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Residence Anywhere (most likely Antarctica)
Nationality Unknown
Other names Oh dear
Please, just not that
Add more!
Ethnicity Unknown
Citizenship Unknown
Education Unknown
Years active Unknown
Employer Itself
Its summoners
Notable works Self-explanatory?
Home town Unknown
Salary 0 coins
Known for Being loud, boisterous and annoying
Title Superannoyingthing
Predecessor Position created
Successor Nobody; it is immortal
Opponent(s) Those who believe it is annoying
Relatives Possibly I and -I?
Awards None
The AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA is very annoying.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA is a collection of 18 letters, all capital letter A's and almost always all red.

They are known for being very loud, obnoxious, having any amount of annoyingness and always stick in a single-file line. Very little is known about them because frankly, people don't WANT to know more. If you see them, you are advised to keep out of their path at all costs. They are most commonly seen at grocery stores, rock and roll concerts, and online multiplayer team-based first person shooters.


Nobody knows for sure how they were created, but there have been many theories, most involving copious amounts of nuclear waste, and lotsa lotsa factories. One of the most popular and complete theories is that a human got bored with writing his story one day and just typed a bunch of A's. However, since he was using a typewriter like the old fossil he was, he couldn't erase it, and thus the A's were part of the story. Enraged, he tore them off of the page and started over, regretting his irrational actions. The A's were not happy at being discarded and wanted to live like he did and judge others like he did, so they simply leaped off of the page and grew.

Then, once they were fully-grown, they decided that most memes were old and dead, so to break conformity, the lead A decided that they became terrorists. They attacked their (human) victims by screaming their collective name, and then stole everything they had. Fortunately for them, their victims were glad they got away, so they didn't call the police. This is where the old custom of having "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" screamed at in random wars and shootouts sprouts, which spread worldwide.

Unfortunately, they then broke into a random experimental scientist's lab window and fell into a portal, which sent them to Antarctica. Not just an uninhabited place of Antarctica, either - they fell right into the centre of South Pole City. Whilst the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAs were brave enough to stand around a collection of humans, penguins were just too much, with their sharp beaks and threatening appearance. They screamed, and "ran" off to some snowy place at the outskirts of the Metropolis.

Now, although large traces of its previous life still live on (such as being loud to a scary extent), AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA has lost its boisterous nature, and is quite shy with penguins. It is good with puffles, however, which is how it's survived for so long. It can be easily summoned by just screaming its name, but it will rarely come, unless the summoner (or the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA itself) is in great danger, or if it's convinced and feeling mischievous.


The AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA doesn't really do much these days due to its shyness, but at the same time, its involvement in world society is enormous. It's so shy it rarely contacts penguins and tries out its powers, but due to many knowing about either its existence or the name, it is estimated that every thirty seconds, somebody on the globe is screaming its name, which means that in a day, all that wasted lungpower could have been used to power a biscuit-factory. Wow.

This is especially a massive figure when given thought that there's sixty seconds in a minute, sixty minutes in an hour, and twenty-four hours in a day. That means that he is summoned two thousand, eight hundred and eighty times per day. Although many have tried to give this news to AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, they usually either become Dadaists on the trail to locate it, or they are screamed out of the area a few yards of its abode due to its mischievousness, rendering the entire mission pointless.


Oddly, the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA cannot be touched, grabbed, or hit through normal physical means (believe me, we've tried). Scientists have come upon the conclusion that they exist in our dimension and at the same time, another. Nobody knows what this other dimension is, however.

The AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA have a very powerful voice that can be used to project large soundwaves or sound walls. Their power has been calculated to actually be in great measure if they would ever split out of the line they travel in. As such, the power is limited to the lead A only. However, the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA are not inherently aggressive and only attack when provoked. Otherwise, they act very, very frightened around most beings, penguins included.


As mentioned before, the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA is shy towards penguins. It usually takes courage to come when summoned by a penguin (and even then it might not know whether its summoner is in danger or not), meaning that it's unusual, which means that it's taking a chance to summon it. Fortunately, most penguins who scream its name don't know what they are trying to summon. One survey showed that accidental summonings happened the most at crazy rock concerts, whilst most of the summoners were fangirls.

The AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA is also wild and untamable, which can get a nuisance when it's feeling mischievous and it decides to hide in front of a creature, and then suddenly scream its name at it. There have even been calls by farmers to try hunting it down, but unfortunately they seem unable to grasp the concept that it cannot be restrained by any normal means.

Contrary to all this, now it's been in the world of penguins for so long, it takes less and less of its courage to go and encounter them, so whenever it feels mischievous, it goes out and begins annoying penguins. Sightings of the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA have increased over the years, and all accounts say that the being is absolutely and completely scary.


The AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA looks exactly like it is. It is a group of eighteen red or black A's, which look solid but are not. This has been proved by the aforementioned tests, where they continuously summoned it and tried to grab it. These experimenters then concluded that it was made of something intangible, that was an interchangeable mixture of a definite solid, a thick gas, and some kind of weird liquid.

In fact, nobody knows what they are even made of, and how much is and isn't an illusion.

In short, it's really, really scary...



  • Scrubs in general - Scrubs tend to love the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, due to how ridiculous it is to non-scrubs.
  • Chesshire LOLCat - Allegedly doesn't know of its existence, but screams its name all the time on the Internet.
  • Scrubbypingu - He's a scrub; what did you expect?
  • Motorbike Fred - Screams it whenever he can in Da Daredevil mode.


  • Your average penguin - The AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA doesn't really mean too much to your average penguin in the street, unless they are an ardent anti-scrub.


  • Non-Scrubs - They tend to think that the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA is absolute nonsense.




(A penguin is waddling down the street. Somebody pranks him by throwing a jar of peanut butter.)
(He has said it loud enough for the mystical being itself appear!)
(The poor chap runs into the distance, screaming.)
Penguin: Yes!

Penguin: Hey, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, give me a word that ends in the vowel "a"!
Penguin: Yes! Now gimme a noun!
Penguin: Yes!


  • The AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA also has feelings.
  • The AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA can also say things other than its name, but they are always words that end in the vowel "a", such as "paranoia" and "pizza".
  • Some creatures say its name a lot more than others.
  • The AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA is immortal. It cannot be destroyed.

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