A State Journey across Antarctica

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A state journey across Antarctica describes the tale of the newly coronated Caesar/Emperor of Nexon, Vince on his first state visit across the whole Antarctica to "persuade" other countries to recognize Nexon's sovereignty.

Pack up my bags[edit]

It was a normal morning at Nexon's newly built Imperial Palace. Caesar/Emperor Vince was eating breakfast. When he picked up the papers and read it, he spilled his coffee.


The Imperial Butler, shocked by Vince's sudden yelling, came to the dining room to check his caesar.

Butler: What is it your Imperial Majesty?


Butler:WOAH WOAH WOAH! Calm down my caesar. You could give a state visit to the countries that don't recognize our sovereignty.

Vince: Oh yeah. I get to work and relax at the same time. Smithers, tell the maids to pack up my clothes and the boys to prepare my limousine and business jet.

Butler: Yes, your imperial majesty.

A few minutes later, Vince went into his limousine and the chauffeur to the luxurious new airport (to compete with the Lhangi International Airport). As the limousine drove through the streets, many patriotic Nexonans waved their national flag. Soon the car arrived at the airport. The chaffeur drove the limo into the vast plane's parking garage. Then the plane arrived at Margate after 45 minutes.

Vince: Sovereignty and hot babes, here I come.

Margate Tour[edit]

The night before the big day[edit]

When the vast airplane landed at Margate's international airport, 2 squads of soldiers armed with rifles arrived and surrounded the plane. Vince, being casual, walked out of the plane and out of the airport's gate without a worry. Vince took out his phone.

Vince: Patrick! Get my driver at Margate to fetch me at the airport with my sports car.

A few minutes later, a Ligurian sports car arrived with a man in black sunglasses driving it. Vince got into the passenger seat.

Vince: Drive me to my HQ at Margate.

The driver obeyed and drove the car to the HQ-a joint owned mansion by the Board of the International Syndicate. Vince went to his room, took a shower and put his imperial crown down, settling for his normal attire. His identity had changed from the Emperor of Nexon to the boss of all bosses-the chairman of a joint network of criminal organizations-the Syndicate's chairman.

Vince: Servant. Let me see today's news.

A servant of the house took the papers and gave it to Vince.


Suddenly an idea popped out of his mind.

" What if I make peace with Shops Island as well. Then I will go to Zhou and North Joseon to get support. And I have to take care of a mob boss back in Double Sicilia. Then I will visit the USA so that relations will be good (if they forgive me for stealing their Universal Protection documents that is). "

After that, Vince's anger subsided and went to one of Margate's most prestigious nightclub-the Lake of Swans.

Bouncer: Hey you are the biggest mob boss in [[Antarctica]! Do come in.

Vince glared at the bouncer, with the intention of letting the bouncer know that Vince "isn't" a mob boss.

Vince: No I am not.

With that, Vince went into the nightclub. He flirted with the waitresses and hot girls on the dance floor. In the end, Vince walked out of the nightclub with 5 girls. He took them to his mansion and they relaxed in a hot tub.

Talk at the Presidential Palace of Margate[edit]

The next day, Vince changed his attire and went to the Presidential Palace of Margate to meet the president and Prime Minister-Tony Nat and Long Lee.

Vince: Why can't you recognize Nexon's sovereignty ?

Tony Nat: You took Nexon for yourself by unlawful means - invasion.

Vince: So did you when you took over Nexon for a few days.

Long Lee: Our military is legitimate. Besides, it was part of the Rock Union, and its government did allow us to take the nation over. You'res are just an army of 60,000 mercenaries !

Vince: How about I cancel your debts.

Tony: We have debts ?

Long: Unfortunately, yes. My father have been covering it up since the existence of this country. Somehow, faking zero debts made this country prosperous. This is Margate's biggest cover-up. 95% of out GDP are debts.

Vince: Yeah? I could pay that.

Long: You won't live long for you have known our conspiracy.

Vince: Please yourself. I have 5 warships full of Artillery drones surrounding Margate. Try to deny my sovereignty and I will blast the whole archipelago to a pile of rubble. And release the cover-up.

