Absolute Thespian Islet

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Absolute Thespian Islet

The title card for the show.
Genre Reality series
Created by Charles Maniaca von Injoface

Absolute Thespian Islet was an unfathomably popular television program that ran for six months straight, achieving television ratings of 8 of 10, and praise from all walks of life (even Mabel, though it was because a relative hosted the show).

Consisting of fourteen unlucky campers and hosted by the evil, sadistic Charles Maniaca von Injoface (or Charles for short), the show documents the trials, terrors, relationships, and absolute DRAMA of everyone in their quest for over ten million coins. The show is aired on Charles' Key, an island north of the Lichenblossom Isles.

The event[edit]

Main article: Absolute Thespian Islet (story)


Absolute Thespian Islet runs on two basic steps.

As Charles puts it:
"We run these campers through terrifying challenges, dangerous and frightening experiences, all while documenting their relational turmoil at their expense! We then get to kick one of them off the show. It makes GREAT television. Oh, that reminds me, is my fur properly groomed? You've gotta look your best when you host a television series... of course, I already look great!"

1. The Challenge: The campers are sent through a challenge as teams, doing annoying, strange, and often dangerous requirements. The team that loses the event must head to an elimination process.

2. The Elimination: The elimination process has everyone head to a rather ritzy building of solid marble, called "Judgement Hall", in which the campers cast their ballots on who they want off their team. Charles will hand eack player who remains in the game a stuffed Mabel toy. The loser must exit Judgement Hall, walk to the "Pier of Humiliation", board the "Vessal of Defeat", and never come back, ever.

  • Throughout the show, all characters are routinely mocked and ridiculed by Charles, much to his delight.


In the show are fourteen campers, divided into two teams, all of which must suffer the trials handed out from Charles.

Name Gender Species Description/Personality Team Parody of...
Bob Male Jacko Extremely friendly, very caring, and a master cook. He adores his mother. Mullets of Doom D.J.
Christine Female Khanz Penguin A snooty, bossy ner-do-well with no respect for others, poor work ethic, one who expects everything to be done for her without thanks or kindness. She also slaps with fish... a LOT. Super Penguins Deluxe Heather
Randolph Male RocketSnail Rather annoying, sarcastic, and quite rude, he is usually reading when not competing. He criticizes his fellow teamates frequently. Super Penguins Deluxe Noah
Maxwell Male Piffle Odd, loud, and annoying, he has nasty habits of burping loudly (and not saying excuse me!) and sneezing without turning away. He is rather fat for his species and screams a lot. Charles stated "he's always ready for some sort of festivities.". Mullets of Doom Owen
Paula Female Ghost Insane, pure and simple. Paula tends to phase through walls and scare other campers, whether on her team or not. She is obbsessed with anything explosive (like Freaker Explorer) and wields a shovel, again, like Explorer. As a ghost, she can float above the ground and go through walls, giving her a marvelous advantage over other teamates in certain categories. She is wanted by the PSA (and later, the EPF) for "excessive comic mischief and stalking", but endlessly evades getting caught. Super Penguins Deluxe Izzy
Doris Male Northern Kanta Penguin A strange, fuzzy penguin (as his species is) with an even stranger name, Doris nonetheless carries a few assorted talents. During Club Penguin's Camp Penguin party, he and a group of friends excercised and performed various stunts which got them noticed and appluaded, as well as hurt. Doris has a go-to attitude and a strange voice, accenting his sentaces with "GOSH!" and other euphamisms. He sees his experience in Camp Penguin and other vacations as sufficient to place him on ATI. He was the butt of many jokes back at his school, and undoubtedly will be subject to more. Super Penguins Deluxe Harold
Wester Male Penguin The Rookie of Absolute Thespian Islet. He's dumb, annoying, and clutzy. He attempts to use slang, which humiliates himself and the others. Charles calls him "Most Likely to Fail" and has a special dislike of him, always partnering him with the worst characters. He picks his nose, and Eric bullys him and gives him wedgies. Mullets of Doom Ezekial
Eric Male Dark Penguin Eric has a criminal record seven pages long. Oddly, he takes pride in this, hoping to one day appear on the Top Ten PSA list. Examples of his crimes include: "littering, pie-ing the Mayor, tripping Will Whitefoot, tackling Professor Shroomsky, throwing water ballons at Explorer, sucking Captain Str00del into a vacuum, stealing canned goods from food drives, Gift Shop vandalism, graffiti, insulting Dorkugese robes (big insult in their nation), bullying, mockery, and using as much punctuation as Mabel". That was page one. He also attempts to flirt with female penguins, though this fails epically on every attempt. He signed a restraining order before joining the show's cast. Mullets of Doom Duncan
Veronica Female Dorkugese Penguin Submissive and extremely caring, Veronica maintains an optimistic form of teamwork and mutual trust in each other, even though the other campers are very divided and contrasting. She is also excessively nerdy, but that is a common Dorkugese trait. Super Penguins Deluxe Beth
Happyface414 Male Adelie Penguin The famous leader of the Happyface State had his signature forged by theh FluffyZ0iD and was cast on the show. Poor penguin. Personailty is on Main article. Mullets of Doom. One of a kind.
Taylor Male Green Puffle This highly superstitious and obbsessive puffle is a caring creature, though he places his obbsessive rituals over his fellow teammates. He has an overly large obbsession with the number ten (10), requiring him to do everything possible ten times. Pet him ten times, chew food ten times before swallowing, place ten items on any sort of challenge or sclupture. Charles loves giving him items involving the number nine merely to see him freak out. Mullets of Doom Trent
Kristen Male Emperor Penguin The handsome one. He is an Emperor Penguin with style, great hair & a shining smile. All the girls fall for him, especially his sleek, smooth feathers, which charms everyone completely (even some male penguins!) Nobody can not resist his charms on everyone, and some are even saying he's got better hair than Charles! Charles refuses to believe this. Super Penguins Deluxe Justin
Mundy Female Gothguin A character whose personality can not really be described in a simple table section. With traditional Gothguin features like glowing yellow eyes, robes, and what-not, Mundy may be one to dismiss. However, she is a very competitive character who certainly has her eyes on the prize. Super Penguins Deluxe Gwen
Natilie Female No Penguin A blonde female who holds little to no intelligence, this No Penguin lives up to her name, with little knowledge outside of only saying yes or no to a question. If anything else comes out of her mouth, expect it to be something very stupid or face palm-inducing. Mullets of Doom Lindsay


See Absolute Thespian Islet (story).


This is a horrible excuse for television! Crass and low-brow! I'll go back to watching Ballfall, thank you.
I find this show to be absolutely horrible. I'm sticking to Ford Car and Link.
It is interesting, yet HIGHLY RIDICULOUS.
This show is very funny and interesting. Don't listen to those people above.
Meh, I've seen better inside a cardboard box.
Watched it, hated it, never gonna see it.

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