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2017 (also known as Two Thousand and Seventeen) is the seventeenth year after the beginning of the third millennium AD.


If one were to try looking at 2017 as accurately as possible, they'd have to look at it in three major facets: controversies, entertainment, and politics.

Many have stepped into office during the early months of the year, notably President Megg of the USA, President Catherine Howebrucke of Polaris, and Prime Minister Black Duck of Duck Island. With the entering of these officials also comes the exit of Hat Pop, notable for her work at the Club Penguin Weekee and the resignation of EPF Weaponry Division Commander Nickolas Tang.

In the United Provinces, an early call for elections was made by Prime Minister Lena Sanders in June, but resulted in a great loss of seats and political instability. Conflict of interests between the Conservatives and Liberals lead to the call for another election. While this went on, however, a bill for the amendment of the United Provinces's Constitution was passed to divide Parliament into two houses: the Senate and the Diet. This ended with the Liberals being the largest party in both houses but short of overall majority.

The United Provinces isn't the only one that encountered issues within its government. Margate had a crisis in the form of Margate's apprehension towards Acadia. Accusing the Western Union for supporting said country's "war-mongering actions", it had threatened to withdraw. This would end faster than the constitutional crisis, as Acadia was quick to temper down its provocation.

Malesia faced a sharp decline due to the accumulation of debts. It collected debts from trading with foreign countries, with the percentages of it with Shops Island. When it broke the debt ceiling, it had no choice but to declare bankruptcy. To answer this declaration, Shops and Malesia had an agreement that allowed Shops to forgive all of the debts of Malesia, pay off the rest of its foreign debts, and give a further 5 billion WB$ grant. In exchange, however, Malesia had to recognize itself as a territory of Shops, have its forces and equipment integrated into the Shopper Armed Forces, and phase out the LOL Ringgit and fully adopt the WB$ by April 2018.

In February, The Ed Island Air Force sent a small fleet of bombers to major Glowus cities demanding Frankterre to hold an independence referendum for the future of Glaw, threatening an invasion otherwise. Seeing as Glaw was annexed by Frankterre, and a majority of the residents of the said land were from Ed Island, it was clear that actions had to be made. A vote was made for the fate of the state, and closed with a 59.4% vote in favor of Glaw independence. With respect to the vote that occurred, the Ed Island government did not annex Glaw. Instead, it allowed it to be reformed to the Independent State of Glaw, known to be a thinly-veiled client state of Ed Island.

Despite this, there were bright moments within the field of politics. 2017 is the year when The M Triumvirate, the United Antarctica Pact of Justice, and the Delphi Pact were formed. The Finipines and Munijoch came to an agreement to have a new capital city built with the use of experimental PULSE anti-gravitational levitation systems. Megg announces "Executive Order 3000", or also called the "Big Penguin Act", protecting the rights for High Penguins. Multiple diplomatic visits were made by United Provinces President Simon McClark to neighboring countries. The Western Union also became ever more integrated and closer together economically, politically and militarily, ushering in a new period of peace and prosperity for the continent. The United Provinces had also experienced, despite its political crisis, unprecedented economic growth. Unemployment fell to a record low of 1.6% and hundreds of thousands of new jobs were created.

In terms of controversies, however, the year starts when villains banded together to plot the destruction of Antarctica by creating turmoil in the continent. This would be how Operation Improbable began when heroes and agents alike responded to stop these attacks.







Gee, guess history was a bit slow at this part of the year huh?




Gee, guess history was a bit slow at this part of the year huh?




  • 1: EPF Commander Nicktang10 submits his resignation letter and steps down as Commander-in-Chief of the Weaponry Development Division.
  • 2: Lucy Verghanta releases her second album, entitled Evol.
  • 8: The hunt for the hacker ends as the UAN begins oral reports concerning Icarus Petturi, a.k.a. "Theta".
  • 8: Meaghan releases her fifth album, Wintercuts.
  • 25: Christmas

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