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The Cool Guy Hangout of Achadia Achadia
Flag of Achadia
MottoLike Acadia, but BETTER!
Official languages English
Demonym Chad
 -  Supreme Leader Chad Thunderbeak
 -  Council of Cool Guys Melon Thunderbeak
 -  Establishment January 4, 2019 
 -  Opened February 10, 2019 
 -  2020 census 2,217 
Currency Chad Bucks (¢had)
Never to be confused with the scrub hangout of Acadia.

Achadia (pronunciation), officially known as The Cool Guy Hangout of Achadia, is a developing island nation ruled by Hockey Manlet. According to him, Achadia is his vision of "a perfect Acadia", and what would've been the eventual result if he had won the presidency.



Prior to becoming Achadia, the island was the private home of Theodore McKrill, an eccentric hermit. He saw much of himself in the star player of the Electric Shocktopi, Chad Thunderbeak; he had dreamed of becoming a hockey player when he was younger and was also the same height, and became his #1 fan. He later became the CEO of the McKrill Law Firm, and attempted to sponsor the Electric Shocktopi after hearing of Thunderbeak, although they always took sponsorships from larger corporations instead. As he grew older, he decided to give all his riches to Thunderbeak in the event of his death, including his private island, as he had no family or friends.

Near the end of 2018, McKrill passed away from disease. A week later on January 3rd, 2019, Hockey Manlet received a letter from the McKrill Law Firm, informing him that some rich guy who he had never heard of died and gave him all his stuff, including his private island home. Seeing this as a perfect opportunity to create what he had always wanted, and to troll Brant Esser, he moved into McKrill's former residence with his family the next day and began setting up Achadia. Achadia's existence was kept secret from the general population, although Hockey Manlet did tease that something big was going to happen soon on Chitter.


Hockey Manlet's first order of business was creating the Chadstitution, the supreme law of Achadia. After implementing all of his ideas for a Thunderbeak presidency of Acadia, he began researching Acadian legislation passed since the beginning of Brant's administration in order to add laws that he wouldn't like, or to do the opposite of Acadian laws. Next, he created and began printing Chad Bucks, with the intention of them having more value than the Acadian franc, not fully understanding that it wasn't up to him to decide.

During this time, Hockey Manlet had also ordered the construction of homes, and a hotel as the main priority so citizens could start moving in early. The hotel was completed on February 10th, and Hockey Manlet announced the grand opening of Achadia on Chitter afterwards. He also declared that anyone could stay at the hotel for free until July 1st while houses were being constructed, with it making revenue through vending machines and a special membership system that would give card holders special privileges at the hotel in the meantime.

Eager future residents soon began pouring in, mostly Hockey Manlet fans and Acadians dissatisfied with the Esser administration. Hockey Manlet also planned to campaign for the release of many of Acadia's political prisoners, including his prison buddies from the Achadia Crisis, offering them housing in Achadia. A heavy amount of tourists also flocked to Achadia, causing Hockey Manlet to hire Yoshi Eleventeen, a former Club Penguin tour guide, to train and lead a group of tour guides to show tourists around the island.

Unfortunately, several problems soon faced the fledgling nation. Achadia had been opened far too early; surprisingly, Hockey Manlet had actually underestimated the amount of people who would be interested in moving to Achadia, and the hotel quickly filled up with no space for more hopeful residents. In an attempt to solve this issue, "hotel camps" were created while the construction of a second hotel was rushed. Chad Bucks were in short supply, forcing the government to print a much larger quantity to meet the demand for currency conversion. Stores, including the CHAD THUNDERBEAK Official Merchandise Headquarters, had low stock as a result of the larger than expected population and tourism. Additionally, there was no public education system, forcing chicks to remain in school in their previous home country, although Hockey Manlet promised one would be ready by the beginning of the next school year. As if these problems weren't enough, Brant Esser ordered an Acadian blockade of Achadia on Valentine's Day, just four days after the country was officially opened, although it was quickly called off after the intervention of the Ed Island Navy.

