Adventures of the Popcorn Family

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Adventures of the Popcorn Family
Start 17th of December, 2018
Level 1000
Location Eastshield to Club Penguin
Rewards Experience
 ???  ???

Adventures of the Popcorn Family is a week-long event, where they and the family friends, Radioactivechicken and Henry Gadget (of Henry Incorporated), go on many entertaining exploits. What will they do next, as the mysterious wave of attempted trouble and messed-up-ness follows them?

Chapter One[edit]

The only thing to see on Highway One was a single car driving at around seventy miles per hour. The driver just so happened to be Henry Gadget, the CEO of Henry Incorporated. In the front passenger seat was a chicken who for some reason was constantly emitting alpha particles. His name was Radioactivechicken. Henry turned to Radioactivechicken and said "You have really messed up this time."

"I'm sorry," said Radioactivechicken.

"I understand, I suppose." replied Henry. "But you really need to control your modes. First you were helping me sell my products in Mattress Village by praising one of their most important penguins, and then you lectured everyone about the dictatorship and how TurtleShroom was a bad leader."

"But he wasn't!" yelled Radioactivechicken.

"See what I'm talking about when it comes to your modes?" said Henry. The two drove on in silence. Eventually, they reached Radioactivechicken's apartment in Polaris City. "Well this is your stop." said Henry. "Goodbye, Radioactivechicken!" And he drove off to Henryville. Radioactivechicken walked into his apartment. It suddenly felt really boring. He remembered how getting this kind of time off was good. Back in his home universe. Now everything just felt the same. "Is Polaris really such a boring country?" he thought to himself as he turned on his TV and looked into the screen. The only reason he has the TV is for gaming, and therefore it is an old CRT television from the 1980s or '90s. He switched on his Snowtendo Swap and started to play Super Smash Mates U.B.E.R..

While Radioactivechicken was playing video games, Henry was in his large igloo with his puffles. He then told the little creatures that they were going to be fed, so they got really exited. It was at this moment when Henry's old friend, Icespice, waddled in. "Hello there!" he said. "Agent Icespice!" replied Henry. "It is nice to see you again." said Icespice. "How's the fight against EBUL?"

"For the last time, Icespice," warned Henry "I do not support it". "I know, I know." said Icespice. The two penguins then went off to play video games.

Meanwhile, in Penguinpuffdude's igloo in Club Penguin, she was waiting for her results of her latest homework, examined by her father, Prof. Penguinpuffdude. She very badly wanted to go off and have some fun with the neighbourhood chicks, or with Popcorn 3000 and his siblings, but she knew homework came first.

Prof. Penguinpuffdude sensed this, and promptly told her, "If you're just going to sit there doing nothing, then maybe you can go and indulge in one of your books?"

Sighing with relief, Penguinpuffdude hopped off her chair, waddled up to her bookshelf, and pulled out Puffins and Valleys, one of her favourite books at the moment. She managed to read one chapter, but she couldn't focus for too long. She was agitated, and rather annoyed at why he couldn't be faster.

She was not the only one, as the reader knows. Popcorn 3000, in his own igloo a few streets away, had been refused admission of health lessons rigged by Bellarocker because of his reputation as a prankster, and was fidgeting, trying his best to amuse himself with Penguins: A Threat to Human Society.

"Coo," he thought, "why can't Penguinpuffdude ring me up and let us have some fun?"

Radioactivechicken was in the Polaris City Centre, when an expensive car drove past. Curious, he approached the car to see what was going on. A penguin got out, went up to the chicken and asked "do you have any Peach products on you?"

"No!" answered Radioactivechicken.

"Then you're fine." the penguin said; the car and the penguin then drove off. Confused, Radioactivechicken walked into the store to get chicken feed. "Do you know who that was?" he asked. "Nope!" replied the penguin running the store. "I swear I saw that penguin before, though. He was rummaging through my computers to see if I had any Peach products." Radioactivechicken muttered as he stepped down into the metro station. After returning home, Chicken went up to his desk and wrote down ideas of what could have happened.

"And that's all we have time to show you!", Henry Gadget said through the microphone at a Henry Inc press conference. "Remember, these new products are supposed to do better and stuff, but in reality they are all designed to fail." Nobody knew why Henry publicly admitted that. Maybe it was because everyone knew that already, so he decided that it was safer for the company to just admit the secrets that everybody knew. Anyway, after driving home he got a note on his door. It simply said "You have done well; signed, Anon." An anonymous fan, or could it be something more sinister? Henry thought about this for a while before going to bed. He knew something was wrong.

Similar things were happening, back in Club Penguin.

