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Despite it's name, "A Really Fictional Movie is not a movie at all, but rather a fantasy game that takes place as a movie instead. The game has many fun mechanics, but its main quirk is a turn-based RPG system.


A new knight named "Playername" has arrived in Club Penguin with intentions of slaying a Box Dragon to impress his friends back home. However, not only has he arrived at the wrong place, but he has come in the middle of a war between the warlocks and the Pirates. The Pirate captain, Rockhopper, has taken Playername under his wing and they have a little adventure with the other crew mates.

After battling rogue gangs and Mage mercenaries, they finally arrive at an island where treasure is buried. However, they encounter a giant squid and must fight it off to claim their reward. The squid gets slaughtered, and Rockhopper gives Playername an opportunity to go up against the warlocks, and he accepts.

At about this time, the first intermission happens. Playername gets a few refreshments and Rockhopper compliments how he did. When asking one of the mercenaries where the warlock leader is, he replies that he's practicing his powers in secret. As such, the warlock leader stil, cannot be seen yet.

On his way to the warlock lair, Playername stops by at an inn, however seeing his pirate allies, most of the visitors run away, but in their scurry, the bard Fooly has stolen Rockhopper's new treasure as a prank, and they don't know about it. The inn gets attacked by mercenaries and Fooly teaches the player to block attacks, breaking the fourth wall. After discovering a gold coin falling out of Fooly's pocket and chasing him to the top floor of the place, the bard has no choice but to fight back. However, Fooly uses attacks that can be easily blocked and dodged, due to all of them being based on rhythm. This corresponds with the ability he has taught the player. The fight is fairly easy because Fooly thinks that the brawl is just a joke. After being proven wrong, they receive the treasure from the bard and directions through a forest to the warlocks' lair. From this point onwards, Fooly appears in the background of most battles, playing a random instrument, as if he were playing the actual battle music you hear with the exception of the Folly battle in which he is hiding behind a rock.

The gang heads over to the forest, encountering Wild puffles, pengies, and a few mercenaries. In the middle, they meet Nat the ranger. Automatically seeing Playname as a threat, she attacks. After being defeated once, a full moon shines over her, transforming her into a berserker wolf and starting the second phase of the fight. After she's neutralized once again, she gets up one final time after Playername and the Pirates have walked past her, but Fooly calms her with music. Reaching the end of the forest, they encounter the warlock leader's right hand woman, the expert Mage Folly! She bribes Playername with a map leading to where he was supposed to kill the box dragon, but he refuses and starts a battle with her. Folly is considerably tougher than her brother and is able to take quite a beating before finally going down. She tries to give a map to a mercenary that will transport it to the leader, but a yellow puffle snatches it and sends Playername on a goose chase.

The second intermission occurs. Now Fooly, Nat, and Folly can be talked to. Folly states that the movie is starting to go off-script. While she most likely refers to the puffle during this statement, as it can't be found on the set, she may also mean Nat becoming a wolf or even Playername refusing the map.

When the movie resumes again, the yellow puffle has escaped to Mount Tallest, which Playername must gird a way to climb up alone. He has to venture through the wilderness again to find the nearest lab. Along the way, he must fight robot puffle drones. Playername soon gets the idea that he can track the robot drone's source to take him to where they came from, which has to be a place specializing in technology. He tracks the robots, and eventually comes across Amigopen's lab. The cause behind the drones was that Amigo had recently defected to the warlocks and built the robots to get rid of Playername. The talented knight defeats Amigopen and his sentries, but this victory is short-lived as Amigo's doomsday invention Cyclopbot has gone haywire due to an unknown cause. Amigopen fights alongside Playername to deactivate it.

Amigopen lends Playername a jetpack and gets to work on fixing his new pile of one-eyed rubble. The knight flies to the top, but the puffle is already gone. As Playername silently swears to himself, he notices a written note left behind, but it's incomprehensible. He returns to the pirate gang at sea level to report his findings and one of the cabin boys says that a friend of his who knows how to translate the writing can be found at a nearby casino. Playername goes to the casino, but the owner will only let him know where this person is if he wins 1,000 chips. The player must then go through a series of minigames Warioware style until he earns the desired amount. The owner then admits that the person he's looking for used to be a huge gambler, but died when he fell into a slot machine. At the mention of this story, one of the slot machines suddenly becomes sentient with mean eyes and sharp teeth to boot and attacks Playername.

The machine (dubbed "Slotso") dies and Playername fishes a bag out of the rubble that has items and a translation key. Playername reads the letter himself and this is what he finds:

"Entry Seventeen: I cannot believe it! A prop of this authenticity is the final thing I need to revive the stage! I'll bring true entertainment back to the Penguins and destroy that awful mall! I remember all the good times I had, making small appearances now and them. Every penguin would look for me and me alone! I was the shining star! All these memories are starting to make me cry... BUT NO MORE! I SHALL RELIVE THEM SOON, AND NOTHING WILL STAND IN MY WAY! NOTHING!!!! MY LIFE WILL FINALLY BE COMPLETE AGAIN!!! Signed, the yellow puffle of the Stage, Tiris."

