A Drop of Danger

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Hi, welcome to my new fanfic! If you found this, you get mystery, danger, exitement and all of that stuff in one fan-fic!

Chapter 0: The Dimension Hopper[edit]

"Just a few more touches..." said an orange penguin. "Is it done yet?" said a similar penguin, but with an X on his forehead and green color. "Almost, PabloXPablo!" said the orange penguin. "Fine, PabloDePablo. I guess I can wait." said PabloXPablo, sulking on a nearby box. "Tails, can you get me one more rivet?" said PabloDePablo, sweating. "Here." said Tails6000. "And there! The Dimension Hopper is done!" Pablo said. PabloXPablo asked: "NOW can we test it?" but to his disappointment, PabloDePablo replied to him with a sigh, then shouted "How many more times do I have to say that we will test it TOMORROW?!?" PabloXPablo then ran away under the piles of leftover boxes that his host kept. "Thanks for your help, Tails6000. See you tomorrow!"

Chapter 1: An Envelope[edit]

One day, a penguin called Willy (not the Willy you may be thinking of), who was short, orange and wore a top hat, was out in the streets again. Willy had a very boring life so he often pretended to be rich, a magician or anything he could think of. One day, in his compact igloo he lived in, he received an envelope with the name TOP SECRET, OPEN RIGHT NOW BEFORE MABEL SEES YOU. Willy then closed the curtains, locked the doors and windows and opened the envelope, hoping it would be something fun for him to do. In the envelope was an invitation to test a new machine made entirely out of boxes. Knowing that it could be fun, he immediately went to the address on the envelope.

Chapter 2: PabloDePablo's Plan[edit]

Chapter 3: The Plan Backfires[edit]