A very dusty car, which had obviously come from a long distance, drove up to Popcorn's igloo - the last in the village - and parked. The driver waddled out, and knocked on the door. Before anybody could retaliate with an order, Popcorn had jumped to it, and opened it.

"Hullo, what's the row?", he said, half-jokingly.

The penguin, who was hooded, looked threateningly at him.

"Do you have any Peach products in your igloo, chick?"

Popcorn looked outside, and saw the dusty car.

"I say, your car looks pretty ropey, old chap!"

He regretted this almost immediately. As if he was wearing a shirt-and-collar, the penguin grabbed him by the shoulders, dragged him out, kicked the door shut, and shook him up-and-down.

"The fact that my car looks like a hank of rope doesn't matter! Also, I'm not old! What I want to know is, do you have any Peach products in your igloo?"

"Oooh, steady on! I'll tell you if you let me down!"

"If I did, you might escape and not tell me...?"

"Fine! We used to have a Peach computer a few years back, but we sent it to the dump after it malfunctioned!"

"You did well, chick."

He dropped him, and went back into his car, and drove off. Popcorn lay in the snow for a few minutes, then shrieked for half a minute, and ran like a hare to the EPF station.

He almost ran past the Everyday Phoning Facility, when he stopped, skidded, and ran inside, tumbling into the elevator down.

Inside the EPF HQ, the agents who had done their day shift were preparing to go. With their coats on, they were waddling slowly to the elevator; a particularly strong agent hailed for his strength was about to press the button "up", when he was bowled over by Popcorn's haste to get out, leading in a scuffle much like those of Arctic Hares.

"You, I know you! I'll teach you to bowl me over! Take this and this! I don't care for your jokes!"

"Hey, who is this?!?"

Popcorn, hearing this exclamation from another agent, struggled free and sat on a chair, sobbing and trembling from genuine fright. Because of his happy demeanour, this was a shocking sight to see.

"Popcorn? Am I right in thinking it's you?"

"Why are you crying?"

"Poor Popcorn!"

"'Poor Popcorn', my eye! It's just a trick to pull our feet - I'll have no sympathy for him, I'll tell you."

Popcorn eventually calmed down, and told the agents what happened.

The aforementioned dusty car went at full speed from Club Penguin to Antarctica, and arrived at a base in Eastshield. When the driver got out, the also aforementioned expensive car was also there. He growled silently to himself at not arriving first. He waddled to a shadowy desk, where some other members of the group were there.

"How did it go, then, hoody?"

"Fine; if you say that scaring an orange-feathered chick doesn't count."

"Acceptable, then. Really though, if you don't wear a hood, then you wouldn't look as frightening as you do now."

"It's my wish to do so, and if I can't wear a hood, then him over there can't have an expensive car."

Chapter Two[edit]

Icespice knew that there was a problem when he saw Popcorn 3000 crying. After hearing about what had happened, he was worried. The only creature who hates Peach to the point where they would throw a device away was Radioactivechicken, but Henry said that he was targeted as well. This meant a new threat to Antarctica. He looked at the time on his EPF Phone, and thought "I think I have time to go and investigate." He then yelled "Henry! I'm going on a mission without being asked! Could you pass that in to The Director!?"

"OK!" Henry yelled back. "Wait, can I go too?"

"Sure." replied Icespice. The two got a plane from Club Penguin International Airport and flew off to Inland.

At the base in Eastshield, a penguin in a dark suit walked in and asked "How is it going?"

"We'll only tell you once you've paid us!" snapped back one of the penguins.

"Fine. I will give you the one hundred thousand quid."


"No, you fool! Quid! Puffish slang for one Puffish Ounce!"

"So we're all Puffish now?"

"No! This is just so our enemies don't understand us!"

"We have enemies?"

They were silent, with the dark-suited penguin facepalming at his slowness.

"Well, I have some business in East Snowdon, but I'm from Freezeland. Anyway, how is your mission going?"

"Well, we scared some chick and confused a chicken. We also left a note on Henry's door." The penguin left the room, and waddled into a helicopter. "Take me somewhere that doesn't get mentioned by the Bureau of Fiction a lot. Somewhere like Puffica.

Back in Club Penguin, Popcorn was being returned to his igloo, after being reassured constantly by the more friendly agents that there was nothing to fear.

"'re sure that he won't come back?"

"Absolutely, Popcorn. Good-night, and sleep tight."

Bellarocker, in a state of absolute despair and worry, had ran to the door, as soon as she heard the doorbell. Rockthemic and Leetle Penguinpuff were behind her, for a change. She spoke first.

