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2014, Twenty-Fourteen, or Two Thousand and Fourteen was the fourteenth year after the dawn of the second millennium AD.


Despite the unprecedented technological and industrial progress during the year, the year was known by penguins all over Antarctica, from no matter what country, as the darkest year of the 3rd millenium so far. Millions of lives were lost during countless battles with no reason other than for several politicians to gain control over land. Perhaps the country that was most affected by the so called Darkest Year was 2014, with only the late and middle part of the year showing significant economic and peaceful development, especially the latter.

A few major events occurred in this year, including the Culldrome Civil War, and, of course, the infamous Frosian War, which became one of the deadliest war in Antarctic history. On the 25th December, the leaders of Shops Island, Snowiny, Seal Islands and United States of Antarctica met in the capital of Seal Islands, De Groot, to discuss the year 2014 and the next year, 2015. Behind only wars, this year also marked the beginning of Snowinian growth in power and Snowiny also became a secondary power. After the Frosian War which ended in July, Antarctica enjoyed months of peace and only two wars occured only involving Snowiny and Margate near the year's end, which were relatively small.

Another major event that happened was the foundation of the Circular Powers, now known as the Western Union. A few years later it would become one of the largest and most integrated politico-economic organizations in Antarctica.


  • 3: The Circular Powers are formed to counter the power of the Axle Powers. It is a successor to the Circular Defense Treaty, signed just days earlier, before Axle Powers were formed to balance the power in Antarctica.
  • 4: Rusca and UnitedTerra officially withdraw. Terra Federation joins. Rusca still promises to protect Snowiny and help them when help is needed.
  • 17: The CIC secedes from the Culldrome Isles, sparking the Culldrome Civil War.
  • 24: Puffalia's Operation: Vorherrschaft commences.
  • 25: Articles of the Western Union are written.
  • 26: The Culldrome Civil War ends.


  • 7: The 2014 Winter Olympics in Socha, Rusca begin.
  • 15: Puffalia begins to attack Shops Island's merchant shipping passing around the east coast of Antarctica, formally triggering the Frosian War.
  • 20: Articles of the Western Union are signed and ratified.


  • 3: Shops Island begins military intervention on unwarranted Puffalian piracy acts.
  • 30: Margate is admitted into the Western Union, which is considered a big moment in Circular history.


  • 2: The Federal Republic of Polaris falls to the Puffalians and a new regime appears in place.
  • 4: The Culldrome Isles enter another devastating civil war, known as the Shadow of Culldrome. In the meantime, Snowiny and its allies join the Frosian War and fights Puffalia, Puffarus and the NNM in their own theatre.
  • 8: Snowiny intervenes in the Shadow of Culldrome. This leads Snowiny to a deadly war with Snowzerland and Zhou in which Snowiny, Margate, and the Terra Federation experience a huge disaster.
  • 15: Nexer6472 creates the first Aerial Ace, which faces off against DaiBouken, causing chaos on an otherwise peaceful day on Club Penguin Island.
  • 20: Amataria is admitted into the Western Union and immediately declares war on Puffalia, Puffarus and NNM, helping Snowiny, Margate and Terra Federation in their conflict.


  • 5: Western-Sealien Treaty is signed between the Circular Powers and Seal Islands, letting Seal Islands cooperate with the Circular Powers on a "special level" without having to join them.
  • 17: The Confederacy of Independent Culldrome falls and the Culldrome Isles are at peace again. The same day, the Circular Powers also win their war against Snowzerland, Zhou and the Confederacy after a large-scale counteroffensive in late April, which shocked and surprised the entire continent. A peace treaty is signed between the two sides.


  • 15: The Circular Powers win their war with Puffalia and Puffarus, leaving a devastating defeat for the two, which helped make Puffalia and Puffarus lose their war against the Axle Powers and cease to exist.
  • 22: The Frosian War ends, and Puffalia and Puffarus cease to exist.




  • 23. Newdeal Civil War. Friedrich Rommel, the former leader of the Nexonan Nationalist Movement, escapes from custody, and Margate and Snowiny join in an alliance in a war against NNM.


  • 27. Newdeal Civil War ends with a Margatian-Snowinian victory. Friedrich Rommel assassinated.


  • 1: After a defeat to NNM in the Newdeal Civil War, 4 days later NNM gets a new self-proclaimed leader, Key Preston, who hastily declares war at Snowiny without preparing his military, and Snowiny quickly defeats them within 4 hours of battle. This war is the Short War.
  • 2: Insurgency begins in south Snowiny and rebels attempt to secede from Snowiny, including the Puffepelagans and the Penlandians, also involving the Nexonan militantists from the former Nexonan Nationalist Movement. The war is still ongoing and is one of the deadliest rebellions Snowiny has ever seen to date.
  • 3: Super Mode Upgrades for the Hero Mechas other than DaiBouken and DaiTanken begin. Sentinel gets a Super Mode, Shinobi Mode.


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