2016 Summer Olympics

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Dolphinas Olympic Games
Date August 2016
Host city Dolphinas, United Provinces
Nations participating 50
Athletes participating 5,000+
Events 306 in 28 sports
Opening ceremony August 5
Closing ceremony August 21
Stadium Dolphinas Stadium

The 2016 Summer Olympics were held in August 2016 in the UP city of Dolphinas. The events lasted from August 5 to August 21. The games will be hosted at 15 different venues, and is the first time a Snowinian city was chosen to host the games.

Development and Preparation[edit]

The games took place at around 15 sporting venues in Dolphinas, a large number for the city. Because of this, an additional 10 venues had to be constructed, half of which are temporary buildings and will be disassembled after the events. The largest of these venues can contain around 80,000. This venue will also host the opening and closing ceremonies.

The transportation system of Dolphinas got a massive revamp prior to the events, including the construction of a new subway line and the expansion of the airport terminals. Many roads were also widened, including Interland 1, the main route into Dolphinas, which was widened from 6 lanes to 10 lanes. Furthermore, the water, sewage, electricity, and communications systems were expanded.

Ticketing prices were also announced in August 2014, which were sold Amatarian Coins, Dauroes, Margatian Dollars, and Varoes. Starting April 2015, tickets were also sold in Acadian Dollars. In total, 6.5 million tickets were sold. Prices range from 30 Varoes to 3,000 Varoes.

Participating Nations/States[edit]

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Nations that didn't participate[edit]


Opening Ceremony[edit]

The opening ceremony took place at Stanling Stadium on the 5th of August. The event featured parts of Snowinian history and culture. This was then followed by the Parade of Nations. Following the handover of the Olympic flag from the Snowdon mayor Damian Ilkovich to Dolphinas Mayor Slidur de Corovou, the torch, which had made it's way from the Geek Empire, visited all Snowinian provinces excluding Penland, was used to light the cauldron by Snowinian President Simon McClark, officially opening the games.

Parade of Countries[edit]

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Order Flag Nation Flag bearer Sport Medals
1 GeekEmpireFlag.png Geek Empire Alix Eliades Track and Field None
2 AcadiaFlag.png Acadia Jonathan Paradise Card-Jistu 1 gold (350 Haxflat) 2 silver (100 Haxflat and 120 Castle)
3 Abodei.png Abodei Shareefa Basuki Track and Field None
4 Alemania Flag.png Alemania Kristina Richter Gymnastics 1 Bronze (Individual)
5 Amataria Flag.png Amataria Heris Reed Fencing 2 gold (25-point team-foil, 25 point individual foil) ( (Eliminated in 10-point individual foil)
6 Austiceiaflag.png Austiceia Sydney Whistler Swimming Three bronze (100m Butterfly, 400m Freestyle, 250 Butterfly)
7 Pengvaria Flag.png Batavia James Roelofsen Soccer None (Eliminated in Semiquarterfinals against United Provinces)
8 Bandera de Beru.png Beru Dacio Holguin Equestrian 1 bronze (Individual Dressage 50m)
9 Bloodstone Flag.png Bloodstone Archipelago Robert Archmann Shooting 1 gold (300m shooting), 1 silver (250m shooting)
DragonstoneFlag.png Dragonstone Jean Louyot Shooting 1 gold (250m shooting)
MAI.png Margate Terrence Cashton Swimming 1 gold (100m freestyle), 1 silver (200m freestyle)
Tropicalis Flag.png Tropicalis Pablo Rossa Table Tennis None




Nations playing basketball in the Olympics were the United Provinces, South Joseon, United States of Antarctica, Dragonstone, Margate, Castilla, Club Penguin Liguria, Austiceia, Zhou, Amataria and Frosthuania. In group A were South Joseon, United Provinces, United States of Antarctica, Club Penguin, Liguria and Zhou, while in group B were Castilla, Frosthuania, Austiceia, Amataria, Dragonstone and Margate.

  • August 6th: Group A started with a tense match between Liguria and South Joseon on the 6th of August, 2016. South Joseon won 82 - 80, barely edging out over Liguria. It is just the shortest margin of victory in the history of South Joseon's Olympic basketball.
  • August 6th: Group B started with a cakewalk victory for Margate in a match against Amataria that same day, finishing 103 - 74.
  • August 8th: Dragonstone vs Castilla match ends up in a surprise 82 - 76 victory for Dragonstone.
  • August 8th: The final game result was Austiceia defeating Frosthuania 92 - 70. Many penguins found Frosthuania's defeat shocking as they are world number three in basketball. (Frosthuania's elimination knocked them to 8th, South Joseon goes up one spot to 3rd.)
  • The result: In Group A, Liguria (6th) and Zhou (5th) were eliminated.
  • The result: In Group B, Austiceia (5th) and Frosthuania (6th) were eliminated.



Sorted by order of gold medals.

Order Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica 4 2 0 6
2 UK Flag 2.png Puffle'and TBA TBA TBA TBA
3 NewUnitedProvincesFlag.png United Provinces 2 1 0 3
4 ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island TBA TBA TBA TBA
5 DragonstoneFlag.png Dragonstone TBA TBA TBA TBA
6 SouthJoseonFlag.png South Joseon TBA TBA TBA TBA



Because the Antarctic War on Terrorism was going on just a mere few hundreds of miles away in Penland, one of the main concerns was terrorism. The Dolphinas Police Department, along with the Snowinian Informative Service did a mass search city-wide for potential terrorists, which arrested 15. In addition, 5 terrorists were arrested at Dolphinas International Airport with connections to Little Penland. The games have been under heavy security and officials have formed evacuation plans. Despite the concerns a terrorist attack may occur, none happened and the Olympic games went largely according to plan.



The War on Terror and lack of allies across the world let to an increase in xenophobia and isolationism among the Snowinns and so officials feared there might be racist incidents - indeed, when Ed Island's participants came out on the path during the athletes' parade they were massively heckled and some anti-Ed chants were heard, such as "Dead Over Ed". The Ed athletes later commented that 'we felt grossly uncomfortable walking in a country that once held us under occupation and still refuses to accept the fact they lost us'. President McClark later condemned the hecklers and stated that there is "no place for xenophobia and intolerance in the United Provinces".

UP Athletes at the Parade[edit]

When it was the turn for the United Provinces to be the final (since they were the host) country to participate in the parade the team shocked everybody by waving the Snowinn blue-white-green horizontal flag instead of the new blue-white-orange vertical standard, and around 250 of the 311 athletes waved the Snowinn flags instead of the UP flag. It was later reported that there was an incident days prior to the parade - there was a feud between the United Provinces participants over the clothes they would wear at the parade - the original idea was for them all to wear an orange jacket and blue pants, but some people objected and wanted to wear a half-blue-half-white jacket and green pants.

The feud increased over the weeks and the team came to a compromise to wear a half-blue-half-white jacket and red pants, the colors that came to represent all Snowic peoples (Ruscans, Snowinns, Pennes, Stoles, Ucryingians and Puffepelagese).

Official song[edit]

It was announced that the official 2016 Summer Olympics official anthem is called "The Fire" by Andrew Gonzalez.


  • The vote over where to hold the Olympics was the most tense Olympic vote in history, with Dolphinas beating Tutupie City by 7 to 6.
    • This was only passed because the vote ended some days before a change in the voting policy.
  • This is the first Olympics that has a logo for it. It was made by famous computer artist Michael Jansen.

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