"Popcorn! What on earth were you thinking when he knocked on the door? Do be sensible! Now, show me your bruises and I'll put some iodine on them..."

Popcorn would normally have been annoyed by this, but this time, he didn't mind. Re-assurance was better than fright.

"You know, I always get bashed about and frightened and so on, so I understand."

"I've never been around when they happen, but I've heard of them. No wonder Bellarocker wants to follow you around.", replied Popcorn.

"Woo! Did he look like one of my villains in my pictures?"

"He did a bit, Leetle."

Suddenly, a blue-feathered penguin in a nightgown ran from the darkness.

"Popcorn! Are you alright? I ran out as soon as I heard of the incident!"

"Absolutely fine, Penguinpuffdude. Just a little bit shook-up."

"Phew! Popcorn, I have something to ask you."

"Okay. If you will excuse me...?"

They slipped to a shadowed, secluded tree nearby.

"Popcorn, are you planning any adventures soon?"

"Maybe, given this affair with the hooded penguin."

"If we're going to, then it has to be now, or perhaps never. I'm having a maths test in a few days - possibly tomorrow - and if I mangle my score, then I won't be able to do adventures for weeks."

Silent, they waddled back to where Bellarocker was giving exaggerated accounts of Popcorn's bruises.

The next morning, in Inland, Icespice was staring at a map of Eastshield, in an attempt to find the most likely location of the gang's headquarters, while Henry was in a Snowbucks drinking coffee. "This is barely coffee! I paid five fish for this!?", he exclaimed in anger, and caught the attention of other customers as well as the penguins working there. "Um, I'm sorry?" he said, in a worried tone of voice. "Get out!" growled a barister. "Ok, OK!" said Henry, slowly backing out. "I think I'm now banned." he said to Icespice. "That doesn't matter; we need to get moving!" Icespice replied. They suspected Mattress Village at first, but Henry said he didn't want to go back there after the incident with Radioactivechicken, so that meant Icespice had to go alone. This was not his first time entering the village, and every time he entered he hated it more and more. He drove into Honest Oakey's Really Good Motel and said "Put me up for the night. I'm on business."

Meanwhile, Henry was sightseeing back in Inland. He had attracted a crowd, being an important penguin. Everywhere he went, a large crowd would follow him. The became irritating, so he got back into his hotel room. Back in Mattress Village, Icespice was interviewing penguins about the mysterious Peach haters. They all said they knew nothing about them, except for one penguin who was targeted. Mattress Village just didn't add up in all of this, so Icespice left to return to Inland.

At a secret meeting room, some shady-looking penguins were discussing plans. "We need to wipe Peach off the planet if we are to get paid properly!"

"That is correct, but I do think that if we put Peach in a decline, they will pay us anyway"

"We need more members. Maybe we could try brainwashing someone again."

"How about that chicken with unstable nuclear isotopes? He seems easy to brainwash, considering the fact that he hates Peach."

"That's it! We need to go to Polaris City and bring him here!"

It was a dark day in Polaris, when both the expensive car and the dusty car drove through an inner-city area of Polaris City. Radioactivechicken's apartment was just ahead. The shady penguins got out and knocked on the door. Radioactivechicken looked through the peephole, and said "Oh, you. I'm not letting you in!" The door was kicked down immediately. Radioactivechicken tried to fight the penguins off, but they clearly had some kind of ninja like training. Chicken was pushed into the dusty car, and they drove back to the secret base.

What they didn't know, was that a spying Arctic Hare saw everything. The hare turned back, and ran as fast as it could to its home settlement, in Club Penguin.

"News! News!"

The hares in the settlement turned round. They shooed a few wandering tourists into The Restaurant, as it seemed important.

"What is it, Kaya?"

"I was in the spying base at Eastshield, and a bunch of really shady penguins kidnapped Radioactivechicken!"

"Oh, carrots on silver lettuces! Tell that to the Soirs!"

Kaya did as she was told. The officer was shocked.

"Oh, lettuces on rabbit-traps! We must tell Henry about this!"

"The only drawback is that Henry is in Inland right now."

"Oh, lettuces on carrot-traps! What do we do now?"

The officer scratched his ear from frustration. Kaya was the first to speak.

"I know Icespice is around Mattress Village, but I know a family who know Henry and his friends."

"Fantastic! Who is it?"

An Arctic Hare ran with a message to Popcorn 3000's Igloo.

"News! News!"

The hare stamped on the ground, and on the door. Popcorn, as usual, was the first to open it.

"What do you want, my friend?"

The hare told him about the kidnapping of Chicken.

