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Pain or a pain? You choose.
Title Aciles Finopen
Gender Male
Race Half Khanz; half adelie
Faction Best soldier in the FG army
Health Too much to be true
Level Unknown
Status Causing pain and being a pain
Location Antarctica
Occupation Soldier
Interests War, fighting, other enemies' pain
Friends Akbaboy, Aderano, several penguins
Enemies He has too many to list here
Archetype The soldier

Aciles is a 21 year old warrior in the FG army who can really do some damage to you physically and mentally (thus being called pain and a pain). Nobody can stand him except his friends.


Aciles was born on July 20 on a sunny day. As soon as he was born, he said his first word: "soldier". His parents knew the occupation he wanted all his life was to be a soldier once they heard him. He grew up learning life skills and social problems as he had some mental problems. He learned them perfectly but would still act like a pain to everyone he saw. Since he didn't do well in his year in public school, he was enrolled in military school until he graduated 12 years later. He then joined the Snowzerland army. He was treated poorly as Snoss soldier until he was promoted to an elite Snoss trooper. He had more respect and got promoted all the way to a commander. That was two months after FG was created. He fought the FG army until he met its king, Akbaboy. Akbaboy tried to talk some sense into Aciles. Akbaboy then asked what his last name was and he answered "Finopen". They then figured out they were in the same family. He then tried to stop Snowzerland from attacking him. He then got kicked out and joined the FG army and became well-known. Later in his life he got hit by a superpower beam which made him immune to the X-Virus and also rumored that it made him immune to pain just like Winston.


He is light blue penguin with a black shirt who usually holds a Knicicle and sometimes a fish [his dad was Pengolian so he got a Khanz personality but his mom was an adelie so he got an adelie appearance].


He fights opposing armies in the FG army. He can be nice if you aren't in an opposing army and know him for awhile. Just make sure you don't anger him or else you'll have nightmares for two weeks straight and excessive coughing for a day. He is also currently trying to stop being an annoying twit and surprisingly, he is stopping.


  • He is neutral with Swiss Ninja still. That upsets Akbaboy.
  • He has some phobias:
  • Batophobia (fear of heights)
  • Kakorrhaphiophobia (fear of failure/defeat)
  • Phobophobia (fear of phobias)

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