3-D Demon

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3-D Demon
3-D Demon .PNG
Rather awesome, is he not?
Gender Male
Race Demon Penguin
Faction Neutral.....
Health IN 3-D!
Level King of The 3rd Dimension!
Status Toying around with effects.
Location Wandering Underworld (so really The Underworld.)

3-D Demon is a Half-Demon Penguin skilled with stereoscopic effects.


He hatched to a Demon Penguin and a normal penguin. Generally hybrids are biologically impossible, but 3-D Demon was conceived. Like most other Half-Demon Penguins he was used as a way of contact to the outside world.

He had a tendency to break the 4th wall, which temporarily let him be in the Universal Bureau of Fictitious Literature which gave him the powers of the 3-D. However, he was too lazy to keep up the job and quit (his position was small, so no replacement was needed)


He is a Demon Penguin, yet he is good (for the most part) and has special 3-D glasses that let him see in any dimension below 9-D and above -6-D.


  • He is distantly related to PabloDePablo, being his dad's uncle's grandma's half brother's teacher's cousin-in-law's lawyer's son.
    • O_O
  • It his 25% his fault The Behemoth even exists.
  • He also seems to have the What-If-Machine 3000, for some odd reason.
    • He then used the machine to asked what if the Club penguin fanon universe was like the Smashverse, resulting in a vision known as The Sapspace Emmisary.
  • He is going to be in X and the City.

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