"Oh dear, oh dear! Well, Hare, here's a carrot for doing what you just did. Now go!"

The satisfied hare lollopped to the settlement, whilst Popcorn waddled as fast as he could to Penguinpuffdude's igloo. He managed to convince the anxious Penguinpuffdude to come out, just as her father was calling her.

"Angela! Angela! It's time for your maths test!"

He saw the open door.

"Oh, well. Too late. At least she'll be having some fun."

By this time, Popcorn was announcing the start of a new adventure to his siblings. The main target? To rescue Radioactivechicken and bust those Peach-product haters.

"Hang on", began Penguinpuffdude, "we can't just take it upon ourselves. Have we contacted Henry and Icespice about this yet? They're adults, know more about missions and things, and Henry knows Radioactivechicken better than us."

"I'm afraid we haven't", replied Popcorn.

"How did we even get to know him and Radioactivechicken? I don't remember."

"I'm not sure either. Either way, does anybody have his e-mail address?"

"We don't...actually, we do. When you asked me to come here, I took a business card I have from Henry Inc.. Here it is."


Popcorn sat down in front of Rockthemic's computer, and wrote an e-mail to Henry. In five minutes, it was sent.

"Now then," began Rockthemic, "hopefully he's checking his computer, or smartphone, or whatever he has."

Chapter Three[edit]

"O_O" Was the only thing Henry could say. (Wait, how was he able to say an emoticon?) "Icespice, they kidnapped Radioactivechicken!"

"No! They will pay this time!"

"But we don't know where they are."

"What if we go to Chicken's apartment and look for clues. Like the PSA days."

"You were never in the PSA!"

"I know, but I did use the virtual reality room a lot so I knew what I was getting into."

"I see."

When they arrived, they found Radioactivechicken's apartment was completely devoid of all life. "I doubt we will find anything here." said Henry, shining a torch under the bed. They looked all around the apartment, and even searched the entire building and the surrounding area, but found nothing useful. If it wasn't Antarctica, it would be getting dark but of course Antarctica is around the South Pole, so it's day in summer and night in winter, and it was December, so a 24-hour sun was slowly sinking up and down the sky (remember the seasons are the other way round in the southern hemisphere). Eventually, The Narrator stopped digressing about seasons in Antarctica, and Henry found a tire mark on the road. "Come look at this!" he yelled to Icespice. "What is it!?" Icespice shouted back. "Tire mark!" replied Henry. "Could be from them anti-Peach guys."

Meanwhile, the anti-Peach guys had Radioactivechicken. "We know you think that Micro Hard and Soft is better than Peach."

"I do. But I wouldn't go smashing Peach products."

"We know about that little incident with Zanemax."

"Speak up!" Radioactivechicken said, to annoy his kidnapper.

"The end of Peach isn't our only demand. It all keeps the money flooding in. We get paid to do this stuff for groups that are not untrustworthy in any way," said the dark suited penguin.

"So some group is paying you?" Radioactivechicken asked.

"Yep. And you will be working with us!"

"That will never happen!" Radioactivechicken responded. "Back in another universe, I fought a country called Greglandia! They tried to brainwash me, and failed! I would very careful next time!"

"Look, we need money and we have power."

"You sound like some corrupt organisation!"

"Hmmmmmm, you know too much. Guards, take him away!"

Radioactivechicken was locked in a small prison, while the dark-suited penguin called a meeting. This time, they were discussing how to not get exposed. "We cannot let anything bad happen. We get money by accepting bribes, but people don't like that. We must keep it secret."

"That's true, and we can't loose our sponsors; they are very big companies that bring in a lot of money."

"We need our workers to keep quiet sometimes. Some of them just can't keep their beaks shut."

"I'm surprised they haven't gone on strike yet," said the more down-to-earth member of the group. "We should stop being so harsh on them. Maybe that could stop them wanting to expose us all the time."

"There's always somebody to stick up for the little guy."

When the down-to-earth member looked inquisitively at the penguin who had just spoken, he just tapped his flipper on the side of his beak.

Back in Club Penguin, Popcorn 3000's Family and Penguinpuffdude were steadily packing their bags to go to Eastshield, to meet Henry and Icespice and help them find Chicken. Bellarocker was acting as if she was the leader of a group of scouts.

"Can I take paper, pencil and cellotape?"

"If you want to, Leetle. They would be useful."

"Hmm, Bella, could you look over here?"

"Yes, Popcorn?"

For some unknown reason, he squirted her with a random water-pistol. Everybody, apart from the victim, laughed.

