2014 Winter Olympics

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Socha Olympic Games
The logo of the Olympics.
Background information
Participants 36 teams from 22 different nations.
Date February 2014
Location Socha, Rusca

The Socha Olympic Games, commonly known as the 2014 Winter Olympics, was an international sporting event held in Socha, Rusca.

Participating Nations/States[edit]

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* =Number of participants not including those listed in sub-bullets below it. For example, the number of athletes from Club Penguin is not included in the number of athletes from the USA as a whole.

Nations that didn't participate[edit]

  • Bar Crabin flag.png Bar Crab City- The Bar Crabians didn't participate in the games because there are no separate events for Crabs (like there are separate events for Penguins and Puffles due to anatomical differences). The Bar Crabians would participate if there were seperate events, but they are one of the only nations that include crabs as a group of beings.
  • Furflag3.png Furshire- Asked not to participate due to their beliefs of penguin dominance (e.g. all puffles in the nation must be "owned"), which caused threats of a boycott from puffle-friendly nations such as Puffle'and.
  • PuffaliaFlagNew.png Puffalia- Banned from participating due to their superioristic ideals.
  • PuffarusFlag.png Puffarus- Even if they had any citizens that qualified to play, they would have been banned due to their close connections to Puffalia.
  • Flag of North Joseon.png North Joseon - Didn't have any athletes that qualified for the games that year.


Card-Jitsu Snow[edit]

The Socha Olympics were the first Olympic games where Card-Jitsu Snow was an option. Instead of the normal game-play in Club Penguin, teams at the Olympics go against each other. The Club Penguin penguin team was the first team to ever win a medal in this sport- a gold at that- for having all 3 active team members remaining at the end of the battle (they crushed Puffle'and's penguin team).


Ice Blade dueling[edit]

Ice Hockey[edit]

In the Winter Olympics, Ice Hockey is one of the sports that everyone takes seriously, making it a really competitive few days. However, as usual, Club Penguin and Calada's teams were some of the best. In addition, nations new to the Winter Olympics actually came out winning medals, such as Shops Island and the United Penguin Islands (although UPI had competed in the past as separate nations). These are the results:

Male Penguin Female Penguin Combined Puffle
Gold Club Penguin Calada Puffle'and
Silver Calada Rusca
Bronze United Penguin Islands Shops Island

Ice Skating[edit]

Nordic Combined[edit]





As of February 20, 2014

  Host Nation - Rusca
Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Newestpenguio.png United Penguin Islands 10 4 7 21
2 BandeiraClubPenguin.png Club Penguin 8 6 11 25
3 Alemania Flag.png Alemania 8 4 4 16
4 Ruscoe Federation Flag.png Rusca (host nation) 7 9 7 23
5 Flag of Calada.png Calada 7 9 4 20
6 Pengvaria Flag.png Batavia 6 7 9 22
7 Snowzerland Flag.png Snowzerland 6 3 2 11
8 ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island 5 6 3 14
9 FrancterreFlag.png Frankterre 4 4 7 15
10 FlagROSn.png Snowiny 4 2 0 6

Shops Island[edit]

Shops' Olympic Uniforms

Medal Count: 14

Gold: 5
Silver: 6
Bronze: 3

Shops Island performed very well for their first Winter Olympics. In Bobsled, a team from San Vancelton won Shops' first gold medal. In Skiing, a young male penguin from Bro Town earned the first Silver Medal for the nation. The female penguin hockey team fared quite well considering it's far-more-skilled rivals such as Club Penguin and Calada, and ended up with two Bronze medals. The Shopper men's freestyle skiing members won two gold medals for Shops, and another gold was won in speed skating. Most of Shops' silver and bronze medals were also achieved in either bobsled or speed skating.


Medal Count: 6

Gold: 4
Silver: 2
Bronze: 0

Snowiny, which was always really weak in the Olympic games, managed to improve a bit and already get two silver medals in only a few days. Usually, they always received bronzes and one silver, but this year it changed. They do their best at the skiing and curling sports.


  • The Socha Olympics were the most expensive Olympic games ever, with costs rising above 50 billion coins; more than the last thirteen Olympics combined.

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