Antarctic Identification Bureau

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Antarctic Identfication Bureau
A penguin entering their flipper print
Name Antarctic Identfication Bureau
Type Identity Storage
Location Ternville
Job Keep all of the identity of Antarctica safe
Members More than 3141 guards, operators and officers at any given time
Headquarters AIB Offices, 507 Bot Street, Ternville

The Antarctic Identification Bureau, or AIB for short, is a top secret agency that keeps track of the identity of every inhabitant of Antarctica.


In 2007, there was a population spike. Many penguins were hatching and many were also migrating to Antarctica. It was forecasted that by the 2010 census, the existing infrastructure would be overloaded. There was also a need for identity tracking, so that every citizen of the USA would have a file containing all of their details. Thus, the Antarctic Identification Bureau was born.

In 2008, a warehouse and a large office building were constructed in Ternville, the location of the AIB headquarters. The warehouse had millions of filing cabinets for the whole population of USA. The office next door, held the many workers of the AIB. This also became the place where the census would be counted.

Then in May of 2008, a number of records were stolen from the warehouse. This incident lead to increased, 24 hour security. It also promted a re-building of the existing areas, which was only a few months old. In early 2009 the new office, counting facility, comfort hall and storeage areas were finished. The new facility is now very secure.


The AIB is responsible for filing the documents for the enormous population of the USA. It is also responsible for counting the census. Massive super computers help to count the census and to sort and update the files and documents.

Not anyone can just access anyone's records. A background check needs to be performed. After the check has successfully finished, you need to get a special code and a signed contract from the South Pole Council itself. Then, you must pass a flipperprint check, voice check and eye scan just to be able to enter the filing cabinet warehouse. To see a file, you must present an adequate reason.

The AIB contains millions of filing cabinets, each containing many files. These files are of every citizen in the USA. The file contains basic information, such as name and address, and more complex information, such as their flipperprint. The files and the cabinets storing them are sorted into 26 rows, each named after a letter. The citizen's last name determines where their file is placed.


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