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Abby playing with her puffles Giggles (pink) and Fuzzy (blue)
Title Abigail Julie Newsman née Puffley
Gender Female
Race Purple
Faction Pet shop staff
Health Excellent
Level 66
Status Alive
Location Club Penguin Island
Birth date May 24, 1991 (1991-05-24) (age 28)
Occupation Pet Shop employee
Eye color Brown
Hair color Dark blonde.
Catchphrase "Hey there u little cute puffles."
Interests Puffles, animals, parties, hanging out with her friends.
Favourite color Purple and pink.
Fears Spiders, tunnels.
Friends Ethan, Angie Hills, Bree, PH, puffles, other pet shop employees, Rookie, Archie Newsman.
Enemies Herbert, Klutzy, Vassie, Klutzette, Belle.
Archetype Good

Abby is a young purple penguin that loves animals and is often called Puffle Lover. She is a total party animal and she looves animals.


Abigail Julie Puffley was born in May 24 1991, and had no inspirations as a chick, but she immediately had an interest in animals after she watched an documentary on kittens. Her parents saw that Abby was so happy about kittens so they adopted an adorable kitten for Abby. She called her kitten 'Fluffy' but sadly a few years later her cat died.

During her years at her new high school, since her family was moved from South Pole city to Club penguin island, she was very depressed because she didn't have any friends the first day.Luckily, she soon made friends with Ethan, they were very close because they both love to party and their deep love for animals. That same day, she made friends with Bree and Angie, she was soon the third most popular girl at school, despite her love for animals.

She dated many boys at her school (including Ethan), but none of them were her type until she met a guy her type. His name was '"Archie Newsman"', luckily he wasn't any of the previous guys she dated, Archie asked her out as his prom date, Abby happily accepts it leading them to their first date. After she graduated high school, she started adopting 5 puffles and got a degree in Clubpenguin University. She graduated university and got a job as a Pet Shop employee, hence her deep love for puffles.

In November 2013, she was shocked and sad that the puffles were missing due to Operation: Puffle. She didn't worked at the Pet Shop because the puffles were missing and she landed in a job as a receptionist in the Puffle Hotel Lobby. When the puffles were returned safely, she quitted her job and went back as a Pet Shop employee. In December 2013, she peticipated in Coins For Change to help the world. She received many gifts for donating and describes it as one of the best Christmases she ever had.

2014 is one of her busiest years yet, she got married to Archie Newsman on April 5. Her last name was legally changed to "Newsman" when she was signing up a paper at the wedding. She spent most her weeks working in the Pet Shop since new puffles are coming out in the Puffle Party 2014. She was so excited saying that she'll adopt a blue collie dog puffle and a orange tabby cat puffle. During the party, she adopted the dog and cat puffle naming them Collie and Purrsha. She even tried out the Puffle Park with her puffles. On May 16 2014, something amazing happened. Abby had a chick in the Club Penguin Hospital and named her Charity.


  • Great at handling puffles
  • Expert on animals
  • Friendly
  • Rarely moody
  • Organising parties
  • Talented at internet slang
  • Really fast runner
  • Swift ninja
  • Most advanced player at Pufflelaunch, Pufflescape and Puffle Roundup.
  • Passion in fashion
  • Serious when needed


  • Doesn't know what to do when alone
  • Arachnaphobia (fear of spiders)
  • Coulrophobia (fear of clowns)
  • Pediophobia (fear of dolls)
  • Not good at being a agent
  • Claustrophobia (fear of small spaces, except for tunnels)
  • Cries very easily
  • Freaks out when she loses her diary.


Here is Abby's list of puffles that she owns.

  • Giggles- she is a pink puffle, she often exercises almost everyday and loves o-berries.
  • Fuzzie- he is a blue puffle that enjoys having a snowball fight with Abby and he loves getting cuddles from his owner.
  • Raven- she is a black puffle that loves to listen to dubstep music and is in a secret relationship with Dubstep puffle.
  • Propello- he is a green puffle that always loves to fly, and sometimes wakes up Abby during the night.
  • Inferna- she is a purple puffle that loves to dance, and she is named after the song 'Disco Inferno'.
  • Collie- he is a blue collie dog puffle that loves to play and mischievous. Sometimes, he barks during the night.
  • Purrsha- she is a orange tabby cat puffle that always loves to snuggle and she's very catlike.


  • "Hey there u cute little puffles."
  • "Party time! Woo!"
  • "Yeah, puffles are totes adorable!"
  • "OMG, this is so fabulous!"
  • (When her puffle wakes her up), "*groans* what is it? I'm trying 2 sleep, do u mind?"
  • (Someone asks her about Aunt Arctic), "Oh yeah, she has 5 puffles like me."
  • (Someone asks her about Gary), "Gary? Who's Gary?"
  • (Someone asks her Rookie), "Lol, Rookie is funny and such a sweet guy."
  • (Someone asks her about Cadence) "Cadence is so awesome!"
  • (Someone asks her about Meaghan), "Oh yeah, her music is awesome!"
  • (Someone asks her about PH) "Oh yeah, she is soooo cool!"
  • "Byee!"
  • "Aw darn it, I forgot my diary! *faceflippers*"
  • "*sniffs*, "My cat was one of the best pets I ever had."
  • "*groans*, I hate Tapestrea's music and herself, she totally hates Cadence!"
  • "Oh no, Ethan is not my boyfriend, he's just my best friend although I once dated him..."
  • "OMG, my diary is gone! *screams*"
  • "OMG, what if Becky bullies me? She is totally mean!"
  • "Meh, not really."
  • "Oh, I wouldn't mind getting married and having kids but I'll have to wait a couple of years."
  • "Lol, nice joke Rookie!"
  • "OMG, Penguin Direction are totally hot but Justin Beaver, yeesh!"
  • "I luv puffles and cats but I can't decide which one is better and cute!"


  • She loves animals.
  • She enjoys listening to Meaghan's songs very much and she even bought her CDs.
  • Her favourite animals are puffles.
  • She is very close friends to Puffle Handler.
  • She despises Herbert because he hates puffles in a bad way.
  • She is a total party animal.
  • Her favourite food are pancakes and o-berries.
  • She was the third most popular girl at her high school.
  • She's currently married to Archie.
  • She like Penguin Direction better than Justin Beaver because she finds their songs catchy and they're 'hot' in her opinion.
  • Her puffle Propello sometimes wakes her up during the night much to her annoyance.
  • Many penguins thought Ethan and Abby are a couple but Abby confirmed that they're just best friends.
  • She has a blog called 'Pufflelover'scuteanimalblog'.
  • It is rumoured that Dancing Penguin had a crush on her but it is proven false.
  • She often uses internet slang like Cadence.
  • She has a diary.
  • She freaks out when she looses her diary.
  • She likes pop music.
  • In her spare time, she listens to music or spends time with her puffles.
  • Abby became a mother when her Charity hatched on May 16 2014.

Physical Appearance[edit]

  • Hair: Light brown/blonde wavy hair with a yellow elastic around the head.
  • Colour: Purple.
  • Vest: Dark purple vest with a brown fur around the hood.
  • Top: Pink long sleeve shirt.
  • Eyes: The wide-awake eyelashes.
  • Shoes: Yellow flip-flops.

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