Acadian Special Forces

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Acadian Special Forces
Agency overview
Formed 2000
Jurisdiction Antarctica
Headquarters ASF Building, Acadia
Employees 5,000

The Acadian Special Forces, or ASF for short, is the Special Forces branch of the Acadian Defense Forces. It is the island nation's official intelligence agency. The ASF's job is to gather reconnaissance both inside and outside the nation, although the latter is more common.


The Acadian Special Forces was founded in 2000 as a branch of the Acadian Defense Forces. It was created to protect the young nation through espionage, reconnaissance, and secrecy. In The Great Space Race of 2013, it created the Technological Development Administration (TDA) to handle technology. During the Antarctic War on Terrorism, it spied on nations like North Joseon, East Pengolia, and Snowzerland, which found much informative that proved effective in fighting against the countries.


The uniform of the ASF differs from each unit of the agency. The ASF itself's agents wear a suit, as they are supposed to be undercover. The Emergency Response Unit (ERU), is much like the CPPD's SWAT uniform, since they wear navy blue pants, and light blue shirt, and navy blue coat, a bulletproof vest over the coat, and a helmet. Often, agents also wear outfits that help them blend in with the local populace.


The Acadian Special Forces uses many modes of transport. In hard to reach places, the ASF uses helicopters. In busy streets, they use motor scooters and motorcycles. They also use cars, one of their most common forms of transport. To get to foreign countries, they use airplanes. Often, when they are on an undercover mission, they uses taxis, cars, buses, and other civilian vehicles.