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Alex von Electrice II

"Yay! Waddle on and make a new friend!"
Born Alex von Electrice II
September 12, 1994 (1994-09-12) (age 25)
Club Penguin City
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctican
Other names Agent A
Ethnicity Adelie Penguin
Education Unknown
Occupation EPF Agent
Years active 1999-present
Home town Club Penguin City
Height 2' 2"
Title The Agent Trainer

Alex von Electrice II, otherwise known as Agent A, is a high ranking EPF agent. He, ever since his first day at the PSA hes been protecting CP from avalances, storms, earthquakes, and others. A close friend of Jet Pack Guy, Agent A prefers field work to being stuck behind a desk for the rest of his life, which is one of the reasons Alex declines promotions.


At a very early age he has been helping CP, either helping old ladies waddle across streets or saving a puffle from falling off a mountain. He was very helpful, and then the PSA came for him and offered him a job. And he accepted the offer. Several weeks later he was promoted to EPF. He refuses any more promotions because hes afraid he'll have to deal with Ninjas or major criminals like Darktan II or Hardcore, who he is not ready to tangle with yet.


Agent A has been on several missions and is one of the top agents in the EPF. He is incredibly skilled and his abilities have helped him solve several missions but even though others seriously consider promoting him, he denies all their offers. Agent A hasn't faced any the top criminals and has so far been chasing lesser villains. Agent A actually faced Sam Rudi X, one of the top criminals on the wanted list but couldn't defeat him since he didn't know how to fight major villains and was overpowered. He was sent to hospital but recovered eventually. He has been doing his best in fighting simulators at the EPF to train him for when another day like that comes.


Agent A doesn't wear anything on his head or feet, but wears black sunglasses, a black tie, and a black suit and white shirt. He wears dark red or light black (depends if on duty or not) but sometimes wears either.


  • He's scared of Xorai and Darktan II.
  • He is authorized to use a jetpack any time, but he's afraid of heights.
    • Because he got hurt from a little incident from Jet-Pack Adventure.
  • He has a candy igloo.
  • He thinks wigs are silly.
  • He is very smart.
  • He claims not to be a Mary Sue.
    • This is most likely true, as he has many weaknesses.
  • He has a Elite puffle, trained to use bubbles to un-lethally capture enemies.
  • He has a brother who screams a lot.
  • He tends to try to help Zang become Dot's boyfriend, it always fails.

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