Acadia Police Force

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Acadia Police Force (APF)
Name Acadia Police Force (APF)
Type Police Force
Location Acadia
Members 10,000
Headquarters Central Chinstrap

The Acadia Police Force(APF), formerly known as the Acadia Police Department, is the official law enforcement agency for Acadia. It's 5,000 officers are ranked one of the best in Antarctica, since crime is almost non existent in the city-state. In reality, there was never crime to start with, so most officers spend their time handing out tickets, and only deal with minor offenses.


The Acadia Police Force can trace its roots to the City Watch, a High Penguin Confederacy era protection force founded in the medieval times. It's job was mainly to apprehend pickpockets, thieves, and smugglers that plagued medieval cities. Historical documents describe Acadia as a safe city.

After Puffle'and invaded Acadia in 1610, they immediately set to making improvements. The Puffish government established proper training for the members, and the City Watch was directly recognized and funded by the government. In 1800, the City Watch was renamed the Acadia Police Department.

During the Colonial Antarctica War, the Police Department disbanded, due to some being a Revolutionist and others being a Loyalist. The Acadia Patriots, who had gained control of the island, installed a temporary police force to stop crime. Despite stopping crime, this police force also persecuted the remaining Loyalists on this island.

Finally, when the war ended in 2000, the military government on the island was replaced with a temporary council, until laws could be made. The council immediately founded the Acadia Police Force, which was unbiased. When President Greg Cleanington was elected first president, he made it the official law enforcement agency.


The official uniform of the APF is a navy blue shirt and navy blue pants. In addition to that, they wear a same color police hat. Due to Acadia's low crime levels, officers don't wear a bullet-proof vest a lot, except when they are patrolling in an area with a lot of penguins.

Like the CPPD, the APF's SWAT unit, called the Emergency Response Unit, wear a bullet-proof vest over the shirt and a navy blue raid jacket over the vest. Instead of a hat, they wear a helmet. They also wear boots.


The Acadia Police Force usually uses a sedan, as it is the best form of transport. The Highway Patrol Unit uses a motorcycle, but also a sedan. The APF also uses an SUV, while the ERU uses a SWAT truck to transport the team. There is also Sea Patrol Unit, which uses boats. When the CPF needs to scout above the city, they use helicopters.


In order to become a APF officer, penguins must attend the APF Police Academy. Before joining, there is a background check, to see if the penguin has a bad record. Most penguins pass this test. After passing the background check, the recruits will train for about six months about various things from laws to physical training. After passing, the graduate is then hired.

Recruitment Process[edit]


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