The Shocktopus Parade[edit]

In June 2019, Brant announced that he did not plan to run for re-election later that year, prompting celebrations across Achadia. Wanting to make an official celebration, Hockey Manlet arranged for a large number of shocktopi to be imported to Achadia for "the Shocktopus Parade", in which the shocktopi would be lead around Achadia with food, and light up the beaches with their electricity.

The Shocktopus Parade was held on June 15th, a week after Brant's announcement. Everything went well for about a quarter of the parade, until the shocktopi lost interest in the food and started wandering off. The rest of the parade was abruptly cancelled shortly afterward, and shocktopus watches were sent to all of Achadia's beaches for the next few days. Their attempts to recapture the shocktopi failed, as they ended up being zapped by their electricity and fled back to shore.

As a result of the swarms of shocktopi, all of the beaches were closed due to the hazard posed to swimmers. In an attempt to distract Achadia's citizens from the disaster he had inadvertently caused, Hockey Manlet hastily organized an entirely different "Tubular Parade", referred to internally as "the Oops Parade" and "Hey Look A Distraction".


When Brant left office on January 15th, 2020, Hockey Manlet, no longer interested in continuing hostilities with Acadia now that Brant wasn't its leader, immediately began ceasing all of its policies that directly antagonized Acadia. Achadia also went through some other changes regarding things that, although they didn't directly affect Acadia, were put in place to annoy Brant, such as Achadia no longer being referred to as a communist nation. Hockey Manlet also considered pursuing relations with some of the members of the Western Union, which had previously been avoided to prevent any of Acadia's allies having leverage against Achadia, though he ultimately opted not to, just in case.

Unfortunately, Hockey Manlet hadn't given much thought to these making changes beforehand, and only considered easing tensions with Acadia at the very last minute. This left these changes to be enacted in the days leading up to and even after Adrian Croft's inauguration, and with many of the repercussions for Achadia itself left unconsidered. The most severe criminal offenses, which had previously been punished by deportation to Acadia, were now left with no set punishment. While these offenses had been rare, it was now left up to Hockey Manlet to decide punishments personally on a case-by-case basis for the time being. However, deportation to Acadia was left in place for anyone publicly supporting Acadia and suspected Acadian spies.

Achadia's waste management program was also dealt a crippling blow, as they had been sending all of their trash to Acadia for nearly a year. Although Hockey Manlet didn't want to continue doing this, he also didn't want to pollute Achadian soil with landfills, resulting in trash being loaded into large shipping containers and being left alone until he could think of a new disposal method. Although he considered dumping it into the ocean somewhere, he quickly changed his mind after being yelled at on Chitter over it. Another idea was to somehow acquire hyperspace technology and use complex calculations to fling the garbage into space where it would be sucked up by black holes, though the costs and technology necessary to pull this off made it unfeasible to even do this once, let alone long-term.


As a result of Hockey Manlet's inexperience in politics, the Achadian government is very simple and not very well organized. Ultimately, the final authority in the country is Hockey Manlet himself, and whatever he says goes. He is also advised by the Cool Guy Council, which isn't actually an official part of the government, but rather people close to him that he would take advice from, including his wife Melon and best friend OJ. This system was created partially because Hockey Manlet wanted total control over the nation, but mostly to avoid having to install a proper government system since he doesn't understand or care to learn about how it works.

During Brant's presidency of Acadia, Achadia was referred to as a communist nation, although it was only given this label by Hockey Manlet to troll Brant. Hockey Manlet didn't actually do anything to actually warrant this classification because he didn't really want to, preferring capitalism. Since Brant left office, Achadia has not been officially called communist in any capacity.


The supreme law of Achadia is the Chadstitution, an unorganized document containing most of Achadia's laws. Amendments to the Chadstitution may be made by Hockey Manlet at any time, but previously written contents cannot be changed. In the event of a contradiction, the most recently added law applies. Aside from the Chadstitution, Hockey Manlet has declared that "the cheeps are canon", which basically means that all of his Chitter posts also count as Achadian law when applicable, unless the Chadstitution contradicts them.