Tony: What's in it for us?

Vince: First, I don't blast Margate with 5 days of non-stop missiles shower! Next, I will take care your debts.

Long: We owe 300,000,000,000 Pebbles ! Nobody can pay for it. Not even the head of the largest mafia in the world.

Vince: Who said anything about paying money ?

With his dark arts, Vince made a large television appeared with " 300,000,000,000 " on the screen.

Vince: I have high connections and I fashioned out my trend of dark arts with the Fourth Wall and Sith powers. You may not know what's the Fourth Wall and Sith. It's not important anyway. I could do almost anything with my powers. Like canceling your debts.

300,000,000,000 decreased to 200,000,000,0000

Vince: And finally. I will give you technologies that produced energy without waste. All you need to do is sign the bill recognizing Nexon's sovereignty and you will get your deal. Ally?

Long: Fine. Ally.

Long Lee and Tony Nat signed the bill, recognizing Nexon's sovereignty. Then Vince turned the 200,000,000,000 on the computer to zero, symbolizing that Margate has no more debts, not even a cent. Then the partners shook hands.

Vince: And convince Shops Island to recognize our sovereignty and be friends with Nexon. We will share our loots in the future.

Long: Ok.

With the talk over, Vince packed his bags and went to his next destination-Double Sicilia.

Tour to Double Sicilia[edit]

After almost a day, Vince arrived at his birthplace again. He went to his front there-an olive oil store.

Front owner: Hello boss !

Vince: Hey there Lionel. How's business ?

Lionel: Good. We earned 10,000 Fish last week.

Vince: Alright. How much does the store have in the bank ?

Lionel: 560,000 Fish.

Vince: Buy a ship. Start exporting the olive oil to Liguria and Castilla.

Lionel: Yes sir.

Vince: I'll need some men. Where are Rocco, Tommy and Salvatore ?

Lionel: They are out at Bella Napoli for lunch.

Vince: Thanks. By the way, here's 3,500 Fish. Give the employees a bonus. Tell them the boss just came here.

Lionel: Alright.

Vince: I'll need my revolver and 3 grenades. Give me 24 bullets.

Lionel handed Vince his weapons then he went away in a car to Bella Napoli.

Vince: Hey Rocco ! How's your wounds ?

Rocco: It healed. Why are you here boss ?

Vince: I am here to take care of Bugzy.

Tommy: Seriously ?

Vince: Yes. Did you bring out your weapons ?

Rocco: Each of us brought our revolver. We have an AK47 at the trunk of the car and 2 shotguns as well.

Vince: Alright, let's go to his casino.

Vince and his men drive their cars to Bugzymo, along the rural countryside. 35 minutes later, the gang arrived at the casino at Bugzymo. They went in with their weapons locked and loaded. Salvatore started to play poker with a newly-made UPM member while the rest of the gang played roulette or drank Cream Soda at the bar. Soon Salvatore began to win and in the end, he won 350,000 Fishes from the UPM made man.


Unsurprisingly, the guards took out their baton and confronted Salvatore. To rescue his mate, Vince took out his hand grenade.

Vince:Stand back ! Let us go with the cash or else I'll blow this casino sky high !

With that, the Mafiosis took out their pistols while Tommy and Rocco took out their lupara shotguns. Salvatore got into a boxing stance. After a long silence, one of the Mafiosi tackled Vince. In order to prevent killing his men, Vince took hold the grenade.

Tommy:DIE !

Tommy shot the Mafiosi with his lupara. Before dying, the Mafiosi took the grenade out of Vince's hand and throw it at Rocco.

Tommy:Look out !

Rocco saw the grenade just in time and kicked it midair to prevent it from landing. Because of that, the grenade exploded just exactly 2 seconds after Rocco kicked it, knocking everyone off the ground. Vince pulled Salvatore behind one of the blackjack tables and took out his revolver and started shooting at the guards, who took cover behind the roulette table and returned fire.

Meanwhile, on the highest floor of the casino, ClockWerk, a high ranking member of the UPM, was sleeping in his suite after partying too hard last night. The gun shots and explosions soon awakened him.

ClockWerk:What in the Multiverse ?

