2027 United Provinces Presidential Elections

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United Provinces Presidential Elections, August 2027
Flag of the United Provinces
Date 1 August 2027
Location United Provinces (Snowiny)
Patrick Smith (Conservative Party)
Larry Butler (Democratic Party)
Blank votes

The 2029 United Provinces Presidential Elections took place on 1st August 2027. The world at the time was shocked by a horrible financial crisis caused by the fall of Shops Island. Patrick Smith, brother of former president Robert Smith, promised change, hope and offered to fix the country. These promises won him the presidency.


Patrick Smith immediately got to work to fix the crisis. He met with various other nations, and forged agreements to make the Western Union stronger. He made agreements with the Antarcticans, the UnitedTerrans, the Margatians, the Snoss, the Zhouese, to "get over the disaster that struck Antarctica 1 year ago" and fix the global economy. He wasn't very successful in working with other nations to fix the disaster, and he wasn't successful at home either. Rising unemployment, gas prices and high home prices also led to rising unpopularity of the newly elected president. In November 2029 he is assassinated by liberal Arthur Raymond, and is succeeded by vice president Lewis Gardner. Gardner only got to be president for 2 years, as he lost elections in 2031 to Terry Maynard, who actually succeeds in reforming the country.

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