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Type Public
Industry Internet, Online retailing
Genre Online shopping
Founded 1995

Snow José, USA

Number of locations USA
Area served Most Antarctic countries
Key people Ronaldo Crist (CEO)
Products See Items section
Employees 14,000
Website www.abay.com

aBay Inc, or simply just aBay, is a multinational online buying and selling website that allows for goods to be bought and sold across dozens of countries in the Antarctic. Founded in 1995 in Snow Jose, Eastshield, by Ronaldo Crist, aBay quickly grew to become an extremely popular website due to its ability to buy and sell hundreds of goods across many countries. Originally just an auctioning website where buyers would auction for goods, aBay has grown since then to include a function where buyers can simply just buy a good without having to auction over it, saving time.

Since its creation, aBay has grown to become a major company, purchasing and owning many other smaller companies that specialize in selling goods, and also companies that specialize in selling certain goods as well, such as tickets to certain events. The company also previously owned MoneyFriend after purchasing it in 2002, which was a company that allowed for the transaction of money, but made it an independent company in 2015. Over the years, aBay has grown to become a site where not only goods can be bought, but some services can be purchased as well.


The predecessor to aBay was AuctionNet, which was created in 1995 by Ronaldo Cristo to sell goods to other people efficiently, and the website quickly grew popular due to its efficiency, and the founder upgraded his website to allow for better web traffic, though it cost much more. After the site began to gain in popularity, being used by hundreds of thousands of people in 1996, AuctionNet made a deal with another company to sell plane tickets, which was the first deal ever made by the company with another. AuctionNet eventually changed its name to aBay in 1997, and by that time the site had millions of users and was generating millions of dollars a year.

In 1998 aBay first entered the stock market, which allowed its founder to quickly become a billionaire, and shares were first sold for around $50, which were bought by many investors, and the company gained even more notability. ABay also bought the company MoneyFriend in 2002, and the site expanded to the rest of Antarctica six years later in 2008, and by then had thousands of employees and was generating billions of dollars a year. The company also sold Hype in 2009, but continues to own a lot of stocks within the company, which allows it a lot of control in the company.


Millions of items are sold on aBay each day, ranging from electronics like computers and phones, to food, to video games and movies, and even vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. Hundreds of companies and businesses use aBay to sell their items, along with millions of individual sellers, and most items are allowed, including services, as long as they don't violate the restricted items policy. Sellers get their first few listings for free, and then they have to pay a small fee for the rest of the things they post, while buyers can buy as many products as they like.

Some of the banned items on aBay include, Doom Weed, firearms and other kinds of weapons such as knives, bombs, and other explosive devices, general military and police equipment, Naughtzee symbols, live animals, cream soda, and dangerous chemicals and substances such as those often used in the making of bombs, and the X-Virus. Additionally, some items that are not prohibited by aBay are prohibited if it is shipped to a country where the item is illegal; for example, communist symbols and propaganda posters are able to be shipped through aBay, but are illegal in Acadia.

In the company's history, many people have tried to sell many different prohibited items, including an incident in 2012 where someone tried to sell the entire country of Shops Island for 5,000 Fish, but the sale was shut down by aBay. Additionally, other strange items have also been sold on aBay, and while some items have been taken down by aBay for violating the restrictions, other transactions have been successful. Some of these items, some of which were shut down, include small towns and other pieces of land, random pieces of food, and strange services.


The main headquarters of aBay, which is also the largest office due to the size and number of employees, is located in Snow Jose, where it also has a secondary "satellite office" in the city that houses the headquarters of MoneyPal, which is owned by aBay. Aside from the main headquarters in Snow Jose, aBay also has dozens of other offices in many cities across Antarctica, with the second largest aBay office being in Pengu Town, which is considered the secondary office of aBay due to its size and the number of employees that are working in it.


  • Director Benny only knows what they put in their food.
  • It's an obvious parody of eBay.

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