Taking a gun and a bulletproof vest, ClockWerk went down slowly to the gambling area, where the gun battle was happening. Once he out of the lift, Vince started shooting at him.

ClockWerk:Hey stop !

A bullet flew at him and he dodged it. Vince fired a few more shots and ClockWerk dodged them with some difficulty.

ClockWerk:Stop I say !

Salvatore, after taking one of the dead guards' pistol, shot ClockWerk in the stomach. He survived due to the bulletproof vest.

ClockWerk:Vince ! We could discuss business at Bugzy's palace tomorrow morning ! Ouch, that hurts...

ClockWerk slowly limped away, looking for first-aid kits while being assisted by the Mafiosis. Because of this, Vince and his goons went away as well.

Vince:Alright boys. I'm gonna buy some more M16s for us. We are staying at Bugzymo tonight.

The gang, being tired after the shootout, checked into a 5-star hotel in Bugzymo and get to rest.

The next day, Vince and his men woke up. He wore his three-tiered crown, as a symbol that he is divine and drove to Bugzy's palace for one of the most epic mob meeting in history.

UPM Guard:Halt ! Identify yourself.

Vince:The Leader of the International Syndicate and the Emperor of Nexon. The men behind me are my cronies. We are here for an arranged meeting with Bugzy.

UPM Guard:Alright. Get in, Your Majesty.

The gangsters and their leader/Caesar walked into the entrance. They walked through the corridor and saw lots of fancy artifacts displayed. Finally, they reached the throne room. Vince saw ClockWerk, with his stomach bandaged.

Vince:Hello Bugzy. We are here to divide Double Sicilia between us.

Bugzy:No ! You'd taken over all my territories, rackets and even freeze my bank accounts in USA.

Vince:Yeah because you are inactive. Anyway, Bugzymo will be yours and-

Bugzy:Enough. The whole island of Double Sicilia will be mine and all the gang territories in USA is yours.

Vince:You'd just sent some of your boys armed with AKs to do a drive-by at 5 of my fronts 2 weeks ago ! And some of my territories are claimed by your family. So you better call off your boys or divide Double Sicilia.

Bugzy:Neither am I doing, Vincenzo ! I controls the Duke of Double Sicilia. You don't want me to control Nexon as well, do ya ?

Vince, being angry enough, took one of the briefcase with M16s and smacked Bugzy in the face with it. He opened the case and took the M16s, passing it out to his men.

Vince:Come on guys ! We will annex Double Sicilia !

6 UPM guards appeared armed with their shotguns so Vince mowed them down. Bugzy, who was starting to heal from the injuries, took a gun and took Rocco as a hostage.

Bugzy:Fools ! Double Sicilia is a territory of Liguria. Now, leave Double Sicilia forever or ELSE I'll end his life.

It's a complicated situation for Vince. He'd been trained to crack safes, create bombs and burn down some defense or another. With his Sith powers, he used the Force to force choke Bugzy and shove him aside. After that, Darth Vincenzo struck Bugzy with lightning. RED lightning.


When Bugzy is nearly dead, Vince took out his rare black keysaber-more commonly known as a Deathsaber, with the intention of finishing the pWN master once and for all. With that, ClockWerk took one of the pistols and shot Vince.


Vince:Argh ! Just joking mate, I am a divine being !

With his attention focused on ClockWerk, Vince, using the force again, blasted ClockWerk through the palace's walls. When that's done, Vince took out one of his numerous weaponry-in this case a portable missile launcher-those used by his feared Artillery Drones. He fired 4 missiles at ClockWerk. Without time to make sure he's dead, Vince turned his attention on Bugzy, now holding a Minigun firing at Rocco, Salvatore and Tommy.

Vince:DIE !

Vince fired a missile at Bugzy, knocking him off. His men and himself ran out of the streets to take over some territories and wreck havoc...


On his way to Nutzil, Vince caught the X-Virus. Fortunately no antibodies were produced. However, he became so sick that his travels were halted and he was sent back to Nexon for medical treatment. The Nexonans became sort of disappointed, but rejoiced when Crabian Peninsula was colonized on 19th September 2013.