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This is a list of all the accents in the database. Please feel free to add more.


  • Almost all penguins are incapable of producing the "f" or "v" sounds; instead, they make similar sounds by blowing straight through their beaks (like a human would through his/her lips).
    • Puffles pronounce "f" and "v" as humans would: with the upper lip on the lower teeth.
  • Almost all penguins are incapable of producing the "th" sound; instead they substitute "f" or "v". (Ex. "Look at vat fing!")
    • Puffles pronounce "th" as humans would: with the tongue between the teeth.

Anatarctican Accent & Regional Variations[edit]

  • Typical Antarctica Accent: Pretty normal. Example: Hey. Want some pizza?
  • Kwiksilver's Accent: Kwiksilver tends to change the sounds of vowels and place more emphasis on his words. The Sapie Brothers call this an Australian Accent.
  • Da Leguslatshur Accent: A heavily slurred accent. Judge Xavier is a notable carrier.

Eastshieldian Accents[edit]

The Eastshieldian accent has two variations: plain and formal. Both accents sound very similar to the Antarctican Accent, but with a stiffer or duller tone. This tone is most pronounced in the Eastshieldian Formal Accent, which is quite monotone. Well-known carriers include Fred, Director Benny, and Herb.

A noticeable feature of this accent is that the consonants p, t, and k are all pronounced sharply, with a little puff of air. f, v, s, and z are somewhat hissed.

Trans-Antarctican Accents[edit]

  • Trans-Antarctican Accent: The Trans-Antarctican accent is exactly the same as what an "American" human would call a "Western" or a "Southern" accent.

  • Lantern Dialect: Nearly exclusive to GourdZoid, the Lantern Dialect is quite difficult to understand due to the different pronounciations of the consonants. Normally, Jackos carry it, but penguins, like Bolsheevic Penguinsky or Thunder Von Storm, can possess it as well. A noticeable feature of the accent is that s, f, and v are often pronounced as "z", and "w" as "v".
    • Examples:
      Oh, zorry, my lady. I've just a little vinded. May I take 'zee seat?

Peninsular Accent[edit]

The Peninsular accent is rather drawn out and elongated. Vowels are shifted into the back of the mouth and are especially slurred. This accent is difficult to comprehend, as the drawn-out vowels and slurring can get confusing.

Can ya turn the lights out already?
Pronunciation : Can yah tuhrn thuh loits owt alrehdee?
  • Slendar has this type of accent, but instead of saying ya, he says ye.
The Peninsular accent bears several resemblances to the Newjoyzy accent. Many linguists have considered merging the two.

Pengolian Accents[edit]

The Pengolian accent (West or East) is rough and harsh, and is noticeably similar to the Eastshieldian accent in that p, t, and k are often spat (though with more vigor). f, v, s, and z are also commonly hissed.


  • 'Yve got to be Kidding me.
  • THAT is just plain out RIDiculous.
  • No, seRIOUSly??

Sub-Antarctican Accents[edit]

  • Amery Island accents: They are not that much different from most typical accents in the Sub-Antarctic, but say words like king "keeng," and have a tendency to add "eh" to some sentences. Example: "Boy, the king sure is bad, eh?"
  • Club Penguin -- Club Penguin, being quite the melting pot, is home to many different accents, but the two most common are the typical Antarctican and the Euphorian Accents.
  • Rockhopper Island -- Like the pirate it is named after, the accent of this island sounds very olden and dates back to the 1600s. Words like you are pronounced 'ye' and there is a whole language to go with the tone.

Fill in!

NNEtanian Accents[edit]

In NNE, all people speak English very fast, so it is more or less difficult to understand any conversation. Words are often slurred and jumbled together, making speech very incomprehensible.

  • USA:I like the idea! Let's hope it works!
  • NNE:Ilike ta ideah letz hope itwoks!

Newjoyzy Accent[edit]

An accent that originated in Brooklyn. You tend to drag out your words and have a sharp tone in your voice if you have this accent. Words with IR, OR, AR or AU tend to become two syllables. Generally, words that make the "ERR" sound, the "AWE" sound, and the "ARR" sound become "OY" (as in "boy") or "AHH".

For instance, "boid" instead of bird, "woim" instead of worm, "sawse/sawce" instead of "sauce", "joyzy" instead of jersey, and the tendancy to drop the letter G from verbs (runnin', ballin'), and specific slang, particularly the contracting of words into informal shorthand ('outta, 'mighta).

Famous creatures with the Newjoyzy accent include Screwball86, Ranger, Amy, and Bugzy (which makes the Newjoyzy accent very PWNsome).