"Popcorn, I have to say that this 'joke' is completely childish. Water-pistols have no part in helping packing; in fact, it slows penguins down and makes them very legarthic. If I catch a cold, then it's your fault," said the victim.

"Ha-ha-ha; I was just checking if it worked!", retorted the attacker.

Packing resumed. Suddenly, Rockthemic spoke.

"I say, chaps, are we taking the subway to Eastshield?"

Penguinpuffdude suddenly went green and felt dizzy, and excused the others to go out for a few minutes.

"No, I'm afraid not. You know the subway makes Penguinpuffdude seasick," answered Popcorn.

At this point, Penguinpuffdude returned, looking decidedly pale, but fit enough to continue packing. Nobody found out if Rockthemic had said it on purpose.

Finally, an hour later, they had finished.

"Now," began Rockthemic, "how are we getting to Eastshield?"

"Areoplane", replied Popcorn. "To Inland. It's the best way."

A few hours later, they arrived, and left their bags in their hotel.

"Now's the time to meet Henry and Icespice, and find where Chicken is," said Popcorn excitedly.

Meanwhile, Henry and Icespice were following a trail of tire marks across the continent. Eventually, after six hours of following the trail they finally made it to Victoriagrad, the former capital of the High Penguin Confederacy. "So this is where we got to?" Icespice asked. "I never thought we would end up here."

"Yep, I never thought we would be here too. Nobody really comes here, so that's why they must be hiding here."

"Good point."

The city looked relatively boring, and had a dangerous feel to it. The two penguins eventually made it to an abandoned warehouse. "Of course," commented Icespice, "an abandoned warehouse; how clichéd." They walked inside, but found nothing except for an EFF lorry. "What is EFF doing with these guys?" ssked Henry. "No idea." replied Icespice. They looked around the warehouse, and found nothing interesting until Henry discovered a suspicious-looking manhole just sitting there in the middle of the warehouse. After opening it up, they decided to go inside it just to make sure nothing was at the bottom.

"Free me, you minerals!" shouted Radioactivechicken at a guard in the secret base. "Why should I?" replied the guard. "I'm getting paid to keep you in there."

"By corrupt organisations!"

"They are not corrupt!"

"Yes they are!"

"No they're not!"

Radioactivechicken gave up trying to reason with his guard. He knew that escape was not impossible, but just very hard. Now was not the time.

"Wait, if we're going to meet Henry and Icespice, where are we going to meet them?"

Popcorn 3000's three siblings and his cousin stopped in their tracks. Popcorn also stopped, and then faceflippered.

"Ow @$%#@! If you lot had reminded me to contact them earlier, then things would have been easier! Now we have to retrace our steps back to the hotel, and it's your fault!"

"Ooh, steady on!"

The group waddled dejectedly back. They had noticed that Popcorn was a great deal more bad-tempered once they were out, but they didn't expect this furious outburst. Nobody could fully understand why. Half-way on the trail back, they began to wonder why they were going back to the hotel. Suddenly, they realised they were lost in a foreign city. The streets had become a maze.

"Rockthemic, pass me the map before you smash into something." said Popcorn.

Rockthemic handed him a map. Popcorn turned it upside-down, and back again. He started eyeing everybody furiously.

"Now, who was the bright spark who thought it was a good idea to swap the map of Inland with a situationist map of this random place called "London"?"

The remaining penguins looked at the map; it looked like a black sprawl of cobwebs on paper. Leetle then admitted, ashamedly, that it was her.

"Great. Now we're lost in a foreign city and it's all your fault!"

Sighing, he kicked a pebble and waddled on. His family and cousin, after looking at each other for a minute, followed suit. What they were not aware of, though, was that they were heading to the outskirts of South Pole City, and thus getting closer to Victoriagrad.

Down the manhole, Henry and Icespice walked through a hidden tunnel that took them to a door. They made an attempt to open it but it was locked but they did hear voices on the other side. "Being a guard is boring."


"How about we go off to the arcade? No one will notice."


Icespice slammed his flipper into the door and it shook a bit. He then slammed both flippers in and it came off the hinge. The two penguins jumped over the door and noticed that they at the bottom of a flight of stairs. They made their way to the top without getting noticed and were just about to sneak into a room when they heard more voices coming from a nearby corridor.

The aforementioned group of Peach-haters were at a conference amongst themselves.

"Well, do you think we can have any more agents?"

"There was that chick I scared a day or two ago."

" say that he was quickly frightened?"


"Maybe we can scare him into joining us. The more the better."

"Great idea! Given his age, nobody will even suspect him!"

"What could possibly go wrong?"

