penguins behind. A mission to throw a funeral is going on.


  • The article takes key elements from the 2011 England riots but the idea of a raid on Club Penguin was already planned by User:Ninjinian before these riots started, so please take note of that. (Disclaimer: the elements that have been taken from the real-world riots are not persuaded to be linked with these fictional Club Penguin raids, and should not be counted as parodies either.)

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