  • Ya know, I'm the foist to admit that maybe drivin everyone owt-ta town while neccesarily setting up shop, mighta taken a hit outta the business, SO.
  • Stupid boid!
  • Here's some meat covered in barbacue SAWCE!
  • What do I look like to you, GAH-BIGE?
  • I got a poisonal message... YOU'RE DEAD, PALLY... YA HEAR ME? YOU'RE LUNCHMEAT, JOIK!
  • Hit the bricks, pally, ya done!

Pallet Drawl[edit]

Isolated pockets of Eastshield also host one last, and possibly one of the most exotic, accents on the continent. The more rural the location, the more likely it is to be found.

It is called the Pallet Drawl and is most prominent in Mattress Village.

  • This accent is mostly recognized by dropping the letter "G" in words (goin', votin', wantin'), the sound "ER" ending up as "UH", "you" becoming "ya", and use of words such as "cain't" (can't) and "ain't" (am not/is not/are not), in addition to hyperbole and odd euphamisms. Alternately, "ING" can become "ANG" (thang), and "pretty" can become "purr-tee".
  • In this accent, entire syllables can be dropped or added when the speaker isn't careful. "Internet" becomes "Inner-net", "W" is "dubya", not "dub-uh-you", and "bank" becomes "BANG-kuh". "Liberals" becomes "Lib'rals", "listen" becomes "lissen", and "came" can easily be subsituted with "come" (he come on by here).
  • Other subsitutions are fusing "going to" into "'gonna" (or even "gone", "I'm gone go to the store), "want to" into "'wanna", and, in some of the oldest speakers, fusing the "A" in certain words into an "ER" sound ("vaniller" instead of "vanilla").
  • Some speakers will add "The" to proper nouns to seperate the location from the company ("I'm going to the GoodyMart, I use the Eureaka, I log onto the Beakbook and use the Chitter).
  • Other flaws include using words that do not exist, adding "yonder" to indicate a far-away place, "that there" instead of "the", and the use of the contraction "y'all" (you all). "Those" can also become "them" ("them no good liberals!").
  • Sentances are almost always shortened to their basic terms. Simple words are common in the Drawl, regardless of the scenario, and contractions always trump the full word.
  • "Of" can be contracted into the previous word. ("Kinds of" could become "kinds-uh" things.)
  • Creatures with accent generally speak with more emphasis and use interjections with excitement.

As one comedian put it, the Pallet Drawl calls for an immediate subtraction of IQ points.

In general, two forms of the accent are accepted:

  • Pure Pallet Drawl contains all of the sentance breaking, fusing, shattering, and linguistic flaws inherent to the accent.
  • Corrupted, also called Educated Pallet Drawl only contains the enunciation errors, like drawing out words and fusing syllables ("BANG-kuh, "INNER-net", "dubya"). Those with the corrupt version will use things like "goin'", "'gonna", "the proper noun", and assorted slang, but will not say something like "yonder", "a-walkin'", "ain't", ect., because the take concious effort to maintain their grammar.

On the bright side, those with the Drawl do come across as friendlier and more down-to-earth because of their simple speech.

English: "I am going to go to the well and get a bucket of water."
Pure Drawl: "I'm 'gonna go to that there well and fetch a bucket of water."
Corrupted Drawl: "'I'm goin' to the well to get a bucker of water."

English: "Let me look up that term on Eureaka for you. The Internet is extremely useful for these kind of things."
Pure Drawl: "Here, I'll look that term up on the Eureaka. The Inner-net's real useful for that sorta thing."
Corrupted Drawl: "Let me look up that term on the Eureaka for you. The Inner-net's extremely useful for these kinds-uh things."

English brain surgeon: "Okay. I am going to take this long rod and use it to probe around in your skull and see if we can find the tumor. This will not cause any pain or damage, because I'm a professional and no animal brain can actually feel pain."

Paitient: "Okay, I'm ready doc."

Corrupted Drawled brain surgeon: "Okay! I'm goin' to take this long rod and use it to probe your skull and see if we can't find that tumor. This won't cause any pain, because I'm a doctor and brains can't actually feel pain.

Paitient: "All right."

Pure Drawled brain surgeon: "All'ight! I'm gone take this here stick and put it in yer brain and start a-probin' yer head and see if we cain't find that knot. This won't hurt a bit and yer brain'll be fine; trust me, I'm a DOCTUH. Yer brain can't feel anyway."

Paitient: "No thanks. I'd rather die."

