Adelie Family

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The Adelie Family
Virtus vincit lux, tenebrae.
Title The Adelie Family
Race Adelie Penguins
Faction Adelie Family
Health Varies
Level Varies
Status Varies
Location All around Antarctica
Fourth Wall Some
Birth date Varies
Occupation Varies
Friends Many
Enemies Many (unfortunately)
Archetype Good

Did you mean Adelie Penguin?

The Adelie Family is a large noble penguin family. They are a family that comes from a High Penguin and Adelie Penguin origin, despite the last name only mentioning Adelie penguins. Earliest records of the family trace back to 250 years ago. The Adelie family hails from an area near the Antarctic Peninsula-Regiao Lisboagesa border. Despite the small amount of generations in the family, there are around 100 known members of the Adelie Family. The family have deep ties with the Culldrome Isles and are generally well known around Antarctica.


Early Years[edit]

It is unknown where the family started from. Scientists can only track back to Marty the First. It is thought that Marty descended from an unknown High Penguin family around 200-800 years ago. He was orphaned as a chick and grew up with a different family. He set off to find his family at the age of around 14. Eventually, he arrived in what is now the Antarctic Peninsula, where his family supposedly moved to. Unfortunately his family wasn't there but he settled anyway.

Marty lived in a Viking Penguin colony, gaining their trust and friendship. He also became a member of the local navy. Marty got married and had an offspring named Mark. Mark grew up and joined the navy, like his father. Back then, there was only one ship, a collier. The collier, named Bernard, was destroyed in a dock accident a few months after Mark joined the navy. Marty and Mark stood up and ran a program to repair the ship and to make the fleet larger. It was successful and they were both promoted to captain.

A few years later, Mark sailed on the Porcyal Expedition and founded a colony on the Culldrome Isles. Mark scouted the area and found a more suitable place for the colony. They all moved to what is now Culldrome City. Ninjas began to attack the colony and eventually took over it. Mark stood up and after countless battles, overtook the ninjas and restored peace. He became known as a warrior and earned lots of respect.

Months later, their ships were burnt down by the ninjas, stranding them on the island. Mark started a program for a massive rail tunnel to link Culldrome City and the Antarctic mainland. Soon, Mark married Roseflower and had two children. The names of the children cannot be found due to the records being accidentally used for paper airplanes. They're nicknamed the Hero of Reality and Hero of Ideas, and those names have since caught on.

The Hero of Truth believed that current knowledge was important whereas the Hero of Ideals believed that the future was important. The two were polar opposites of sorts and both disliked each other. Eventually, they agreed with each other. The two worked hard to maintain their "kingdom", which was the Culldrome Isles. To protect the isles (and to prevent another invasion happening again), they created a guardian, which was a dragon. The dragon was a manifestation of the Porcyals, and was tasked to protect the isles.

The two heroes began to fight again about truth of ideals. The dragon guardian had enough and split into two, one siding with the other. The Hero of Truth went to Antarctica while the Hero of Ideals stayed at Culldrome. The two dragons followed their masters. As time went on, the dragons were encased and transformed into Porcyals, which were then hidden away.

Khanzem and the Adelie Colony[edit]

The two heroes soon began to expand the Adelie Family. As the two split, the family was spread: a portion in the Culldrome Isles and a portion in mainland Antarctica. From here on, the family continued to grow.

During Khanzem, several penguins of the family set out with 100 other brave penguins to a rumored large range of mountains strectching across the continent. Starting from an area in Freezeland, they fought off some Naughtzee and in 8 months they had reached what is now South Pole City. They set-up a large camp there. They waited there some 10 months to wait for 100 more penguins and lots of supplies to get there.

They continued on north until they found water. They waited there 14 months for 100 more penguins and more supplies to arrive. They followed the coast and settled in what is now Trans-Antarctica. Naughtzees sent lots of troops there to destroy (what they thought would be) the Naughtzee resistance. The penguins there, however, had no intention of battle and wanted to avoid it entirely, which was why the penguins fled in the first place. However, the Naughtzees were easily defeated and most of them ended up retreating, anyway.

There were more Adelies than High Penguins in the colony. So when a colony name had to be set up, it followed normal conventions, and was numbered colony #777.

