Abrc 08

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Title Artro Bait Rascib Carbo (Abrc08)
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction Normal
Health Normal
Level 62
Status wandering around
Location Somewhere around Club Penguin

Abrc08 is an imaginative young penguin, who lives on Club Penguin Island. He has amnesia, something he acquired in fifth grade after he was hit in the head with a snowball. He also has an X Antibody, whose name is Abrc0X.


Abrc08 was a normal penguin until the fifth grade. His family got busy and Abrc08 turned into a wacko himself. One day in the Snow Forts, a penguin accidentally shot Abrc in the head with a snowball. Ever since that day, he's had amnesia of his past.


  • Rodster33 (Father)
  • Hershy Kish (Mother)
  • ZeManda 98 (Long Lost Sister)


Abrc08 has powers, but thanks to his amnesia, he forgot how to use them. (That really stinks, doesn't it?)

Ice-based Powers[edit]

  • Summons a sharp, icy hailstorm with hail in size of baseballs.
  • Expels a freezing gas that freezes anything it touches for a short time.

Fire-based Powers[edit]

  • A flame that comes out the ground on cue. Despite what one would think, it's not magma, it's magic.
  • Abrc08's secret weapon which is a thin, large gun and shoots laser flares that are very destructive.

Thunder-based Powers[edit]

  • A piercing thunder dome that pops when Abrc08 touches it. That "pop" really means detonate in full charge.

Voice-based Powers[edit]

  • Shattering cream scream that... "cuts the whole year making Sunday disappear" err, it happened already.
  • A faint volume wave that is very soft for Abrc08 but really loud for enemies. Abrc08 can't hear anything in the Starter Crash because his ears (Penguins have ears?!?) popped at the time he used that power. Other innocent penguins please stay back!
  • A hard flap that has powerful sounds and commands the wind to twirl!
  • A super "shout" that causes avalanches!
    • (This isn't really a power, per se. Consider that both penguins and puffles, such as TurtleShroom and Mabel, can scream loud enough- if angered -to invoke an avalanche without powers.)


  • Boardy
A kind black puffle adored by Abrc. He is always on a bad mood because of the ruined cake at his birthday party.
  • Blizzard
Blizzard looks really cute but he's really busy at his work. If he isn't working, he thinks he's wasting space. Even when he isn't busy, he tries to maintain an illusion that he is.


Family members[edit]

Special powers[edit]



ZeManda98: Hey there Abrc08!
Abrc08: Hi!
ZeManda98: I just got a letter that says... hmm? "Prank Mabel!"
-Mabel walks by-
Mabel: Hey I heard that!
Abrc08: Ready ZeManda98?
ZeManda98: Ready!
-both use Blizzard 101-
Mabel: Why you insolated cuckoo headed freaks!!! Yikes! You're going down!
-Mabel turns into ice-
Abrc08: That's for your own good four eyes!

Mabel: Hey weirdo!
-shows Flare Shooter-
Mabel: You don't scare me. FREAKO!
Abrc08: Yawn. Show me the meanest you could do!
Mabel: Okay freak.
-Mabel throws a sharp big needle at Abrc08's face but Abrc08 repels it using Winder Fields-
Mabel: OMG! Explorer help!!!!
-Abrc08 disguises like Explorer using Dasher Fit-
Explorer Disguise: Yeah?
Mabel: Abrc08's gonna... wait where's Abrc08?
-Abrc08 runs around Club Penguin really fast so Mabel can't see him-
Mabel: (facing back) Hmmmm? Explorer?!?
-Abrc08 scares Mabel-
Abrc08: Yaaaaaah!
Mabel: Yaaaaaah! Insolated cuckoo headed freak!!!!
-Abrc08 throws Mabel deep in the wilderness-

Abrc08: Plays wittle toesies.
Pet Shop Owner: SHUT UP!
-whacks with piece of metal-
Abrc08: Waaaaaaaah!
-Abrc08 knocks out the Pet Shop Owner with Avalanche Sonical Scream but another Mwa Mwa Penguin throws a nummy cake at him-
Abrc08: AACK! I TURNED INTO A MWA MWA PENGUIN! I'd better keep these clothes, though.
-Abrc08 walks out-