Rule of Cool[edit]

The term "illegal" is unused in Achadia, and anything Hockey Manlet chooses to outlaw is declared uncool instead. There are no prisons in Achadia, so crimes are punished in more creative ways. Extremely minor offenses are punished by being forced to wear a large orange costume on a street corner and holding a sign saying what they did for a day. Other offenses are punished by fines or community service in the orange groves. During Brant's presidency, the highest offenses were punished by being deported to Acadia, although there was no agreement with Acadia to do this, so prisoners would occasionally arrive by boat with no warning, annoying the Acadian government.

Unlike Acadia during Brant's presidency, Achadia has nearly unrestricted free speech, and residents unhappy with the government are actually encouraged to offer their criticism. Hockey Manlet has admitted that he has actually read and implemented several "tubular ideas" that he read while browsing Chitter. Despite this policy, pro-Acadia rhetoric is considered uncool and punished by deportation to Acadia, although because of the nature of Achadia, most Acadian supporters in Achadia are just penguins trying to troll Hockey Manlet. Those suspected to be Acadian spies are also deported back to Acadia and put in the CIA's database.

As a response to Acadia's "Mandatory Gun Law", civilian gun ownership is uncool in Achadia, with the exception of Hockey Manlet and those he has declared "Cool Guys". Unauthorized guns are smashed to pieces.

The production of counterfeit Chad Bucks and CHAD THUNDERBEAK merchandise is uncool, and punished by community service in the orange groves. Counterfeit Chad Bucks and CHAD THUNDERBEAK merchandise are destroyed upon discovery.

Historically, the Penstubal Post has been heavily pro-Acadian and anti-Hockey Manlet due to Penstubal's friendship with Brant Esser, doubling down on this as a result of the Achadia Crisis, and as a result was banned and declared "uncool Acadian propaganda". Penstubal attempted to get around this restriction and use loopholes by changing the name of the Post, but Hockey Manlet stopped this by declaring any publication with Penstubal in its name uncool. Any issues of the Post discovered on Achadian soil are recycled and used for Achadia's own newspaper.

Cool Guys[edit]

Not to be confused with the Council of Cool Guys, being declared a "Cool Guy" is the highest honor in the country, given by Hockey Manlet to those who he obviously considers cool guys. Cool Guys are given special treatment, and are exempt from certain Achadian laws when specified. This honor is not limited to Achadian citizens, and despite the term can be given to those of both genders.

Portrait Name Date Inducted Notes
Melon Thunderbeak
January 4, 2019 - Hockey Manlet's wife.
Chad Thunderbeak Jr.
January 4, 2019 - Hockey Manlet's son.
January 4, 2019 - Hockey Manlet's best friend and top producer of oranges in Achadia.
- Referred to as "an example of what all High Penguins should aspire to be" by Hockey Manlet.
Theodore McKrill
January 5, 2019 - Hockey Manlet's #1 fan, previous owner of Achadia, and the owner of Antarctica's largest CHAD THUNDERBEAK merchandise collection.
- Declared a Cool Guy posthumously by Hockey Manlet.
Kermit the Frog
February 10, 2019 - Internationally recognized hero, mascot of the Club Penguin Weekee, and the only recognized Governance Saint in Achadia.
- Considered "one of the coolest guys in Antarctica" by Hockey Manlet.
- Appears on the "Kermit Bill" Chad Buck.
February 10, 2019 - Hierarch of Ed Island, Hockey Manlet's former country.
- Praised for his "tubular leadership" of Ed Island by Hockey Manlet.
- Appears on the "EDFan Bill" Chad Buck.
February 10, 2019 - President of Shops Island.
- Became friends with Hockey Manlet after an attempt on his life following his support for him in the Achadia Crisis.
- Appears on the "Lavender Bill" Chad Buck.
Red.png Blue.png
Red and Blue
February 10, 2019 - Lavender's twins.
- Publicly stated that Hockey Manlet would be a better president of Acadia than Brant Esser prior to the Achadia Crisis.


The 100 ¢had Chad Buck

The official currency of Achadia is the Chad Buck (¢had), also known as Manlet Money because "alliteration is radical". Every Chad Buck has a different image of Hockey Manlet on the bill depending on the value. Special bills have been released featuring "cool guys" Hockey Manlet wants to honor, including the EDFan Bill, Kermit Bill, and Lavender Bill. Chad Coins are also produced, mostly so Achadians can make "Chad payments", paying a bill in full in the country's smallest amount of currency, if they want to.

