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Developer(s) Peach Inc.
Initial release June 2003
Stable release


/ February 27, 2010
Preview release


/ May 10, 2010
Operating system Peach OS X v10.4.11
Doors XP or later
Doors Horizon
Doors 2008
Doors 7
Type Web Browser
License Proprietary

Adventure is a web browser created by Peach Inc. and is used as the default browser in all Peach products. As such, is used by many penguins, since Peach products are commonly used, and is one of the more popular browsers. Adventure was first released in 2003 to be used on Peach's computers, but a version was made for phones as well after the introduction of the icePhone in 2003. Additionally, aside from being used in Peach products, one can download a Doors version of Adventure for use in Micro Hard and Soft products as well.


Peach products, which at the time only consisted of computers, used Micro Hard and Soft's browser, Internet Explorer 767, with a special version being made specifically for Peach computers by Micro Hard and Soft due to an agreement, until 2003. However, since 1999, a prototype for Adventure was already being developed by Peach, although it still used an old rendering engine until 2001, when NetBox render was created. Adventure began beta testing in 2003, on the Peach OS Z 10.1 operating systems, and later became the default browser for the Peach OS Z v.10.3.

In 2003, the first version of Adventure, Adventure 1 was introduced to the public for the first time at Peach's annual conference in Snow Freezecisco, and began to be used as the default browser in Peach's next line of computers. The second version of Adventure, Adventure 2, was released in 2005, and other versions continued to be released after that. In 2007, the icePhone was introduced for the first time at Peach's annual conference, and Adventure 3 was released around the same time as well, with a mobile version being made for use in the new icePhones.


Ever since the release of POSZ 10.3 it has been the default browser in all Peach products. Because of this, it has been rather popular, as Peach products are commonly used. It has been praised for it's speed, but often panned for it's high instability and lackluster security features, something Peach has tried to fix with every new version. It is available in over 45 languages, including several variants of English. Adventure is also free of charge to download for those who don't already have it on their products, and its Micro Hard and Soft version is free to download as well.


  • Adventure 0.1 (Beta)
  • Adventure 1.01
  • Adventure 1.1
  • Adventure 2.2
  • Adventure 3.5
  • Adventure 4


  • It's a parody of Safari
  • It competes against Mozilla Firelink but there is no official rivalry between the two web browsers.
  • The HTMl and CSS renderer is NetBox, which was ironically developed by Penguin OS fans.
  • It is often mistaken as a fun game, which causes plenty of people to rage. Yeah. Like Internet-surfing isn't fun!