In the end, they sent out a bodyguard in a rickety old car to scout the area, and find Popcorn if he could.

Meanwhile, Popcorn, his family and siblings arrived in South Pole City.

"Argh! This noisiness!", said Bellarocker.

"Argh! These buildings!", said Rockthemic.

"Argh! This crowdedness!", said Leetle Penguinpuff.

"Argh! The subway!", said Penguinpuffdude, shivering at the thought of it.

"Argh! These pointless sentences that serve no function in the story!!!", screamed Popcorn. This put an end to that.

They waddled on, when a mysterious car drove up to them. The penguin waddled out. He didn't look too friendly, but realising their suspicious stares, he grinned.

"Hello! I've heard of you, Popcorn!", he said, and he shook Popcorn's flipper. Popcorn noted that it was a weak flippershake - not somebody to trust.

"Would you like to ride in my car??"

Popcorn and Penguinpuffdude looked at each other. Popcorn signaled, with subtle movements of the flipper, that it was a weak flippershake.

Now, the way that Popcorn signaled to her that it was a weak flippershake was by the use of semaphore. The semaphore alphabet is commonly used by sailors, and involves swinging the arms around to convey a letter of the alphabet, and thus a word. Popcorn just so happens to be dexterously double-jointed, so he accomplished this normally difficult task with ease.

"No, thank you; we would rather waddle", said Penguinpuffdude.

"I insist!"

Before they could protest further, they were shoved into the back-seats, and they were away. Popcorn and Penguinpuffdude began whispering.

"Now, Bella, where's the scissors? There's a large hole in the back, and I can see the tyre..."

"Bella, pass me the rock of iodine, and anything that can give it a chemical reaction..."

Popcorn thus punctured the tyre, and Penguinpuffdude hoped to burn at least a puffle-sized hole with the iodine, and then cut it wider with scissors.

"Argh! A puncture!", said the driver.

As he was climbing out and replacing the tyre, Penguinpuffdude had successfully burnt a hole, and was widening it with the scissors and a foot. By the time that the driver was ready to drive on, the hole was large enough, and they slipped out like eels. Luckily, there were no cars to watch them, so they were safe. They watched the poor fool drive into the distance, and resumed their now-pointless hike.

Inside the room, Henry and Icespice hid underneath a loose floorboards the was conveniently there. Some footsteps were getting close to the room. A guard's voice could be heard: "Nothig to report; wait, what's this?"

"What's what?"

"I can hear breathing."

The two agents held their breath as the guards searched the area without success. "Maybe it was coming from the next room," said one of the guards. The footsteps began to grow fainter as the guards walked into the room next door.

Chapter Four[edit]

In the prison cell, Radioactivechicken's eyes went weird, and he started shouting: "The Bureau of Fiction is being controlled by The Ones!"

"Yeah right", commented a guard, "and TurtleShroom (penguin) was a good penguin".

"That is incorrect.", stated Radioactivechicken. The guard looked at Radioactivechicken and said: "Well, it seems you got something right."

"So you're Turtlehaters? Are you with Ben!?"

The guard replied: "Yes."

"You Weekee vandals!", screamed Radioactivechicken. "I can't believe you support that penguin!"

The guard said "Very Interesting.", and went off to tell the guys in charge.

"Radioactivechicken is very much against us; he hates Ben.", the guard said to the leaders. "That's bad news.", said the penguin in charge. They sat in silence, trying to think of a better plan. They knew that there will be problems with their current plans.

Popcorn 3000 and his family and cousin were sitting on a bench. They had completely forgotten why they were hiking, and were trying hard to justify tiring their feet.

"If Radioactivechicken hates us, then we cannot get him on our side easily, and we expected great things from him," the lead penguin stated, looking a little bit worried about the situation.

"And all our luggage was in that hotel..."

Bellarocker started crying. She was good at having fits of worry.

"If only you hadn't swapped the map for that used by situationists..."

Popcorn eyed Leetle, who then turned away and sniffled. Penguinpuffdude then spoke.

"What's the point of crying if we haven't got anything done?? C'mon; we can lodge ourselves somewhere..."

Sniffling, the group got up and waddled off. There was virtually no point in saying that, as they didn't know where to find lodgings. Even though they did, in the end, find lodgings, they didn't feel quite easy.

Henry and Icespice ran through a corridor, down some stairs and then up some more stairs and found nothing; the building was like a maze and they began to suspect that it was one, and that they had to find the end in order to make an arrest and save Radioactivechicken.

"We should stick to the left.", Henry told Icespice.