Originally, the value of Chad Bucks was hard to determine because all currencies were exchanged for the same amount of Chad Bucks. For example, although Wiki-Buck$ are worth slightly more than Coins, 100 of either currency would've been exchanged for 100 ¢had. As a result of this, Chad Bucks were mostly worthless outside of the country, and usually only held by collectors. This problem went unsolved for several months until May 15th, 2019, when Hockey Manlet created an organization of penguins who would keep track of currency values across Antarctica. Under this new system, Chad Bucks were considered to have the same value as Coins, now allowing currency to be exchanged into and from Chad Bucks easily.

Although not legal currency, CHAD THUNDERBEAK merchandise is often used as a substitute for Chad Bucks, with the value of merchandise in Chad Bucks decided by the Official Chad Thunderbeak Fan Page. This has unfortunately resulted in small crime rings popping up in Achadia and producing counterfeit CHAD THUNDERBEAK merchandise, an act which has been declared uncool by Hockey Manlet.

Thalers, Wiki-Buck$, and Coins are also accepted currency, but it is generally considered lame to use these instead of having them converted to Chad Bucks. Francs are absolutely not accepted and must be converted to Chad Bucks, as it is considered an insult to attempt to pay for something with Francs.


A statue of Hockey Manlet and Brant Esser, prominently displayed outside Thunderbeak Manor

Achadian culture is heavily anti-Acadian. As a result, it has been criticized for being anti-High Penguin, with some going as far as calling it a Neo-Naughtzee nation, which Hockey Manlet blames Brant for. A majority of its citizens are Ed Islandians who are fans of Hockey Manlet and former Acadians unsatisfied with the Esser administration. Orange juice is the national drink of Achadia, and the largest orange grove in the country is run by Hockey Manlet's best friend OJ. The most popular brand of orange juice in the country is OJ's CHAD THUNDERBEAK Official Orange Juice, which Hockey Manlet drinks every morning at breakfast.

Hockey Manlet is naturally an extremely popular figure in Achadia, and was rated the #1 Celebrity by the country's citizens. His iconic hair can be seen all around Achadia, including on flagpoles and as the basis for the design of the Achadian soldiers' helmets. Kermit is also a very popular figure in Achadia, second to only Hockey Manlet himself, and is honored with various monuments and streets named after him. He is currently the only Governance Saint recognized in Achadia, as Hockey Manlet can't be bothered to recognize any of the other ones.


Surprisingly, Achadia does not have its own Major Hockey League team, as Hockey Manlet felt this would be a betrayal to the Electric Shocktopi. Nevertheless, hockey is by far Achadia's most popular sport, and the Electric Shocktopi are considered Achadia's unofficial official hockey team. They also granted full rights for Hockey Manlet to use the Electric Shocktopi logo, which appears on the Achadian flag and Chad Bucks.

eSports, particularly revolving around sports games featuring Hockey Manlet as a playable character as well as Super Smash Mates U.B.E.R., are popular around the country, with both amateur and professional tournaments often being held. The grand prize for these tournaments is usually valuable CHAD THUNDERBEAK merchandise.

Since the release of Shopopoly: Ultimate CHAD Edition, highly-organized tournaments using solely that edition of the game have become popular across Achadia. Over time, underground betting rings have popped up to gamble on the results of these tournaments.


The majority of the Achadian population is made up of Adelie and Emperor Penguins, mostly Ed Islandians who are big Hockey Manlet fans. It also has a considerable High Penguin minority, mostly made up of former Acadians dissatisfied with their government. Those seeking Achadian citizenship may also retain their previous citizenship, with the exception of citizens of Acadia and other select Western Union countries, who must renounce their citizenship. Hockey Manlet claims that Achadia is completely scrub-free, with his reasoning being that if someone is a scrub, they won't like Achadia and wouldn't want to be there; this claim has been contested due to evidence that Scrubbypingu was present in Achadia during the week of the grand opening.