Unlike most accents, the Pallet Drawl can't be weakened by speech therapy. It can only be removed entirely, resulting in what some call the accentless "newscasters' accent". Those who possess the accent can force themselves to weaken their own accent, but no matter what they do, it will, repeat, will surface itself from time to time.

Notable carriers of the pure accent include Judge Shroo Jones, most of Mattress Village, Patricia, assorted farmers, and most of the creatures in Yoenah and Snellville. Older emmbers of TurtleShroom's Family carry the pure accent, but most of them have died. Extant bearers of the corrupt accent include XeXeXe, the Snellville Elder, TurtleShroom (penguin), and pretty much every member of TurtleShroom's Family except Tortuga and Shroo.

Free Republician Accents[edit]

The Free Republicans have no official accent either. Most speak with an American accent, some speak with an Australian accent, others a British one and select few speak with a German and French accent.

English: Hi! The weather's good, the water's calm and the waves are nice!

American Accent: What you would expect...

British Accent: Same as above...

Australian Accent: G'day, mate! Th' weather's fine, th' water's calm 'n th' waves are nice!

German Accent: Guten Morgen! Ze weathah's fihn, ze wartah's cahm und ze wehvz ahr nihs!

French Accent: Bonjour! Ze weazzah'z fain, ze wahter'z caahlm ahnd ze weahvs are nice!

Freezelandian Accent & Regional Variations[edit]

There is no "official" Freezelandian accent. However, the most common accent sounds a lot like a Newfoundland/Canadian Maritime accent, usually found in South Midland and in most of Snowbourne. The Mid and Northern Midlandian penguins sound like a cross between A Northern Irish and British accent. In Northfold, where Penguinian is primarily spoken, penguins usually have a Scandanavian or French accent when speaking English.

Standard English:

Hello out there, we're on the air, it's hockey night tonight!

Southern Snowbourne Accent:

Hullo out dere, wur on dee aerr, tis' hocky niyt taniyt!

Standard English:

It's summertime, the weather's fine, there's snow on the woods and fields!

Central/South Midland Accent:

Its summertyme, the wyther's fyne, thars snow oon tha wuds n feelds!

Nerd Accent[edit]

  • Most nerds possess a traditional English voice without any off-the-wall errors, though their voices are usually higher, squeakier, and more nassaly. The scream of a penguin holding this varient can be loud enough to damage chandeliers.
  • Carriers of this accent also tend to use sophisticated words, which confuse many a common penguin.

Lichenblossomese Accent & Variations[edit]

The Lichenblossomese accent is more rustic than a typical nerd accent and uses less intelligent phrases, which parallels its carriers' typically "un-nerdy" behavior. Carriers of the accent also tend to use contractions such as 'twill, 'twon't, and 'twas.

Lichenblossomese Arctic Tern Accent[edit]

Arctic terns that come from the Lichenblossom Isles area almost always carry this ridiculously comical accent, also known as "BallySpeak". The BallySpeak dialect consists of a heavy Cockney working class accent, plus the injection of a few words native only to the accent, creating a dialect to go along with the accent. After much tiresome research, top linguistics experts found a pattern in the placement of such words, that of which is detailed below:

  • The words "bally", "blinkin'", "flippin'", "bloomin'", etc. are used as adjectives, and are usually placed before nouns and, occasionally, verbs.
  • The phrase "jolly well" is placed before verbs.
  • Words and phrases are usually not repeated in the same sentence.
  • The phrase "wot wot" is placed at the end of most sentences, and the punctuation marks following the phrase is either a question mark or an exclamation mark. The phrase can also have just one "wot", and is occasionally used to bridge thoughts or phrases in sentences.

An exemplary carrier of this accent is none other than the Honorable, Illustrious Mayor McFlapp of Ternville, Avid Hat Collector and Structures Blown Up.

Maps Island accents[edit]

  • Maps Island's countries (DREM, CRWM) have the same accent of Northern English - they often say the first letter louder. In longer words, such as "television", the accent is on the third syllabe - "vi".

Finestadian English Accent[edit]

An accent that originated in FG. You say things slower, and you pronounce "th" as "d". You also tend to slur the end of a sentence and drop the letter G in present tense verbs.


  • Whaaat arrre yooo doooin' innn maaah hooowsuhhh?
    • What are you doing in my house?
  • Weeell I'mmm duhhh firrrst Annntaaartic mooonarch ooon Muuuhrs.
    • Well I'm the first Antarctic monarch on Mars.

