Adventures of Tails6000

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Adventures of Tails6000
Kid Tails6000.png
The star of the show, Tails6000.
Genre Animated series
Created by Tails6000

Adventures of Tails6000 is a spin-off of Ford Car and Link. It is about Tails6000 trying to thwart Aye-Ques's plan to rule Club Penguin Island with his evil robots.


Tails600 and his sidekick Wings are trying to attempt to save Antarctica from Doctor Aye-Que and his robots, however the actual plan always fails, with the failure itself being used to stop Aye-Que. During the credits Aye-Que is trying to squash Tails with a giant rock. Near the end he sees that he can't find Tails. However Tails comes out of a manhole and pressed a button, which makes Aye-Que into a pancake. An animated Mr Bean then comes on and eats it.

Speeddasher also appears in a few episodes. He is a master at Ninja battling and will sometimes assist Tails in his battle against Aye-Que. His story is seen as a key subplot for the Adventures of Tails6000.

Main Cast[edit]

Tails6000, as himself

Wings, as himself

Fredsworth, as Aye-Que

Loopdrop Freedom Force as themselves

Fredsworth, as Aye-Que

Smash and Pounder, as themselves

Wes Salesman as himself

Kwiksilver, as himself.

Speeddasher, as himself

Fake Tails6000, as Darktan


Season 1[edit]

Episode 1: Faster than the Speed of Sound - Tails6000 and Wings are seen chasing after Doctor Aye-Que in his latest and greatest creation, the Hamermatic, down the Tallest Mountain. He plans to pound down the igloo area in Club Penguin Island and replace them with an oil rig. His two robots, Smash and Pounder, have joined Aye-Que in his machine and have the idea to dump oil on where Tails is walking so he'll slip. They proceed to do so, slipping up Tails but then Tails as another idea. He runs around in a circle to create a large wind that blows the oil in front of the Hammermatic causing the machine to drive straight off a cliff and fall straight into the river, blowing it up. Unfortunately, Aye-Que manages to escape his machine with his fur all puffed out and yells that he hates that PWNguin. Tails6000 and Wings celebrate their victory back at The Town and they're greated with a party for saving the day. Tails relaxes with some Fish and Cream Soda while Wings plays tag with sveral other penguins.

Back at Ayetropolis, Aye-Que has decided that he must destroy Tails6000 once and for all if he's ever going to build his Empire. He spends days coming up with a plan when finally he gets one and decides to get to work. After many hard days of work he announces his new machine to Smash and Pounder. The Mega-Hammermatic, the same machine but Aye-Que states that this one is twice as large and twice as powerful. Plus it has oil resistant caterpillar treads so they won't have any more incidents. They quickly head back to Club Penguin Island with their new and improved machine. They soon reach the igloo area where they begin demolishing igloos, with Aye-Que simply saying that these penguins are very generous for giving up their homes for land development and that they will be payed by Aye-Que Enterprises for their generosity as soon as the oil starts is found and a profit is made. Tails6000 and Wings see Aye-Que pounding down igloos and decide that enough is enough. Tails rushes down and attempts to mock Aye-Que by telling him that you'd get better invention ideas then the Hammermatic on the back of a cereal box. Aye-Que is sent into rage and attempts to crush Tails who goes zooming around the machine. The machine also spins around trying to hit him with the hammer. The speed of Tails6000 causes a giant tornado to form around the machine and sends it flying all the way back to Ayetropolis with Aye-Que yelling once more on how he hates Tails6000. Wings then gives Tails6000 a thumbs up and the two run off back to town.

Episode 2: Tour of Loopdrop - Tails decides to show the viewers where he was born and is currently living at a secret village of "Loopdrop". There he introduces his group the Loopdrom Freedom Force, the leader is Maddie Walnut, heir to the crown of Walnuts. Wings, his sidekick whom we known in episode 1, Cinna-bot, a penguin partially mechanized with her free-will still intact, Propellor, a reformed walrus that is currently a technitian, and Mason, a skilled swordsman and a Royal Guard of the Walnuts. Tails is about to start a recon mission before Aye-Que and discovers that Aye-Que has built a giant airship with a vacuum cannon to suck up the village. Wings flies up and tries to stop it but fails after his propellor cap gets sucked into the airship, with Wings falling to the ground. Angry about what Aye-Que did to Wings, Tails has himself sucked by the airship and grabs the propeller cap. He throws it into the power supply of the cannon, destroying it. is told to stop his machine which is the original wrecking ball machine, tails mocks it by saying I bet THAT PIECE OF RUBBISH can beat a PUFFLE in a POTATO SACK RACE Aye-Que is easily subdued as then he sends him flying maddie rewards him with a medal shaped like a wallnut, Tails is hnored as the episode ends with him in hsi trademark winged ring.

DVD packs[edit]

Season 1: includes an interview with the actors and developers. The sneak peek episode, bloopers and a music video from the music unleashed tour.


Reviews were mixed for the series. Booyah! Reviews, who rated it 5.3/10 after watching the first episode, claimed that the series doesn't offer what it promises - it is repetitive and the humour in it is very dry, with the overload of boring action destroying it. Similar reviews came from Yellow Snowball, who rated it 34% and Imperial, who gave it 67%. Holyberden Reviews were much more positive, claiming the excitement as Tails6000 attempts to stop Aye-Que from taking over Club Penguin - a true action story, one of the greatest, with it receiving 9.6/10.

Later episodes fared better, especially with the intoduction of Speeddasher. Yellow Snowball and Imperial gave last six episodes ratings above 7, while Booyah! Reviews gave it ratings above 9. The entire first season received a 7.9/10 from Booyah! Reviews. Considerations for creating another season was cancelled. Penguin TV replaced the spin-off with Dancing Penguin and G, which received better reviews in comparison to Adventures of Tails6000. Rights for the Adventures of Tails6000 have been sold to TurtleShroom Productions, who have announced that the future for the show will be Holiday Specials and an upcoming film.


  • This is a spin-off to Ford Car and Link.
  • "Tails6000: The Movie" was released in late 2012.

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