90-150 Island

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For the ice shelf, see 90-150 Ice Shelf.

90-150 Island
Humana Cathedral of Spookiness.jpg
90-150 Island, with Humana Cathedral in the center.
Key details
Type Haunted room with a cathedal-like building.
Level -10
Location Off the coast of Trans-Antarctica
Inhabitants Ghosts, hackers, criminals, monsters, and The Sapie Brothers.

90-150 Island is the most haunted place in the USA. Only Barkjon has gone there, and lived to tell it. Its technically part of the USA. Later, TurtleShroom somehow managed to photograph what looked like an odd cathedral. He was then chased out by a weird mammal thing. It's a highly dangerous place. Also, Explorer 767 discovered that it is one of the three places where banned penguins are sent.


Off the coast of 90-150 Ice Shelf, 90-150 was discovered by Barkjon. It was started when criminals and hackers, banished from the USA, journeyed far to find a place of refuge. They started a small village there, and eventually other villains, ghosts, and monsters came to the infamous location. Establishing what looks like a cathedral in the center of the area, no one can explain exactly what is is for. A large letter H is embedded on stain-glass in the center of said building. After the ghosts took over, they eclipsed the sun and cast 90-150 into eternal night. Forever. Don't go there!!!!!!



It's a secret location, like THE SKIP. It's off the coast of 90-150. You don't want to go there. In the middle of the town there is a huge mansion, belonging to the ghosts. There is a ridiculously low security prison here called The Hot Snow. Most bad penguins escaped to live with the others.


Mostly ghosts, but some hackers, criminals, and monsters. There are also rumors of large mammals called humans living here.

  • Among many villains live a seemingly good pair of penguin brothers called the "The Sapie Brothers".
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