A Sparrow

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A Sparrow
Sparrow, Sparrow, clumsy as you may be...watch out for that WATCH OUT FOR THAT...window...
Born Henry "Sparrow" Woopee
December 20, 1999 (1999-12-20) (age 19)
His igloo
Residence His igloo
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctican
Other names Sparrow
Education At university
Occupation Bumping into windows and walls
Years active Since he was the age of 7
Notable works Some cracks he made in several walls and windows
Home town Snowville
Known for Constantly bumping into windows and walls all the time
Title Window And Wall Bumper
Awards A little piece of unbreakable glass he bumped in (and then broke!).
He seems annoying, but actually isn't.

A Sparrow (real name Henry Woopee) is an Antarctican penguin who is famous in his hometown for bumping into every single window he can see. He usually bumps into windows, but whenever he goes into his absent-minded mode he also bumps into walls, tables, bookcases, or just about anything in his path.

Early Life[edit]

A Sparrow was born in 1999, four days before Christmas Eve in his hometown. Much to the delight of his parents, he learned to write in 3 days, and sent his first (very messy) letter to Santa Claus on 14.06 PM via Penguin Mail's express jetpack delivery. He received a DIY kit to make a working model areoplane, a popular piece of children's literature (added in by his parents) and a toy car. His parents began thinking he was a very special chick, as he managed to make the areoplane under three hours, with no help.

At the age of 6, he attended primary school, but was bullied for his ability to be a fast learner. One day, when he was 7, he saw two of his friends in a café, an orange and a purple penguin, and waddled over to them. However, not being able to notice the window, he crashed into glass for the first time. The orange penguin, whose father went to a distant land with humans inhabiting it and told him the tales of his encounters with strange animals, said "Heh, just like a sparrow.", which his friend replied "Like a what?". From then on, he was nicknamed "a sparrow".

Oh, look! It's A Sparrow and his road to fame!

That was only the beginning of it all. Soon after that, he tried to get into his primary school via the closed window, which he bumped in. He wanted to get inside a car via the windscreen, and bumped there (much to the annoyance to the driver) too. He once saw a large sculpture made of unbreakable glass, and bumped into that too. He even bumped into an ancient glass model of a puffle, which luckily didn't shatter into thousands of puffle-shaped pieces (which is what the legend says - a penguin will bump the model and it will shatter into thousands of puffle-shaped pieces). After the tenth incident (when he bumped into a glass jar-maker's glass jars, to the frustration of the poor workman), he made a journal recording his incidents of bumping into glass.

However, he was a very clever chick and entered high school at the age of 14½. However, by this age, he could smack into windows hard enough to actually crack them. The first time this happened was when he was entering a coffee shop through the multiplex-glass window, which surprisingly cracked. Soon, he became a nuisance to café-keepers, shop-keepers that tend to use glass a lot, glass manufactorers, car drivers (thankfully not taxi drivers) and penguins who like keeping glass in their igloos.

Current Life[edit]

At the age of 16, he graduated from high school and entered university. He is now currently taking his first exams, and still lives in his childhood igloo. His parents, having trouble to be on the uptake, still thinks he is a special chick and have no idea of the trouble he causes to glass-lovers. He has taken an interest in Casterpenguin's The Wonderful Exploits of Hashtag, and he is currently on a quest for get all the albums. He is currently developing an interest for the violoncello, and has music lessons every Thursday.


After graduating from university with an B+ at the age of 20, he will earn a part-time job as a waiter in a hotel. Surprisingly, he will be able to bump into windows less, but he will still bump into them, and will get fired for spilling coffee over an important penguin. He will soon manage to become a musician, but will end up having to play in streets due to his constant bumping-into-windows habit. However, one day he will finally overcome his old habit and will be a wealthy, well-known player of the violoncello, and will have 3 chicks named Billy "Robin" Woopee, Jennie "Flyingfish" Woopee and Alice "Rabbit" Woopee. However, he will still bump into windows countlessly and will live up to the ripe old age of 99.


  • This article was inspired by the CP comic "The Window".
  • His best friend & penfriend is Rockthemic.
  • He's the Antarctican version of George of the Jungle.