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Aeroxx the Wicked Blade
Rage against the dying, of the Light.
Title The Wicked Blade
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction Independent
Health Excellent
Level The Wicked Blade of Antarctica
Status Unknown
Location Across Antarctica
Birth date Unknown
Occupation Legendary Warrior
Interests War, fighting, strength
Friends None
Enemies Whoever he fights against
Archetype Antagonist/Protagonist

Aeroxx is a legendary Penguin whom was known across Antarctica as "The Wicked Blade." Infamous for leading cavalries and changing the entire front of the war when all hopes seemed lost, he charges in and supercharges the soldiers with an insatiable thirst for vengeance and winning. It is unknown where he came from, nor when he was around, but many penguins and soldiers remember his appearance numerous times in history. This has lead to idols and statues being built of him, some of which have been found across Antarctica. Today, however, his presence is not known entirely, and sightings of him are rare.


Aeroxx's story is a story of betrayal, greed, and power. One of the last of his faction, the Hondir Penguins, among five others, Aeroxx was considered the Idol of War, with several other idols being found of Wisdom, Pride, Subtlety and Betrayal. There are thought to have been more idols, yet these have yet to be discovered, so for now it is commonly accepted that there are only 5 Hondir Penguins left in existence, those five being kept hidden in location by Aeroxx himself.

Early Years[edit]

It is thought that Aeroxx's story predates recorded history, but tales passed on by neighbors of the Hondirs tell of an ancient ritual and rite of passage to become the Idols. Aeroxx, being the War Commander of the Hondir, was inducted as the Idol of War by the Hondir, and crafted for him a legendary blade, Tyr'hondal, Slayer of a Thousand Beings. Immediately shocked, he bowed and was honored for this induction as such an important being. The other idols, known only as A, B, C, and D, were each granted weapons of righteousness. It was said, however, that the Idol of Betrayal was originally the Idol of Tactic.

For the next 25 years, Aeroxx and his Idol group defended the Hondir Penguins of attacks by rival tribes, quickly becoming an ancient power in Antarctica. With the tactics and the means of knowing ahead of time of attacks, it was impossible to defeat them almost. Things, however, were about to get dangerously close to imminent defeat.


The Idol of Tactic, coaxed by a powerful group of magi and warriors into fighting for them, joined the Majiord Tribe to fight against the Hondir Penguins. Frustrated, and almost out of options, Aeroxx decided to take matters into his own hands by locating a rumored source of power only known as The Infinite Engine, an Engine said to give power to those in time of great need. Taking flight, he set course for it's location, all the while concerned for his tribe's well being and safety.

His wishes, however, wouldn't come true. The Majiord Tribe launched a full scale assault while he was away. Overwhelmed, the Hondirs retreated to their territory in the Northern Antarctic, where they defended their place heavily. While there, they de-idolized the Idol of Tactic and made him into the Idol of Betrayal. They idolized a new Idol of Tactic as they pressed on to defend while Aeroxx was away. They didn't know it yet, but help was indeed on the way.


Aeroxx, charged with power from conquering the Infinite Engine, flew in with a colossal speed into battle, shattering a crater filled with magic as his eyes glowed a blood-red color. He wielded a blade of darkness and cold metal vengeance, and a heart of molten hate. He wore a helm of metallic tusk-horns and his wings were glowing red. His armor was fused to his skin, but was most likely magic-armor. Without much than a few words, the soldiers were inspired with a lust for winning and an insatiable thirst for overrunning the enemy. Shocked, the Idol of Betrayal looked upon Aeroxx with his new scythes in both hands.

Aeroxx spoke no words, but only pointed his sword towards the Idol of Betrayal as two lines of blinding magic were released from it, vaporizing the Majiord soldiers in front of the Betrayer. The Hondir soldiers gave a rallying cry as they sped past Aeroxx, with him having a grin on his face as he watched the war unfold. The Idol of Wisdom went up to Aeroxx and asked simply:

"Aeroxx, this power... it's not native... where did you get this?"

To which, he replied:

"I have conquered the Infinite Engine, it's power is where it came from. May it never grow dark."

Afterwards, he flew up to the air, aimed himself over the Betrayer, and smashed down again, leaving a magic filled crater where he once stood. Drawing power from this conquest, Aeroxx sought to conquer not just his territory, but all of Antarctica.

Fall of the Hondir[edit]

Eventually, the Hondir fell due to internal structural changes, and all that remained were the Idols. Aeroxx, declaring himself exempt, flew off to seek out battles to be won for the sake of the hunt. Empowered even more by past victories, he set out on a mission: to win every battle he is in, even if it means to die for it, and be reborn in conquest and valor. This vow he made was turned into a blood pact, and thus he set out on an adventure that will last as long as he is alive.

The other Idols, meanwhile, were forced to take refuge in nearby caverns and valleys and hope that the internal war would one day end. They would find that eventually, this war shall not end, and all will take the toll on Aeroxx's involvement in that war.

Modern Appearances[edit]

Present Day[edit]


  • Blades of Wickedness: Aeroxx unleashes raw magic power from within him through his blade at the enemy
  • Leap: Aeroxx leaps and forms a massive crater
  • Insatiable Thirst and Insatiable Price: Aeroxx wounds and heals from the wounds caused by the enemy.
  • Genesis: Aeroxx ascends to a higher form to unleash his full potential of him and his blade.


Aeroxx is a tall, buff penguin colored dark-dark red in color with bat-like wings on his back hanged like a cape and cloak. He wears magic armor infused into his feathers and wears living steel boots. His head is adorned with a living steel crown of tusk horns and insignias from previous wars.

To the people he won the war for, Aeroxx is a blue-gold figure with wings of pure energy and light wielding a golden blade with golden armor as well.


  • Aeroxx is inspired by Aatrox, the Darkin Blade.
  • He is able to fly with his wings due to his absorbing of Infinite Engine power.
  • The Hondir Penguins are known to have demi-god Idols empowered by rituals.

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