Castillan Accent[edit]

Although the Castillans speak Spanish as their native language, those who do speak English have a Castillan accent that were heavily influenced from Spanish. Many Antarcticans find the Castillan Accent to be very romantic and attractive. For instance, they only pronounce their vowels ONLY in a ceartain way, as shown:

a: pronouced like "ah"

e: pronouced like the e in the word, "Hey"

i: pronounced like the double ee in the word, "Free"

o: pronounced like "Oh"

u: pronounced like the double oo in "food"

These pronounciations are ALWAYS used for the vowels, and vowel sounds NEVER change. Other notable characteristics of Castillan accents are:

  • Their h's are silent.
  • They pronounce their Z's like S's.
  • They roll their r's at the beginning of a word or if there is a double r. (rr)

From those who come from the Castillan Mainland, they might have a tendancy of pronouncing their S's and other letters taht sound like S's in normal english with a "th" sound. For example:

  • thity (city)
  • juith (juice)
  • plathe (place)

Castillans also have a tendency to mix Spanish words up into their English Vocabluary.

Ed English[edit]

Ed English is a variation of Antarctican English, sounding harsher and more guttural than its mainland cousin. Pronunciation and spelling are mostly the same, save for Ed Island's strange alphabet. Ed English differentiates itself by sharing many words and terms with the German language, owing to the country's ties with the German States

The accent of many Ed Islandians is known to be deep and commanding-sounding, with vowels being over-pronounced in some words.

Other Accents[edit]

  • Fake Tails6000's Accent: Fake Tails has an goofy accent, although he can speak some words in normal accent.
  • Southern Kanta - Penguin's Accent Southern Kanta Penguins speak in a mild Russian accent, mixed with a small bit of English.
  • Northern Kanta - Penguin's Accent Northern Kanta Penguins speak in a gruff, somewhat angry accent, and have been known to put emphasis on the end of their sentences.
  • Puffin - Puffins elongate their vowels and often speak slowly, deliberately, and calmly. (The only exceptions are when they are excited or angry.)
  • Amigopen's Accent: Amigopen sometimes speaks "r" and "w" replaced with an "l". He also says "ok" as "okeh".

Broken English[edit]

Creatures that did not learn English as their native language will, whether they speak fluently or brokenly, have a perpetual accent to it. Dropping "the" in words and sentences and putting emphasis on words that don't need it, as well as sentence fragments and simple answers, will plague this accent. "Well" will usually be replaced with "good", and don't expect advanced grammar rules to be followed ("can I" will always out-do "may I"). They may repeat themselves. Words they don't understand may result in substitution, and their original language can interrupt English for words they don't know.

"Thank you very much. Thank you."
"Where is nearest bathroom?"
"I know Mavv people because I am Mavv people."
"Yes, I do like it very much. Very much."
"I don't speak English very good."
"I not speak English."
"I like it! It's very good!"
"It's better! MUCH BETTER!"
"I like sing. A lot."
"Those who don't filled immigrant paperwork should not be in country. Deport them for cheating."
"You want to play video game with me?"
"Ci, I'd love to join."
"I order the taco, plaease."
"We crush them!"

Explorer XII and Tortugadesetas carry this problem, as do many non-English Antarctican immigrants, and about ninety percent of all tech-support workers in Antarctica. When Maverick and the Finnipines made their transitions to English to foster trade, everyone developed this.


W00t is a barely known dialect branch of the Old English language, the native language of the Warmslates Free Republic. Some expressions from this language are still being used in the slang language in Warmslates. The language was noted as being used in what is now known as Freezeland in the late 1600s, then moved to the Warmslates, with a likely connection to the Castillan language before that. Currently, this language is used only in Warmslates. It is not to be confused with l33t; it is a nearly extinct dialect.

The dialect probably separated from the English language in the late 1600's. The language was popular only until the 21st century, when l33t became widespread. When the first immigrants arrived at the Warmslate islands, the dialect was revived for a short time, and most of the community started speaking it. Then, the w00t language changed to a slang language, and was mixed with Free Republic English, which is used in the Warmslate islands today.

Here are some expressions in the w00t language, translated to English.

  • Hallo! - Hello!
  • Bene Ado! - Good-Bye!
  • Gráttas - Thank-you
  • Watte time? - What's the time?
  • Soce! - Help!
  • Peddóne? - Excuse me?
  • Cadnas costas? - How many does it cost?

And some words:

  • cramolado - ice cream
  • chare - chair
  • masá - table
  • rompara - clothes
  • treá - tree
  • armáarido - wardrobe
  • cama - bed
  • odroa - computer
  • watara - water

Some of the words are the same as words in modern English, for example:

  • lesson
  • grass
  • egg (w00t pronounciation is "ehe")
  • book