A Typical Day for the Flippy Family

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A typical day for the Flippy family.
A simple task by the standards of these guys is probably going to lead to massive chaos.
Prerequisites The existence of food industry in Club Penguin Island.
Level > 9000
Location Tutupie City, Club Penguin Island and South Pole City.
Rewards Well, who knows.

A typical day for the Flippy family or Simple is a completely ordinary story from the Flipplings series. However, as per usual, the Flipplings' standard of "Simple" is not very simple at all. But what could possibly go wrong for these guys on a typical day such as this? Stand back and read as chaos and hilarity ensues.

Chapter 14: Prolouge[edit]

The Flipplings, Fuzzle, Foolx, Foggy, Cooly, Blumerdoofy, WaddyRed, Justa, Rosie, Sci, Mag, Spi, Wezzeti, Hunter and Pancae were watching South Pole City being engulfed by fire along with Ashley and Robin.

Fooly: Well, I'll admit. It might have gotten a bit out of hand...

Ashley: Only a bit?! You have practically destroyed the capital of Antarctica!

Robin: We could go to jail for this!

Rosie: Nah. They somehow get away with things way larger than this all the time.

Pancae: I don't even get it.

Fooly: Still, how did we get to this?

Chapter 13: How they burned South Pole City[edit]


Rosie: OK, as the only truly sane character in this entire story, I believe we should land this spacecraft outisde of Club Penguin.

Folly: She does have a good point! We're never going to get away from it if we land there, not to mention there would not be enough time to land it safely.

Foolx: WELL WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!? The only one who knows how to fly any aerial transportation mechanism here is Fooly, and he's an idiot!

Fooly: You do have a point there.

Fooey: Guys, we need to go faster. It's catching up to us.

Ashley: Just go into Ludicrous Speed!

Foomy: That's too dangerous! We're almost out of fuel, not to mention that the cargo will not resist the speeds!

Robin: We have no choice!


As Foddy promptly hit the switch, the spacecraft was able to boost right towards South Pole City, until the cargo of the S.S. Falcon finally got set off. About to explode, everyone in the spacecraft abandoned the ship with parachutes, just before it exploded, its flaming derbis spread around South Pole City. The monster, however, got spooked by the fire, finally getting rid of its meanace.

Fooey: Geez, how did we get to this?

Chapter 12: How they got the S.S. Falcon to work[edit]


Sci: So... do we have any mechanics?

Foolx and Folly both raised their hands.

Sci: Any good mechanics?

Foolx put his hand down.

Mag: Oh, come on, Folly. You may be good with machines, but there's no way you could possibly fix something this broken...

Folly: But I do know who to call.

Taking the piece of paper from the pockets of Fobby's new dress, she used her phone to dail the number written on it.

Folly: Hey, Lightly! Remember that favour you owe us? Welp, it's already time to claim it.

Lightly: Alright! I'll be there in just a sec!

Using the box portal that was stored carefully in Fooly's hammerspace, Lightly arrived quickly with her tools.

Lightly: Well, ain't this a big mess. However, I can get this fixed up in a jiffy! Luckily, I still have the spare motor from last time. Folly, Foolx, I might need a helpin' flipper over here. Let's fix this!

Lightly: That should do it! Good as new!

The S.S. Falcon indeed looked good as new. And it was properly working now, too. Everyone was working hard to load the cargo into the ship as soon as possible, so that the monster wouldn't catch up to them.

Foggy: Hey, Lightly, why don't you follow us? We could use someone like you in this adventure.

Lightly: Nope, sorry. I gotta get back on working in my project. How did you guys mess up this ship this badly anyways?

Foddy: Huh. How did we mess it up?

Chapter 11: How they messed up the S.S. Falcon[edit]


Justa: I like being included on this trip and all, but maybe we should not take this mysterious spacecraft to transport these speed-activated blocks of dynamite.

Cooly: But my super swagness cannot be stopped by that ridockioulous monstah, brah. And, as we saw, it's weak to faiyah, yo!

Fuzzle: Stop that. It is annoying.

Wezzeti: Let's just do it.

As they loaded the dynamite blocks into the S.S. Falcon, one of the monster's Ghost Lights fell from the sky, crashing down and leaving a giant hole in the S.S. Falcon, completely ruining the motor.

Pancae: Well that's just our luck.

Robin and Ashley came in.

Ashley: Alright, we figured out how to turn on the S.S. Falco- holy crap what happened to it?!

Robin: This is bad. Very, very bad. You won't be able to fly it this way.

Rosie: Well, obviously.

Foopy: W-w-what. I'm surprised that we even got this spacecraft.

Chapter 10: How they got the S.S. Falcon[edit]


The entire team stood in front of a massive ship

Fuzzle: HOLY COW! Is that what I think it is?

Ashley: What do you think it is?

Fuzzle: Lunch!

Robin: Then it is not what you think it is.

Rosie: Then what is it?

Spi: Oh! Oh! I think that this is the legendary S.S. Falcon!! It's a cargo ship that is able to fly at ridiculous speeds and it can take temperatures up to 9000 degrees!

Fooly: Is it just the Whackhammer kind of legendary?

Spi: No, this is actually legendary!

Foddy: Oh, this is great! Maybe we can transport the dynamite in it!

Folly: But don't they blow up with speed?!

Foggy: But that's exactly what we're trying to do here!

Ashley: This might be our only chance to defeat it, though! We must be really really cautious!

Robin: Me and Ashley will be over there, reading the manual. Load the dynamite into the ship! It's our only hope.

Folly: I have a really bad feeling about this. Our circumstances of finding it make it even more suspicious, to be honest!

Chapter 9: How they fixed Lightly's robot[edit]