2017 Lagois City Western Union Summit

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2017 Lagois City Western Union Summit
Lagois City.jpg
Lagois City, Tropicalis
Background information
Participants NewUnitedProvincesFlag.png United Provinces
MAI.png Margate
Terra Federation flag.PNG Terra Federation
Amataria Flag.png Amataria
AcadiaFlag.png Acadia
Cheeese.png Caseusopolis
Tropicalis Flag.png Tropicalis
Date 4-8 July 2017
Location Lagois City, Tropicalis

The Western Union
Western Union 2017 Flag.png
Flag of the Western Union
Western Union
Treaties and Events
Summits and Conferences
Member States
Important Cities
Key People
Notable Companies

The 2017 Lagois City Western Union Summit took place in Lagois City, Tropicalis between the 4th and 8th of July, 2017. It has been called just days prior by the President of the United Provinces Simon McClark in order to discuss the creation of the WU Parliament, WU Council and WU Commission, as well as the official WU currency and the Western Central Bank.


Common Currency[edit]

Previously, at the 2017 Western Union Congress in Acadia, it has been agreed narrowly that a common currency would be adopted but the nations would be able to retain their own currencies. The nations now have to discuss how it would work out and when they will start printing the money.

WU Parliament[edit]

All member states agreed to create the Western Union Parliament.

WU Commission[edit]

All member states agreed to create the Western Union Commission.

WU Council[edit]

All member states agreed to create the Western Union Council.

WU Central Bank[edit]

All member states agreed to create the Western Union Central Bank.


All member states agreed to adopt a brand new flag for the Western Union, a horizontal white-light blue-white flag with 7 stars forming a circle in the middle to represent the seven member states at the time and unity of the Western Union.


The member states agreed to retain Western Union as the name of the organization.

Leaving the Union[edit]

What happens if a member state decides to leave the Western Union has been discussed in great detail, and the whole process has been set in stone during the summit.


Western Union citizenship has ultimately been rejected as the member states felt they were not yet ready.


  • This summit was called just months after the Acadian congress.

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