The two stuck to the left side of the maze's walls. They seemed to be the only creatures in the building, which worried them a bit. They could no longer hear guards. The only sound was their own footsteps; not even the air conditioning system appeared to be on. "This place is giving me the creeps.", Icespice commented. His comment echoed through the halls. Suddenly, there was a power failure, and all the lights went out. The agents had to feel their way through the dark and scary maze-like corridors of the secret underground base. Henry got out his torch, and shined it at the wall. They saw the shadows of not themselves, but other mysterious entities, walking towards them. The agents looked at the shadows, then at themselves, and ran for it.

In the place of lodgings, Bellarocker sensed that something felt quite wrong. She quickly became decidedly pale, but told the others that it was nothing. Penguinpuffdude was, for a change, preparing their dinner. Rockthemic was lounging about. Leetle Penguinpuff was drawing, as usual. Popcorn was reading his bootleg pocket edition of Penguins: A Threat to Human Society?, which he keeps at all times.

"Now then, chaps," said Penguinpuffdude, "what's better - kerststol or panettone?"

Popcorn was the first to reply.

"I say, I love your knowledge and distinction of festive and non-festive food choice. What will it be next - stollen at a Halloween party, perhaps?"

"Well, I do enjoy your tastes in different formats of books. Why not send that bootleg edition to the EPF, and ask them to re-print it?"

Just as the two were about to argue, Bellarocker coughed, and then swooned.

"I say, you're in big trouble today!", a guard said to the agents. They had ran into a wall, and were easily caught. As they were being dragged off to the prison cells, Icespice noticed a book titled "Plans". Deciding that could come in handy, he picked it up and put into his pocket. Radioactivechicken was with the agents getting put in prison, and asked them what happened so far. "It's a long story.", replied Henry.

Bellarocker had just come round, with the aid of smelling-salts.

"I can sense that there's something horribly wrong here.", she said, stressing the words "horribly wrong" in particular. "Can't you feel it?"

"No - what makes you think that?"

Just then, the sound of heavy boots resounded in the corridor, and a burly guard that definitely looked out-of-place in a pseudo-hotel opened the door.

"'Allo, wot do we 'ave 'ere?"

Another guard was behind him. Rockthemic bravely coughed once, and spoke.

"Weeeell, my sister just swooned dramatically and we were reviving her...? Is anything the matter?"

"Weeeeeeeeeeeeell, the manager wants to know why you young chicks are in this place where chicks usually don't come without their parents!"

"I'd like you to say that again!", said Popcorn, looking decidedly annoyed.

"I'd like to see you ask", said the guard, whipping out a gun from a pocket. He looked malignantly around the room, with the feeling that he had just cornered a group of wild, helpless puffles. "Out!"

Helpless, the group waddled out the room, and were surrounded on all sides by guards. They waddled out the structure. Popcorn semaphored to Penguinpuffdude that Bellarocker was right; Penguinpuffdude nodded in agreement.

Radioactivechicken took the "Plans" book and opened it up. It started with an introduction that said: "These are our plans to get the job done in order to get paid. Remember, these are potentially dangerous penguins assigning us with the job so be warned. Follow these plans unless you want to stay alive." The next page read: "We need to find and PWN all Peach users since it is Micro Hard and Soft shareholders paying us; they will pay us even more if we take out companies that could cause the prices of their stocks they own to go down. They also want us to wipe out the Club Penguin Wiki since it is causing trouble." Radioactivechicken shut the book, looked at Henry and Icepice and said: "We need to escape and stop these guys. They want to take out the Weekee."

"Why do you still call it the Weekee?", asked Henry. "Those parody names are horrible and cringy."

"I don't want to talk about it, but something happened there.", Radioactivechicken replied. "I see.", responded Henry. Icespice looked at the other two birds, and said in a panicky voice: "We need to escape. Quickly."

Meanwhile, Popcorn and his family and his cousins-

Hey, how about we just call them "the aforementioned group" from now onwards? It's becoming monotonous!

Shut up, Director Benny! You're breaking the flow!

Anyway, the aforementioned group were being led by the hotel guards. They had learned why they were targeted - that is, they are being kidnapped because they look like a bunch of innocent, helpless chicks. Nobody would suspect some supposedly mischievous chicks breaking into a supermarket, or a warehouse, or a shed - anything - when their aim is to break Peach productions.

They had been walking for an hour, when the guard at the front (who had a thick Puffish accent), leading everybody, stopped suddenly.

"Nawh, do you see? Only three-hundred-and-fifty yards or so away is awuh headqwawhters!"

The group squinted, and they faintly saw a modern, dark, squarish building.

"You see the forest just beside yah, eh?"