Tiris, the yellow puffle's plot revealed, Playername heads to the dump as quick as he can with his pirate allies. The knight enters alone, but he's a bit early, as Tiris spots him and flees behind a door. He uses for other doors that signify four major bosses in the game to lock his own, forcing Playername to refight them. He takes down carbon copies of the Giant Squid, Cyclopbot, Slotso, and strangely, a rematch with both Fooly and Folly is also implemented. Something worth nothing is that the background is set up to look like the original background that appeared when the player fought them, but they're hilariously fake, as they are only stage props.

Playername unlockes the fifth door and encounters Tiris once more in what used to be the area of the stage where penguins watched and preformed plays. Tiris, refusing to allow his dreams to be crushed, engages in battle with Playername. Tiris is the hardest boss fought up to his point and will cause you more than your fair share of game overs if you're not prepared for a brutal fight.

After badly wounding Tiris (but not killing him), every supporting character you've met throughout the game appears. Amigopen frantically tells Playername that a hurricane is heading their way and they need to wrap up the movie. Just then, somebody got the intercoms to work again, and a booming voice is heard, accusing the characters of "stealing the spotlight." He then comes down, the almighty warlock leader revealed to be...

Mr Cow2???

Mr Cow2 snatches the map from Tiris and bribes him just like Folly did, but with a twist. He tells Playername to turn around and attack Rockhopper. He now has a choice to either fight Mr Cow2 or Rockhopper. However, it is recommended that the player ignores Mr Cow2's offer and fight him instead, as this leads to the canonical ending and Rockhopper's attacks are extremely hard to dodge and do heavy damage, plus a variety of other factors.

Tiris will set up the stage props to look like a thunderstorm or a pirate cruise, depending on who you chose to fight. Rockhopper will use his attacks from when he was your ally, but Mr Cow2's so called "powers" are just various items like soaking you and throwing a plug, electrocuting the player and combining a lit match and an electric fan to create a "fire spell."

As either battle wraps up, the hurricane mentioned earlier will crash through the walls of the stage. Depending on who you're fighting, the hurricane will either be channeled to you, or the air will fill with the noxious fumes of stinky cheese. Either way, Folly will lend you her magic rod (if you're fighting Mr Cow2, he'll exclaim she's a traitor) and the fight ends by channeling the boss's attacks back at them, and sending them into the whirlwind.

The game now finally ends here. If Playername killed Rockhopper, Mr Cow2 actually gives him the map, and Playername continues on his journey to the dragon. However, it is implied that he never made it to his destination. If Playername defeats Mr Cow2, Rockhopper congratulates him, but then notes that the map was destroyed when Mr Cow2 was tossed into the sea. Playername decides to go back home, having a much greater story to tell.

In both endings, the stage gets ripped apart by the Hurricane, but Tiris is shown to be alive and well in the credits.


In 2016, the game got a DLC.

Playername learns that after he sent Mr Cow2 out into the ocean via hurricane, he fell through a box portal and was captured by box Knights. The brown Warlock leader has a lot to answer for, so he goes to the box dimension to get him back.

He now enters a whole new world called the Box Dimension. All the enemies are box Knights and all items Playername has with him and get will be turned into boxes, but still have the same effect because the item is merely in a box.

At the end of the Box Dimension, the elite Knights attack Playername in a mini-boss fight but fail. Then, they summon the Box Dragon, Playername's real objective. The Box Dragon is easily the hardest enemy Playername will ever fight, even trumping the main story's final boss(es). Slay the box dragon, and you win. In the ending, Playername tries to interrogate Mr Cow2, but they both forget their lines. The director (Aunt Arctic) intervenes says that they need to cut that scene out of the film and that the real ending will be good enough as it is, revealing that this DLC is a cut scene from the movie.


To be Written


  • It has been confirmed that Slotso was either cursed by Mr Cow2 or possessed by the gambler that fell in it. Which one is the truth has been up for debate. LOTS of debate.
  • During the battle with Fooly, he has a chance to play a piece of the main theme of Penguin Fortress 2, the not-so-famous Instrosic theme from Seige on Puffleville, or, when accompanied by Folly in the stage, the PuffleScratch theme song melody. All of these are also made by the creator of this article in a shameless self-promotion and 2 of them are other video games.
  • While inside the inn, you can find various newspapers flipped to the "comics" section. Looking at any of these will show a random boss battle taking place in PAPER FANON (game).
  • When asked about the Warlocks, Fooly will suggest that their lair is "I dunno, somewhere in Tapa Tundra maybe?" This is another reference to PAPER FANON.