2014 Shopper Outreach Program

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2014 Shopper Outreach Program
Author Common Legislature
Country Shops Island, Frosian War Allies
Language English
Genre Legislation
Publisher Shops Island
Published July 2014
Media type Legislation
Preceded by The Shops Industrial Development Policy

The 2014 Shopper Outreach Program was a set of three decisive programs to help Antarctica rise from the ruins of the Frosian War and promote trade and prosperity both at home and abroad.



After the Frosian War, Antarctica was in ruins. The war had damaged infrastructure and systems on the Antarctic mainland to no end, and the great damage done in Munijoch also had to be dealt with. Shops Island needed to work on domestic functions, and there was a great sense of urgency to help supply Shopper allies with key materials such as oil. All of these problems were decided to be combated in a string of three welfare initiatives - the Pink-Heart Plan, to help rebuild war-torn Antarctica, the Marmalade-Antarctic Pipeline Initiative, to supply oil to many of Shops' allies, and the Shopper Infrastructure Bill of 2014 was written to jump-start a major revamp and expansion of Shopper domestic infrastructure both at home and in its overseas territories.


The total project saw close to a trillion WB$ put towards the three initiatives, with the Pink-Heart Plan receiving the most funding by far. Other nations helped fund the Marmalade-Antarctic Pipeline, which cost over 10 billion WB$ to construct. The remainder of the money went toward the development of Shopper infrastructure, which was wholly funded by Shops Island.

The Pink-Heart Plan was the first initiative to be put into action, and was a resounding success. By August 2014, most of the destroyed infrastructure was repaired or under repair and the citizens were living well again. The pipeline and Shopper domestic improvements were initiated at the same time, although Shops Island put more energy into their infrastructure development as opposed to the pipeline.


The Shopper Outreach Program was heavily criticized from right-wing and conservative movements across Antarctica, stating that the entire program was an "effort to plant the foundations for a nanny-state". Environmental groups protested the pipeline because it ran through pristine ocean wildlife, though these arguments were dismissed by the Shopper government. Many citizens complained about how their tax money was put to use, and many noted that this project served "no [significant] purpose", to which Shops rebutted with "[the program] assists the less fortunate citizens of our allied countries. If you cannot see the good in that, then you have no heart.".

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