Arctic foxes, previously imported to the island by Theodore McKrill because he liked them, are a common sight in the wild, although as development of Achadia has continued, they have mostly been relegated to nature preserves and reservations. Some have been tamed and are kept as pets.

Since the disastrous Shocktopus Parade in June 2019, Achadia's beaches and nearby waters have been infested with shocktopi. Some Achadians looking for more exotic pets have attempted to capture these shocktopi, but have mostly been unsuccessful and met with zapping.

Currently, scientists are working on creating a species unique to Achadia known as the "Chad Puffle" under Hockey Manlet's orders. According to the concept of Chad Puffles, they are regular-sized puffles with white fur and Hockey Manlet's iconic hairstyle.


When Achadia was first opened, there was no public education system, forcing chicks to stay in school wherever they lived before coming to Achadia. Uninterested in coming up with an entire education system and curriculum himself, Hockey Manlet created the Achadian Board of Education to make one for him in time for the start of the next school year. While the Board of Education is responsible for creating the curriculum, Hockey Manlet has the final say on all of its content.

Achadia's curriculum has been criticized for being heavily biased. Nations supported by Achadia, such as the Axle Powers, are portrayed in a much more favorable light, while nations such as Acadia, unsurprisingly, along with certain Western Union nations and other Acadian allies like Snowzerland, are portrayed much more negatively. This also applies to politicians, to the point where some of their alleged acts in office are made up entirely to portray them more positively or negatively. Critics have noted that some historical facts are changed entirely to go along with these narratives. Hockey Manlet has not acknowledged any of these claims.

Points of interest[edit]

  • CHAD THUNDERBEAK Hotel - A large hotel originally constructed for Achadia's hopeful citizens to stay in while housing was still being built. Aside from its many rooms, it is also equipped with a cafeteria, gym, and a pool.
  • CHAD THUNDERBEAK Hotel 2: Electric Shocktopi Boogaloo - A second hotel which was constructed to meet further demand as the CHAD THUNDERBEAK Hotel filled up with future citizens.
  • CHAD THUNDERBEAK Museum - Houses Theodore McKrill's collection of CHAD THUNDERBEAK merchandise, the largest in all of Antarctica, and supplemented with rare memorabilia from Hockey Manlet's personal collection. The museum is under heavy guard to prevent thieves and vandals from damaging the collection.
  • CHAD THUNDERBEAK Official Merchandise Headquarters - The official CHAD THUNDERBEAK store, which carries the largest selection of CHAD THUNDERBEAK merchandise in Antarctica; all currently produced CHAD THUNDERBEAK merchandise can be purchased here, as well as exclusive items for Achadia.
  • Cool Guy Monument - A large stone monument listing everyone who has been declared as a Cool Guy, along with an engraved portrait of each one.
  • Great Brant Esser Trash Heap - Achadia's only landfill, before being decommissioned after Achadia was opened to the public. It remains as a historical monument, and has a wall featuring Hockey Manlet's collection of embarrassing pictures of Brant.
  • OJ's Grove - The largest orange grove in the country, owned by Hockey Manlet's best friend OJ. It produces nearly three quarters of all oranges in Achadia, and much of its produce is used for the production of OJ's CHAD THUNDERBEAK Official Orange Juice. Certain uncool acts are punished by community service harvesting and taking care of the oranges here.
  • Thunderbeak Manor - Previously the residence of Theodore McKrill, it was later converted into the residence of the Thunderbeak family upon their arrival. It is the third iteration of Thunderbeak Manor, following their original residence on Ed Island, and a smaller residence in Acadia.



On March 2nd, 2019, Hockey Manlet cheeped about his desire to have an Achadian colony on the moon, but lamented that spaceships were expensive. The next day, he learned that Acadia had its own moon colony, and immediately launched the Achadian Space Program. Due to the lack of any spaceships, Hockey Manlet began looking for cheaper alternatives to get penguins into space. The first idea was an extremely high power slingshot, which would fling penguins in astronaut suits out of Earth's atmosphere and onto the moon; this didn't work for obvious reasons, and never got past the design phase for the slingshot.



