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Acting Society of Club Penguin
Title International Acting Society of Club Penguin and Club Penguin City
Race Penguins and Puffles, though most penguins are Kanta Penguins
Faction The society is HUGE, up to a 6000 penguins over joined.
Health Quite fit; so they could act.
Level Most are teens or young adults; aged between 15 to 38
Status Busily acting for companies.
Location Based in South Pole City, branches in Club Penguin and most of them came from Eastshield and Trans-Antarctica.

The International Acting Society of Club Penguin and Club Penguin City, nicknamed Acting Society or Actors Society is an acting company whom acts in plays at The Stage and loans it's actors to certain companies. The actors there are both high and middle-classed.


The society came about in 2002, when Club Penguin was Penguin Chat. Those days, entertainment was limited and not many could watch them. The Stage was not in existence then and they had to perform in their own igloos. The Boiler Room was sometimes used as a "stage" for those penguins who knew the area and needed to pay there. Those penguins formed a society, so whenever penguins saw their banners whenever the group travels, they would pay them to watch a marvelous performance.

Soon, the group realized that other penguins also had talent but never performed as they did not receive much attention as the penguins wanted to see the society's performances. Therefore, they invited those penguins to join them so they could receive attention and money too. They progressed over the years and by 2004, 1000 penguins had joined out of the population of 20 million there.

In 2005, the society transformed into a full-scaled company, with it's actors performing at designated igloos for entertainment. When Club Penguin came about in Halloween, they performed at the Coffee Shop with a Halloween performance. They also began loaning their actors to companies so they could perform and earn more money.

When The Stage came about in 2007, all performances were held there along with the sets there. They also set up branches in South Pole City and Club Penguin City.

Currently, they are prospering and having fun.


They loan penguins to companies so they could act and they themselves act in plays held at The Stage.


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