2013 Shopper Presidential Elections

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The 2013 Shopper Presidential Elections were a set of federal elections that occurred in Shops Island through June 2013. They were a giant setup caused by Brook, in an attempt to become president of Shops Island for his own personal benefit.

Starting point[edit]

It all started during the writing and establishment of The Shops Industrial Development Policy, when ex-president Bro advocated and suggested that the capital of Western Shops would be switched from Brookelas Town, to a more centralized city. Brook, as mayor of Brookelas Town, was furious. This made him go through a process thinking about how to incite revenge, and eventually decided that he'd have a good shot at winning a preemptive presidential election.


Lavender delivering a speech, one of his few, during the short election campaign.

The Shops Island government obligates the right for any government official to challenge the president's position at anytime. This allowed Brook to pass it through the Shops Island Council that he would be a better president than the incumbent Lavender. However, almost nobody was convinced, so he made some connections to allow him to get an election. Eventually, with his newly-found "advocates", he set up a campaign platform on being able to do better than Lavender.

Lavender, however, didn't really care. He simply expected to win the vote, as he thought Brook's campaign platform was absolutely ridiculous. Brook used the campaign and the constant news stories about it as cover to get rid of some opponents. During the night, Brook snuck into Bro's house and kidnapped him. He threw Bro in a crate, which sent Bro on a plane to an undisclosed location. It was seemingly foolproof.

But, some friends of Bro got worried when they didn't hear from him for over a week. They immediately suspected Brook, and started wire-tapping Brook's phone conversations. They overheard something saying about the kidnapping of Bro, and Brook was convicted immediately. Lavender, by executive order, called off the election and ordered the arrest of Brook. He was soon apprehended, and sent to the Snoss Pen Chi Island, where he would rot away for (some of) the rest of his days.


Soon after, Brook became a hated figure across the nation. Brookelas Town was completely destroyed in a riot (although later rebuilt), and Lavender soon designated the construction of a completely new town as the capital of Western Shops. Bro was eventually found in Slumolia, and was brought home. He was given the honor of being the new governor of Western Shops as compensation.

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