Like most countries in Antarctica, Achadia receives electrical power from the Governance. This decision was made long before the country was founded, as part of Hockey Manlet's plans for his Acadian presidency included switching the country's electricity provider to the Governance. Hockey Manlet has specifically called out the Telenacleship of Snowzerland as "uncool garbage", as well as saying "Brant uses it so it's gross", receiving ire from the Snoss.


Before Achadia was opened to the public, all waste was dumped into the Great Brant Esser Trash Heap, the only landfill in Achadia. However, Hockey Manlet decided that "ruining Achadia's soil with trash is totally not tubular", and came up with a new system that would also troll Brant. Garbage began being put into boxes and delivered to Acadia instead. The Great Brant Esser Trash Heap was decommissioned and emptied, but the site was kept as a historical monument. The first batch was sent back to Achadia, which resulted in "trash wars" between the two countries, each mailing it back with neither country relenting. This eventually ended when Brant left office, though Hockey Manlet has not figured out a new solution for waste disposal. Early ideas such as dumping it into the ocean or launching it into space were shot down due to being very environmentally unfriendly and unfeasible, respectively.


Achadia currently has a very small military consisting of only 4 soldiers, affectionately referred to by the citizens of Achadia as Achadia's Finest. The Achadian Military was one of Hockey Manlet's earliest projects, in case of an Acadian invasion.

Achadian soldiers wear a special uniform based on Hockey Manlet himself. Their helmets are modeled after his hair, their armor resembles an Electric Shocktopi jersey, and they all wear facepaint like Hockey Manlet's. Soldiers are given a choice of either gray or white facepaint to account for different feather colors.

At one point, the creation of a clone army using Hockey Manlet's DNA was suggested. However, the relatively low "shelf life" of clones as demonstrated by Snowzerland's RDA Troopers deterred the idea of proceeding with this. Upon being told about the idea, it was immediately scrapped by Hockey Manlet, who said "there can only be one CHAD THUNDERBEAK".


Country Relations Details
AcadiaFlag.png Acadia Horrible Predictably, Acadia and Achadia have horrible relations, with Hockey Manlet doing everything he can to tick off Brant, but being very careful not to do anything that would warrant a justified invasion of Achadia; despite this, Brant ordered a blockade of Achadia for no reason a few days after it was opened to the public. During Brant's presidency, Acadia was often used as an unauthorized dumping ground for trash, uncool items, and criminals by Achadia. Since Adrian Croft's inauguration, the two countries have ceased all interaction with each other, though Acadia still does not recognize Achadia as a country.
Amataria Flag.png Amataria Fair Following Amataria's exit from the Western Union, Hockey Manlet praised their decision on Chitter and officially declared Achadia's support for them. The two countries have not had much interaction otherwise.
Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island Great As Ed Islandian fans of Hockey Manlet make up a majority of the country's population, the two countries are naturally close both culturally and politically. Ed Island has implemented free travel between the two countries as well as gave Hockey Manlet full royalty-free rights to use the Electric Shocktopi name and logo in Achadia's imagery.
ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island Excellent Shops Island was one of the first countries to recognize Achadia, much to the chagrin of Acadia and the Western Union. Shopper President Lavender is identified by Hockey Manlet as a "Cool Guy", and Lavender has stated his unwavering support for Hockey Manlet's political ambitions following his attempted assassination by immigrants from the Western Union.
Snowzerland Flag.png Snowzerland Poor As a close ally of Acadia, Hockey Manlet wants nothing to do with the Snoss. He managed to draw their ire early in the country's history by referring to the Telenacleship of Snowzerland as "uncool garbage", almost immediately creating sour relations. On multiple occasions, Hockey Manlet has accidentally referred to the Kaiser as "Cheesy Ninja".
Western Union 2017 Flag.png Western Union N/A Hockey Manlet has purposefully avoided pursuing any relations with the members of the Western Union. This is a strategic decision to avoid Acadia and its allies having leverage against Achadia. This decision infuriated United Provinces president Simon McClark, as he said the UP is willing to have civil talks with Achadia.


  • The majority of doorways in Achadia are shorter than the average High Penguin, forcing them to duck when they go through them or else they hit their heads. Whether this was an oversight or done intentionally has been a source of debate beginning shortly after Achadia's establishment.

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