Adelie Manor

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Adelie Manor
The Manor
Key details
Type Manor
Level 777
Location South Pole City
Inhabitants Some of the Adelie Family

The Adelie Manor is a large manor located in South Pole City. As the name suggests it is owned by the Adelie Family, a wealthy and somewhat royal family. It is also the house of many of the Adelies, currently Matthias Adelie and his close family.


In the early 1900s, the community at Bluetower Castle envisioned a manor built just for Mark the Warrior, a hero in the Culldrome Isles. Mark, however, did not want a manor built solely for him. Nevertheless, the community drew up a plan for a large manor, to be named the Warrior's Manor. The plans were drawn up in the same book that Mark had used to plan the castle. When Mark had passed away, the construction of the Warior's Manor was canceled. The plans were given to the Hero of Reality before he migrated to what is now South Pole City. Since he had a large amount of money, he decided to build the manor, now named the Adelie Manor, in the city. The plans were then hidden away, with clues to the destiny of the Adelie Family. In addition, many untold secrets and rooms are hidden inside the manor, with only some of them documented. Since then, many of the Adelie Family have lived in the manor.


The Adelie Manor is very large and occupies a lot of land. The whole complex slightly resembles Bluetower Castle. The manor itself is surrounded by a wall, which also contains a large garden yard area. The manor stands about 10 floors high, not including the sprawling underground complex. The manor and the walls are constructed out of sandstone bricks.


There are hundreds of rooms inside the Manor, but there are some major areas:

Great Hall[edit]

When you enter the Manor through it's large front doors, you end up at the Entrance Hall, which is a small room filled with grandfather clocks and paintings. Immediately in front of the Entrance Hall, is the Great Hall, which is an extremely large hall. More paintings and even a large tapestry hang from the walls. At the end of the hall, opposite the door from the Entrance Hall, is a large fireplace with the Adelie Family Coat of Arms on the wall directly above it. The Great Hall has many uses, due to it's large size. Most of the time, it acts as an extremely large dining room, with a very long dining table surrounded by dozens of chairs. However, everything can be taken away or moved around so that the hall can cater to many needs, like a ballroom or even a conference room. At the sides and corners of the Great Hall are entrances to other rooms and corridors in the manor, and the whole room acts as sort of a junction point.


The Adelie Manor features an extremely large library, stretching over two floors. The two floors all contain shelves filled with all sorts of books, ranging from old, tattered journals to modern, recently released books. To help with book searching, there are several computers located around the library. The computers are connected to a system which gives a book's location (eg. shelf number) when requested. The library computers are also connected to the internet and can be used to browse the web.


Underneath the whole manor is a large series of caves, tunnels and catacombs. Only a small portion is believed to have been explored, and many think that the caves hold many mysteries. A large room that has been discovered in the catacombs include a fully functioning train station. The train station, which utilizes mine carts, leads off to a Porcyal powered portal. The other end of the portal ends up in the catacombs of Bluetower Castle, forming a link between the two. Some of the caves are utilized for castle needs, like water storage and garbage disposal.

Walls and Gardens[edit]

Surrounding the manor is a large sandstone wall. Unlike most castle-like walls, there are no walkways on top of the walls. The walls stand up tall and are topped off with battlements. At the front of the manor wall is a gatehouse and an iron gate. In the inside of the gatehouse, there are many sophisticated controls, all of which are used to open and close the gates. There is a hidden entrance on the outside, so that one can get inside the manor grounds without going through the gate.

Inside the walls are the manor grounds. The grounds are all covered in grass, which is watered with hot water to melt off any snow and frost that would normally form. The water is sprayed on all day by an automatic sprinkler system. Inside the grounds are many large gardens and trees. There are a few statues located around the grounds. The statues depict many important Adelie Family members. There are also a few cobblestone paths running around, including a large one from the manor gates to the main entrance.


The Adelie Manor is owned and used by the Adelie Family. Many Adelies have lived and continue to live in the manor. Matthias Adelie and his wife, Blowey Adelie, are the current owners of the manor. In addition, there are several dozen robotic butlers, appropriately named Butlerbots. The Butlerbots, although very glitchy, help around with the many duties and chores around the manor.


  • The Adelie Manor is located within Adelie Colony #777.
    • Those who have been born in the colony are titled with the number (eg. Chub 777 and Buhc 777).
  • A portion of the Manor was destroyed during the Nightmare of Culldrome, but was eventually rebuilt.

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