Abominable Snowpuffle

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What the Snowpuffle might look like
A snowpuffle's size compared to a penguin and a puffle.

The Abominable Snowpuffle (Moschomicrotherium Bigicus) is a breed of Puffle species that resides in the mountains of Club Penguin. They are bigger than Polar Bears and are said to be able to eat whole O-Berry bushes in one bite.


The Abominable Snowpuffle legend started when Senseis would tell their students about things that lived in the mountains. One of these things was a huge white Puffle that could easily bite trees in half and lived in relatively harsh conditions. What was once thought to be a myth has since been confirmed to be real.

Reports of huge, white puffles have increased, and some have even reported them near the Town. G was sure the first accounts were just Herbert and Klutzy, but newer reports are unconfirmed.

There are no images of living Snowpuffles but corpses have been found and analyzed, confirming their relation to ordinary Puffles.


  • Sensei claims he's seen one of these huge creatures.