They looked to their left and the right; a forest had seemingly sprung up from nowhere and had an odd, intangible aura, as if it like some kind of trap.

"Dey sey that dey bilt the headqwawhters in this forest to avoid being spotted! I see their point - ya can't see anything! It's as if it sprung up with magic, like!"

They moved on. When they were only two hundred yards away, Bellarocker, who had been positioned just behind the Puffish guard, looked behind to see her relations, who were in a neat line proceeding her. She expected to see Rockthemic, who understood her most, but she saw Leetle Penguinpuff instead.

Oh iodine.

Would she understand?

I hope so.

Naturally, Leetle was surprised - even frightened - to see remnants of tears on Bellarocker's face. She had never seen her like that before. Then, she blinked, turned away her face, and with a small, obviously fake groan, she swooned again.

In that precious moment, when all the guards heard it and suddenly began rushing backwards and forwards, Leetle understood what she was up to.

"Quick!", she said to Rockthemic who was behind her, being jostled by the movement, "Bellarocker has fainted - to the forest on our left!"

Penguinpuffdude had heard this too, and, grabbing Rockthemic and Popcorn's flippers - who was utterly confused - they ran in a group to the forest.

"Oh no! They're escaping! Fire!"

They heard a guard scream. Bullets resounded, as the guards shot this way and that, hoping to make at least one lame. Unfortunately, with their targets unseen, they were awful shooters, and they managed to reach seventy-five yards until the Puffish guard told the others to stop. Bellarocker was quickly "revived", and, the guards dejected at being fools, marched on to their Headquarters. After a brief but fruitless interrogation, Bellarocker was immediately thrown into prison separate from that of Radioactivechicken and his friends; but despite the droughts, despite the awful mess she was in, despite everything, she smiled at the thought of the guards' stupidness, and hoped she made the correct decision.

Bellarocker had given up her freedom to save her relations.

In the prison cell, Icespice told the other two that he could get Henry to the air duct. Radioactivechicken said that it could be risky, but it would still work. Henry agreed. They somehow were able, on their first attempt, to throw Henry into the air duct. Once Henry was in there he crawled through the metal piping until he got to another air vent. He then jumped down, got out his gun and shouted: "Freeze!"; the guards looked round. Before they could do anything, Henry had tied and gagged them up and took their keys.

Henry then rushed back to the jail cells, and unlocked them to get out Icespice and Radioactivechicken. "C'mon!", ordered Radioactivechicken as they rushed through the dark corridors.

They darted into a gloomy-looking room with some computers inside. A dark figure was sitting at one of them. This did not seem to represent any Antarctic creature. The trio slowly stepped towards it.

Bellarocker was counting her vats of medical equipment.

"Now, if only I can make my own escape..."

She spilt a vat of aqua regia (why is that in a chick's medical box...?). Something got caught in the acid, and sizzled into a liquid.

Suddenly, she thought of a plan.

She smiled.

She didn't particularly care if the guards got hurt; all that mattered was to slip out like a snake.

Only as long as she didn't use aqua regia, or anything else that involved acids and strong alkali.


That'd be painful.

Although the sounds of her friends escaping were audible, echoing in the corridor, she never noticed.

Her relations were slipping unsteadily through the forest, finding somewhere to rest a while, then carry on to their trek back to civilisation.

"Now we know where their base is, all we need is the police", remarked one of them. Nobody took note of who said it, given how tired their feet were.

They came across a stream, with no bridge. It was a fast-flowing stream, too.

"Well, well, well,", said Rockthemic, "I like the predicament we're in now."

None of them dared to waddle along the bank until they found a bridge, and nobody was, in particular, willing to swim across, either.

"Wait a minute...", said Leetle, "is that a plank I see there?"

The older siblings squinted too. Penguinpuffdude squeaked in joy.

"You're a wonder, Leetle! We can send Popcorn to set that plank, and we can cross the stream with it!"

"Do I have to?", said Popcorn. He was reluctant to swim in the dark.

"Don't be a wimp, Popcorn."

"Are you scared, Popcorn?"


Popcorn waddled at his own, slow pace to the stream, and splashed in.

It was more difficult than it looked. Pieces of rock and rubbish were trying to smack his feet and flippers at every move, and make him flow down into the tunnel of darkness...

He smacked his beak on a log, and almost gave in to the current from pain.

Finally, he reached the shore, and, much annoyed, he lifted the plank and found it was just long enough for a safe crossing. He whistled that it was fine, and his relations crossed.

"You're a hero, Popcorn...", commented somebody.

"It was nothing, really.", said Popcorn, rather bashfully.