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Acher CoA.png
Coat of Arms of Acher
Acher Flag.png
Flag of Acher
National name Acher
Country Ed Island
Capital city Dinsmarck
Largest city Dinsmarck
Formation 1812 (Modern State)
Inhabitants Penguins
Other info
Population 2,150,000
Location Ed Island
Alliances Ed Island and her Allies
Neighbours Sudentor, Neumenia

Acher is the largest state of Ed Island, and one of the founding kingdoms of the nation.


In 1812, the Kingdom of Acher united the rest of Ed Island into Imperial Ed Island, loosely modeled after the Holy Penguin Empire. Until the empire's dissolution in 1916, the king of Acher acted as the emperor of Ed Island, ruling over the rest of the kingdoms.

When the Wulfen War broke out between the Republic of Ed Island and Neumenian Reich, the Ed Islandian government was moved to Dinsmarck, which acted as the nation's capital due to Bridgestadt's proximity to the border.

During the occupation of Ed Island in 2013, Acher was governed by Snowinn forces as a part of Snowinian Ed Island.


Acher is a heavily developed state, having the second and third most populous cities in Ed Island as well as numerous other infrastructure developments. The Lowpoint Space Elevator is located in the city of Lowpoint, with construction finishing in 2017. Lowpoint also possesses the largest port in Ed Island, capable of shipping thousands of containers every single day.


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