A Bullet in the Shadows

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A Bullet in the Shadows
Start March 2098
End June 2098
Prerequisites The Assassination of Flywish
Location Dellaroma, Liguria
Rewards Flywish II succeeds his father as Papa of Liguria
The Last Stand One Last Hope

A Bullet in the Shadows is the story of Flywish's assassination. In the story, Flywish II authorizes a plan to track down and catch the assassin who performed the deed. He uses the help of his siblings and some relatives who dearly knew Flywish.


After his past experiences with the Hochstadt Gang and Swiss Ninja, Flywish married Maddieworld and they had one chick who they named Eva. Many of his old friends who had served as his cabinet members moved on. Metalmanager grew up and got married, Raven got over his oppression of Mwa Mwa Penguins and became a happy penguin, Papa Tremezzo passed away, Sonic Xtreme continued to serve with Flywish until his death in 2071, Mcmahon654 got married to a woman named Pengina and had a daughter who they named Vanilla, they lived as a normal family until Mcmahon's death in 2055, and Crunch still served with Flywish altogether. Despite the few friends he lost, he was happy that he could live a normal and peaceful life for the time being. But at the same time, he wished that his heart wasn't consumed by vengeance. He had finally realized what his lusts caused him. Maddieworld passed away in 2080 which brought more grief to his heart. He decided not to go out and marry again because he was too old to try again. He decided to make speeches about the future of Liguria and how he hoped for the best for Liguria.

Chapter I: Long Live the Papa![edit]

It was at 7:00 in the morning on March 3rd, 2098 when 121 year old Flywish awoke from his slumber to the sound of an alarm clock that he used since his coronation. The clock was an antique but surprisingly still worked perfectly. Flywish rotated to his bedside, sat up, rubbed his eyes, and stood up. He let out a roaring yawn and went to his coffee room for some coffee. As he sipped from the cup, His son walked in.

Flywish II:"Good morning father, how's the coffee?"

Flywish:"It's as good as it was yesterday"

Flywish II:"Good to hear, are you ready?"

Flywish:"Ready for what?"

Flywish II:"Your speech, you promised everyone you would give a speech on the future of Liguria."

Flywish:"Oh yeah, that's right, I have thought long and hard about what I would say"

Flywish II:"Sounds like it will be one of your best."

Flywish:"Figlio, follow me."

Flywish and his son walked to his executive office where he had once exchanged ideas with his 8 closest cabinet members. They walked over to the window that had a nice view of Dellaroma. Flywish put his flipper around his son.

Flywish:"Look at this son, 87 years ago, we didn't have such a grand and prestigious country."

Flywish II:"Nope, but we do now."

Flywish:"Yes we do son, we have the world by the beak. Oh your mother would've been so proud."

Flywish II:"Yes she would've, she was already elated in Flywish Island."

Flywish:"Look at you now, you are heir to my throne, you have a beautiful wife and three wonderful chicks, you will go much further when I kick the bucket"

Just then, Flywish III came into the room. Flywish looked at him.

Flywish III:"Good morning guys, ready for your speech grandfather?"

Flywish:"Yes, I have prepared this speech for a long time."

Flywish III:"Well that's great to hear, unfortunately, I will not be able to watch the speech today, I am going fishing with some friends, we will still listen via radio however."

Flywish:"That sounds fun, you can go and have fun, you're only young once right?"

Flywish III:"You aren't disappointed?"

Flywish:"No, there will be plenty of other speeches. I have a couple good years left, I address my citizens once a month, go have some fun."

Flywish III:"Ok, bye guys love you both"

Flywish III headed down to the front lobby where his friends came to pick him up. They drove to Lago di Lario. Flywish and his son waved to them smiling. As the car pulled away, the royal family had breakfast, at the table was Flywish II's wife LuXerra, Crunch, Eva, and Flywish II's other kids; Lucky, and Vito.

Eva:"Good morning Papa, ready for your speech?"

Flywish:"Definitely, I've been preparing it for months."

Eva:"That's good."

After breakfast, Flywish tapped his fork on his glass to get everyone's attention.

Flywish:"Everybody simmer down, today I will make a very important speech, but before that, I will warm up by letting you all know something very special."

Lucky:"What is it grandfather?"

Flywish:"I just want to say that I'm thankful to have such a wonderful family here today, you all have helped make my life a wonderful adventure, I thank all of you for being here for my grand speech today."

Everybody clapped, then they stood up and headed to the doorway of the balcony. It was time for the speech. Flywish's advisor was already there. He went out on the balcony. Below were thousands of Ligurians crowded around ready to hear the speech. The advisor approached the microphone and began to speak.

Advisor:"Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to introduce, Papa Flywish.

The Ligurian National Anthem began to play, A huge roar of applause was heard, and out on the balcony was Flywish, he gracefully approached the microphone waving to the Ligurians below.

Flywish:"My fellow Ligurians, today I have come to give my regards to the future of Liguria. My rise to power was the best thing that ever happened to me. With me being in my final years, I am hopeful that my son, my figlio, will bring many more wonderful years upon Liguria, and I wish the same, for everyone down my lineage. Flywish II, I hope you and your son, and maybe his son, will be grand rulers of this wonderful country. Long live Liguria!"

A thundering roar of applause started up again. Flywish looked down with tears in his eyes, he smiled and waved to the Ligurians. Suddenly, a loud noise was heard.


The roaring applause turned into screams of terror. Flywish fell backwards, his eyes rolled back. He had been shot. Flywish II ran up to him.

Flywish II:"Someone get a doctor!"

A doctor came up as quickly as possible, he grabbed Flywish's flipper to check for his pulse. Everyone went quiet to hear the result.

Doctor:"The papa... is DEAD!"


Flywish II began sobbing. As did all the Ligurians. It was certainly one of the darkest days in Ligurian history. Flywish III even sobbed when hearing the announcement on the radio. His friends comforted him but were upset as well.

to be continued