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The deliquent himself
Born Unknown
Possibly somewhere in 1981
Gender Male
Nationality Many say Ligurian, or a citenzen of the USA, or both!
Ethnicity Emperor Penguin
Occupation Many crimes
Notable works graffiti, stealing junk food,
Home town some place in the United States of Antarctica

Ace is one of those penguins many just ask "why?". He is just as bad as Evil Pengy, or Wikipenguino X (well not quite), but still a bad penguin. He first started crimes at age 18, then convicted of many crimes, and robberies, but freed on bail by a friend of his. He has started his own music group called "The Gangreen Gang".


Not much is known about his past, but many chicks who were his friends during school days said that he was a pure bully, teasing others and even trying to physically confront them. When he was eleven, he stole his father's switch knife, and during one time, the bully was just standing where a basketball school game was happening, and he was down where the players were playing. As the ball started to bound to him, he grabbed the ball, got out his switch knife, and soon stabbed it, making it lose air. He soon was suspended. Of course, he was grounded, but stole money from many other students, and was basically, by many, a school thief. Interestingly, he still had a heart of his, since he had counseling.

He met the friend who to this day bails him on an internet joke website. He soon started teaching Ace some music lessons, and soon a record producer. Many hate him, while some like him, especially his girl fans since they want to be his girlfriend. Ace is still choosing. He still has some heart, such as helping puffles in the pet shop, despite hiring him, thinking he would cause trouble.


As a chick, he would bully others, and as aging, he was able to find spray cans, and cause graffiti. Sadly, he is a trickster, swift runner, and getaway robber (meaning he always got away).

The following are a list of crimes he has committed through various organizations and such. Both evil and good.

add more if you want!"

List of Friends and Haters[edit]


  • his internet friend - "'guys just let him be, I mean yeah, he has committed crimes, but that's him."
  • Swiss Ninja - "He was once a servant of mine, during a short time, even finding out my harem, feeding me and my ladies food!"
  • Austin8310 - "He is such a cool dude!"


(including their reasons)

  • Jake Lovesfish - "I tried to kick his butt since he was a bad guy, but he was too fast!"
  • Dara - "I swear I want to kill him! He has made a bad joke about killing Corai!"
  • Rogue Tvarkov - "From sabotaging our system to our vehicles, I want him dead!"
  • Penquino - "Let's say he ate all my eggnog. I will safely secure it next time he starts."
  • Dot - "'He ripped some of my clothing disguises!"
  • Slendar - "From lying to me for doing a prank, and blowing it, he is a lying jerk!"
  • Tails6000 - "Making fun of my friends, and saying an option, is not a choice, I WILL DEFEAT YOU!!!"
  • Railfan - "I hate this freaking lime trash!"
  • Cadence - "That dude should not be in the music industry!"

Affiliation with evil Groups[edit]

He is involved in many evil groups, such as The Evil Something, and the Str00del Force.

The Evil Something, well. For being evil of course! And the Str00del Force for pranking and such. Where is he now? We may never know.