Age Controller 3000

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Age Controller 3000
Age Controller 3000 image.png
So you want to be 10 again?
Type Age Controller
Effects Can change your age
Source 12yz12ab's lab
Location 12yz12ab's lab
Cost to buy 100000 coins
Cost to sell 100000 coins

The Age Controller 3000 is a partially failed experiment in which it would be able to change the age of a penguin and when he was or would be at that time period, while living in the current time. The Age Controller 3000, instead, only managed to configure the looks to match that of what happens in that time period, sometimes the brain, but isn't successfully of that of its time period. Therefore, it was a failed experiment.

To date, seven such models exist. Three of these models are owned by 12yz12ab, the inventor of the Age Controller itself, while two of the models are owned by Yzabtech. One is owned strangely by Sprocket, and the other is kept in captivity.


The 'Age Controller' is based on using the blackhole of the universe to measure and calculate the personality, looks and the penguin itself in that time period, through wireless communication between time periods. Instead, it is only able to replicate the cells of a penguin in that age, for it changes the looks and body of the penguin through self-deduction and science itself. Unable to reach the blackhole, it instead used its only ability - replicating cells - to change the 'age' of a penguin. A personality is sometimes changed as the brain cells would usually be decreased, thus, the penguin may not think as much, but still does not know about what he would have experienced when in the specified age.

Cancer may occur as it genetically modifies the penguin's body. However, this has not been proven by scientists to date.


The Age Controller's mechanisms are fairly simple. The penguin whose age should be changed must step inside the capsule built into the machine. The controller of the machine would then punch in the desired age through the calculator keypad (a calculator was built-in to save time to build another one) and the machine would start to do its job.

The machine, inside, would replicate the cells of the penguin inside to the specified age through data obtained by its memory card. It would then try to enter other time periods through a satellite top but fail. Eventually, a bell would ring and the capsule would open. It would just open. No air, just open.


  • Mwa Mwa penguins try to steal it because they want to be young again.
  • Penelope O'vian has nearly destroyed it 27 times.
  • Again thinks its cute and trys to hug it, it strangly has no effect on him.

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