Olde Antarctica[edit]

During the Olde Antarctica era, Card-Jitsu was at its high point; everyone was a ninja. They had many cards, ranging into the hundreds. An Adelie of the era, Penwin 777, however had a whopping 500 cards! He soon became a high ranking minister for the Waeter/Water Kingdom, due to his ability to defeat anyone in Card-Jitsu. Penwin's rivals, who were jealous of him, challenged him to a Card-Jitsu battle, 10-on-one style. All together, the rivals had 700 cards.

They all met at the local Dojo and prepared. Card after card was thrown onto the floor, with its powers activating soon after. High level cards were pitched against each other as they had a tense battle that destroyed the Dojo! A large crater was present where the building once stood. The citizens living near the area were all enraged at the fact that their Dojo was destroyed. For some odd reason, the battle continued even after the Dojo was destroyed. Eventually, in the end, Penwin won the match, keeping his status.

Lure of the Porcyal[edit]

In the late 1940s, a large vein of Porcyals were found underground in a mine in the Culldrome Isles. Penguins from everywhere flocked to the archipelago. The penguins in the Adelie family immediately went to mining as soon as they arrived in the isles. The Adelies not only mined Porcyals, but also lots of gold, silver, bronze, coal, diamonds and ore. They sold what they had found to the interested buyers. Even though most of the buyers cheated, the large amount paid off. The family became rich and eventually millionaires, which is still true to this day.

With this large wealth, they donated half of it to Bluetower Castle. This provided upgrades and expansions to the castle. The Adelies moved to South Pole City in 1953, where the famed Adelie Manor was built. In 1965 Nidnad and Clombine Adelie gave birth to Matthias Adelie. Due to troubles in constructing the manor, the family moved to Bluetower Castle. There Matthias was raised, and eventually became the Abbottess of the castle. Nidnad and Clombine moved back to the manor as Matthias reigned. He eventually married Blowey Adelie and had two children: Chub 777 and Buhc 777.


The Adelies have achieved some things in history, like the most dangerous Card-Jitsu battle (See Olde Antarctica). The Adelies were also one of the few penguins that struck it rich from a gold rush a while back. Today the Adelies are millionaires and they are well known, especially in the Sub-Antarctic region. Adelies also have a reputation for being explorers or adventurers, taking things to then next level and beyond.

The Adelies also have a knack for saving the day. This is evident in Chub 777, Buhc 777, and indirectly, Matthias Adelie, who all helped during the events of The Epic Adelie Story. Mark the Warrior was also a heroic penguin, who liberated the Culldrome Isles from the ninjas.


Coat of Arms of the family.

The Adelie Family Coat of Arms has existed since around the Khanzem Era. There are many symbols on it.

The Golden Penguin represents the penguins of the Adelie Family. The gold symbolises wealth and the crown symbolises royalty.
The Two Swords flanking the penguin represents the fierceness and bravery of the Adelie Family members. It also shows dedication to fighting with the Good Guys for the good of all.
The Fluer-de-lis represents the adventuring spirit of the family members. In addition it also represents royalty.

In addition, the Adelie Family has a Latin motto: Virtus vincit lux, tenebrae, which translates loosely to The power of light overcomes the darkness. The motto, which first came into use in the 1930s, signifies that through dark and bad times where evil reigns, the power of light (or 'the greater good') will rise up. The motto is used very sparely and has nearly fallen into obscurity.

Family members[edit]


Marty the Warrior
Mark the Warrior
Roseflower Adelie
(neé Jakes)
Hero of Reality
Hero of Ideas

Later years[edit]

Colonial Antarctica[edit]

  • Penwin 777 (???)

Present day[edit]

Blowey Adelie
(neé Smitton)
Matthias Adelie
Chub 777
Buhc 777



  • Adelie is pronounced AD-ell-lee.
  • The last name is written normally (ie. Adelie) rather than with an accent (ie. Adélie).
  • Despite the name "Adelie" being of Frankterran origin, the family have very little Frankterran ties.
  • Only a small portion of the family is considered "rich" or "royal".
  • Most of the male born in the family are given their colony number in their name. This practice was adopted sometime in the 1920s.
  • Several family members can cross the Fourth Wall.

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