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The common type of ACE-Bike
Type Motorcycle
Effects Transportation
Source X-Scoot Co.
Location Austiceia
Cost to buy Usually 6,000 GL
Cost to sell Usually 2,500 GL

The ACE-Bike is a sleek, futuristic age motorcycle. It is common in Austiceia.


After the sucsess of the AUS-Scooter, X-Scoot Co. designed a concept AUS-Scooter for the 2003 series. It had two wheels instead of three, making it like a motorbike. It was later scrapped and the idea was turned into the TURBO version. The main blueprints were still on the drawing board and no one bothered to take it down. In mid 2004, a penguin found the blueprints and suggested a motorcycle based on the AUS-Scooter.

X-Scoot Co. designed a concept bike called the AUS-Bike-1. After conducting more tests, a motorcycle called the ACE-Bike was created and started being produced. Many penguins that were riding "normal" motorcycles quickly bought the first version. The bike became famous and recived lots of attention. The Austiceian Grand Council passed another law that by 2014, all "normal" motorcycles would be replaced by the ACE-Bike.


The ACE-Bike is a sleek motorcycle. Like any motorcycle, the ACE-Bike has two wheels. It is powered by two batteries located where the engine should be. The luggage is stored in a compartment under the seat. There is an aerodynamic window fixed onto the area between the two handle bars. Under the window is a digital speedometer along with emergency indicators and other meters. Behind the driver seat is another seat for a passenger. Behind the passenger seat is a padded back-rest with a foldable roof that is attached.


  • Length: 1.25-1.5 metres
  • Height: 1-1.5 metres
  • Width: 30-50 centimetres
  • Top Speed: 110-250 km/h
  • Battery life: Up to 20 hours
  • Charging time: 5-8 hours
  • Seats: 1-2


2004 series[edit]

  • ACE-Bike (first version)
  • ACE-Bike TURBO (turbo version)
  • ACE-Bike Tricycle (3 wheel version)

2005 series[edit]

  • ACE-Bike GREEN (eco version)
  • ACE-Bike Snow (off-road version)
  • ACE-Bike Ute (has a large cargo compartment)
  • ACE-Bike Ute-II (can pull trailers)
  • ACE-Bike Fam (can carry 4 passengers)

Gold-Silver series (2006)[edit]

  • ACE-Bike 4000 (normal version)
  • ACE-Bike PETROL-BATTERY/PET-BAT (hybrid version)
  • ACE-Bike Tricycle-II (3 wheel drive version)
  • ACE-Bike TURBO-II (turbo version)

Ruby-Sapphire series (2008)[edit]

  • ACE-Bike Race (race track version)
  • ACE-Bike Trek (off-road version)
  • ACE-Bike Ute-III (combination of Ute and Ute-II)
  • ACE-Bike TURBO-TRI (turbo version)


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