8 Bit

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8 Bit
Title Omega Pretection Program, "8 Bit"
Gender Asexual
Race Computer Program
Faction Cyber Protection Group
Health 100% Data
Level 25
Status Status
Location Digirealm. Omega Server
Occupation Computer Protection Program
Interests Deleting Viruses
Friends Add stuff here.
Enemies Viruses

Omega Protection Program, more commonly known as 8 Bit is an advanced computer program, which was deployed into the Omega Server of Digirealm to delete viruses. It is the best program of it's kind.



After many years of failures, an unnamed scientist finally created a computer program that could easily delete viruses. The program was taken and stored by a program archiving facility, where the program was stored for many more years after first being created.

Put Into Work[edit]

After many years of being store, the Digirealm was created, and the facility searched through it's archives for programs to be used. One of the many found, the program, which was renamed the Omega Protection Program, was assigned to delete viruses on the Omega Server. After a while, the program had developed a personality, and gave itself the nickname "8 Bit," based off of his looks. 8 Bit continues to delete viruses in the Omega Server, and is very well known.

Omega Viruses[edit]

On August 21st, 2010, a strange virus made it's way into the Omega Server. 8 Bit tried his best to delete the virus, but the virus took control of 8 Bit. The possessed 8 Bit hacked into the Digirealm's main database and deleted various important files. Other protection-based programs were sent to the Omega server to delete the hoards of viruses entering, leaving the other servers unguarded.

On March 10, 2015, another virus hacked the system of Omega Server. 8 Bit deleted the virus (which was during the time, was considered minor), which was thought to be over. Unfortunately, Vicky Virus and John Gale, 2 members of the 8 Bit Ripoff Squad, has created a major virus, which caused approximately 4 months to delete, since it was very major and strong enough to reach Top 10 strongest viruses in Penguin Digital Magazine. It was successfully deleted by 8 Bit after they created a code to erase hacked data and restore. It was announced on the same day that all the hacked data was erased.

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